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  1. Cynique, they can argue until their faces turn UV but the birth certificate doesn't lie. A bat and balls is a male and a pocketbook is a female. In the case of a hermaphrodite, I believe the birth certificate says TBD at a later date. Now, however an individual chooses to identify, dress and/or use their plumbing equipment is an entirely different matter. That's free will. The brokenhearted lover sang that song. I could hear the Soul coming from the diaphragm. The gold tooth probably added some stank too.
  2. Absolutely. Denzel Washington is my favorite actor. His body of work is incredible. Yet, they gave him an Oscar for Training Day. But, like Chappelle, Denzel is another one who calls his own shots in Hollywood.
  3. Don't get me wrong, Blaxploitation films, violence, guns, drugs, sex, comedy, etc., there's room for all of it in entertainment. I just think there should be a balance. White folks make plenty movies of all types of subject matter but the subliminal messaging is always the same ...there's no mistaking that the white man is strong and powerful. Whether he's killing animals or bad guys or running a criminal enterprise, he comes out on top. A smart, strong black man like Malcolm X shouldn't come along on the big screen around the same time as Halley's comet. Check the films and TV shows of that black Hollywood triumvirate I mentioned above. They show black men in a weak or dysfunctional secondary role. He's hardly ever a hero.
  4. Human beings come in two flavors male and female. The blessing and curse of being a human is having the ability to feel, think and reason. That's the source of confusion. IMO, there's no such thing as being trapped in the wrong body. The Supreme Being doesn't make mistakes. Human beings have free will which allows them to go against the grain. Yet, there's a reason those choices come with so many complications.
  5. Flip Wilson jumped the shark back in the 1970s with his :Geraldine" character. Blaxploitation films didn't show black men as positive role models either. The players have changed and the envelope has been pushed even further in the name of creative freedom. Every negative image and stereotype is on the table. There is zero incentive to show positive, strong black men on TV or the big screen. That would stir up white folks' biggest fears. As a result, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniel and Lena Waithe get consulted and funded to show safe black men in their movies and TV shows.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/11/entertainment/superman-comes-out-bisexual-jon-kent-cec/index.html They done added silly putty to the man of steel and normalizing the alphabet soup community to future generations of comic book readers.
  7. Ok. So, I tried to start a thread and I'm still getting the access denied sh8t from GoDaddy. I tried to send Troy a PM and it says he's not accepting calls. Well, at least not from me. Moved content to the Spiderman thread. Thanks again Pioneer.
  8. That's one of my favorite Gladys Knight & the Pips songs. There's only one Gladys. But, they sang it. Alternative relationships. Same problems. Folks need to know and love themselves before they get lost in someone else and have to sing sad songs. Of course, some of the best music ever written and recorded comes from heartache and despair.
  9. QFT (quoted for truth). I definitely use variations of the word as a term of endearment, frustration, incredulity, etc. Never in a hurtful or negative way I don't think.
  10. NETFLIX does not plan to take down Dave's latest special. I hope they do not cave into the pressure of cancel culture.
  11. Maintaining "law and order" by any means necessary seems to be a higher priority. They're not going to allow citizens to break laws and commit crimes just because there's a big bad virus floating around.
  12. "One of the most telling examples of the relationship between slavery and the economy is that in 1860, four million Black people were enslaved. Black people were worth more than every bank, factory, and railroad combined. The four million Black people were worth more than all the manufacturing in this country before the Civil War began." Factor in the 400 year head start in wealth building based on forced labor (slavery) and compound the interest. That's part of the math required to calculate what I was thinking about when outlining reparations in another thread. America might hope that history will wash away its original sin but that seems less likely to happen when there are so many standing reminders of it.
  13. It would be interesting to see what those mixed race folks would do if whites declared war on non-whites. Most of them would not be able to hide or blend. I guess they would be fine with 2nd class status when the dust settled.
  14. Same here. I'm fairly computer literate but haven't put any extra effort into figuring out the problem.
  15. As you all may have read in another thread, I love stand-up comedy. I believe Dave Chappelle is the most brilliant comedian on the planet. He's right on the money with his latest special.
  16. No. I think black folks should embrace being black and proud of it. Trying to identify every ingredient in the cake is an exercise in futility. Just enjoy it. Nor do I see a constructive benefit in a person knowing and/or believing they're mixed. It's not like they're going to use it in order to overcome racism.
  17. As a bobble head, er, talking head, these folks can check as many boxes as they want on the census form. But, the main categories are White, Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. Again, I know what racists see.
  18. Nah, she's just black like Tiger Woods, Kamala Harris and every other n8gglet trying to claim something else whether it's Blindian or Cablinasian or Indian-African-American. Let a race soldier pull them over and they'll quickly find out what color that racist sees. License and registration...fill in the blank. Chilli needs to remove that laser dot from her forehead. She ain't about that life for real.
  19. Pioneer, I take it you have a plan to insure your financial needs are met. Be well. The ripple effects of this pandemic are wide. Population control. Social divide. Workforce restructuring. Do not be distracted by the balls juggling in the air. Always watch their hands.
  20. Excellent advice. Young black men especially need to learn this skill in order to live another day and file a police report if necessary.
  21. Absolutely. Engaging with an authority figure from a position of pseudo-respect de-escalates the situation with minimal contact. When I was a younger cat, nobody was going to disrespect me. It was easy to whup azz if/when problems arose. Thrn, my godfather opened my eyes to killing with kindness. It has served me well throughout my life. "Thanks" goes a long way too.
  22. IMO, the biggest mistake black folks make is consistently relying on white folks to give them a job. As I mentioned in another thread, black folks should be thinking strategically especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Case in point. Detroit had plenty factories. Black folks had the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to run it. When the white folks abandoned the factory, Black folks should have pooled their resources, bought and reopened it to build things. In a NF Jr voice, what did black folks do but go home and sit on the porch and scratch their heads. Oh well, no more jobs guess I'll sell drugs. Last time I visited Detroit about 16 years ago, property values dried up so bad, I heard you could buy a whole single family house for a stack ($1,000). This happened in every major city that once had manufacturing jobs. Baltimore, MD is the same way. Straight depressing. I can buy an entire city block of housing right now for about $500k. Problem is there's no infrastructure to make it worthwhile. I'd have to do what Dan Gilbert did in Detroit and Cleveland. Use my own money to rebuild a city. Music is my thing. Early on, Hip-Hop was a gold mine. White folks didn't wanna have anything to do with it. Thought it was a passing fad. Black folks were making legal dope money selling their own music. White folks caught wind of it, decided to front the money and n8gglets cashed out. Now, Japanese folks (Sony) own the master tapes. They pay black folks a salary to produce their own music. Manufacturing comes in different forms but the bottom line is to produce good, products and services and more importantly, own the business. I'm definitely hip to cats like Napoleon Hill. His book should be right next to that Bible that seems to be present in every Black household. I can go on all day regarding this topic because I'm passionate about it but sista Cynique is tired of hearing about what black folks should do.
  23. Not in my experience and observation. Where I live, we see blue. Let's get this encounter over and done with so that I/we can get back to whatever we were doing previously.
  24. Yessir. Mooney was the man behind the legend. He seemingly had no problem with playing his position. Mooney's stand-up delivery did seem to have an edge of rage but his ability to turn his observations into comedic source material was brilliant. He made people think and laugh. I have no proof whatsoever but I suspect that brotha Mooney may have been a closet member of the alphabet soup community who was old skool with it. Nonetheless, he was one of my favorite comedians.
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