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  1. In my opinion I think too many of our people are placing too much weight on the wrong things and it has made many of them lazy and lacking in ambition. ((jumps back behind a corner and shouts out: )) Now wait...let me explain! A nation or community works best when the majority of the people are working class. Not broke and unemployed..... And not rich.... But working daily and keeping the system going. In the case of America, that means we need a strong service sector that pays people decent wages and benefits for decent service. But because during the past 40 years the ser
  2. That.....or perhaps something similar, lol. It's all about being able to switch your focus back and forth on a dime. It's like acting. Some people can do it, some people can't. I don't think it's about intelligence or education but how your brain is wired. I did OK. I was promoted to managing my own store which was (and still is) one of the worst in the region. I wasn't able to turn it around and 3 months after the promotion (having moved to the city) I was fired and replaced by another guy who was also fired and replaced. Multiply that story by 4 different peop
  3. Perhaps the term "multi-tasking" would give you a better idea of the importance of being able to integrate physical and mental reflexes. Picture a mother who is able to keep and eye on and entertain her child WHILE cooking dinner and making sure the laundry is washed, dried, and folded all at the same time. Or just picture a father talking to his friend in the living room about sports or sex but when his little daughter comes in with a picture he painted he's able to congradulate her, send her on her way, and resume the conversation. The mental and physical reflexes are constantly working i
  4. Our website (found in the link next to my signature below) has been updated to include more of our goals and suggestions for a better economy.
  5. That was a great read. I find this part expecially interesting: "If you look at the 1910 Census, there were more African American entrepreneurs than Whites. Today with all of the communication tools at our disposal, the tremendous consumer spending, and the urgent need to create jobs within the Black community, we must raise our collective consciousness and bring that entrepreneurial spirit forward again through massive action.” Durng the late 70's and early 80's after "legal" integration there was a big shift in Black economics that took the focus from independance and business owne
  6. Troy For the record, I see neither Chavez NOR Obama as Black. I see both as men of African descent, but racially speaking neither are Black in my opinion. As far as Chavez being seen as Black if he were in America......it depends. His being of Spanish ancestry and being a Latino may negate the "one drop" theory in the eyes of most Americans. How many Puerto Ricans have you known in New York who were Blacker than you but because they spoke with an accent were considered "Latino" instead? Most Americans still see Latino as a race in and of itself. Anika THAT bea
  7. ((Pioneer looks at Boitumelo sideways)) Man.... Do you just sit around watching Fox News and parrot every racist report they toss out? Before I even opened up your thread I KNEW it would be about some homicide on the streets of Chicago. As if the violence and gang problem in Chicago is something new........ As if Chicago is the only city ecperiencing gun violence...... As if this is the first time a an innocent child has been killed.... All this report on Black violence is just a damn smokescreen...a red herring tossed out by right-wing to focus the gun debate on the inne
  8. It was a sales job where we would often have to give seminars to and take questions from a very diverse public from pregnant women to college kids to construction workers to grumpy retirees. You'd have a sales pitch but often times people will catch you off guard by asking questions or challenging you to verify what you say. You heard of someone throwing the proverbial "curb ball" question haven't you? He wanted to see how well you could focus on a subject....have your attention diverted and be sharp enough to quickly handle the distraction....then resume your focus on the original sub
  9. Troy It's like trying to herd a bunch of selfish cats together the same as you would sheep, lol. Ofcourse. Even in the Mafia, the bosses know to give their capos and soldiers a decent cut of the profits and treat them with respect....to keep them happy and loyal. He doesn't really give a damn about them, but he has enough sense to know that if his subordinates aren't happy they'll abandon him so that the feds take him away or another family takes him out. Most rich Black people STILL haven't learned from OJ Simpson the importance of staying in touch wit
  10. Since I'm in this thread, I think it's only proper manners that I address the question posed in it before I address other issues........... Was Hugo Chavez a Better Black Leader Than President Obama? *If the term "Black Leader" is being defined as a leader who happens to be Black.... No Because Hugo Chavez was not Black. It's obvious he had African ancestry and I believe he mentioned it, however he also had European (Spanish) and Indian ancestry as well and looked more Meztizo than Afro. *However if the term "Black Leader" is defined as a leader (of any race) who Black people ar
  11. It's funny you mentioned the difference between being simply smart and being quick witted. I was actually having this converation the other day with an old friend from highschool. We were talking about people who did so well in school and seemed to be very smart but weren't doing the best financially. Simply being "smart" or holding a lot of information in your head doesn't always equal success. Even when I was a kid we used to "cap" on eachother (some called it playing the dozens), and I noticed that some of the smartest kids weren't very quick in coming up with jokes, couldn't kee
  12. I agree that most of it comes from a lack of proper health care and laziness with regards to routine physical exams period. But that prostate exam itself is quite invasive! Most men don't care too much for a greasy finger stuck up their ass. If you're confused about your sexuality...... If you're not sure if you're gay or not..... A good prostate exam will help you "find" yourself....lol. But I especially agree that most of the health problems many Black men suffer from comes from ignorance, both medical and nutritional. It's a known fact that people of West African descent do
  13. Troy I hear what you're saying, but that can be said about any type of science/technology. Some may have said the diabolical experiments carried out by the Nazis were grounds enough to halt ALL future experiments for scientific/meidcal research. Hell, somebody can make an argument that you shouldn't build cars because there's a history of angry women using them to run over baby daddies. We can't use a few negative examples as an excuse to retard progress. ((Pioneer stands up with one hand on his hip and the other pointing directly ahead with a stern look on his face and
  14. ((shrugs shoulders)) Perhaps a proper argument and request for their collective support hasn't been presented to them. Most professional Black people in the upper income range.....unless they got there through some natural talent like singing or playing ball....tend to be very educated and only deal with other highly educated professionals. Like you said, most of them run in their own circles and hang out int he suburb. I also believe many are embarrassed by the ignorant and stereotypical behavior exhibited by so many of the Black underclass and don't know what to do about it so the
  15. I thought that was Dwayne from "What's Happening" at first. "Hey heeey hey!" Or more like Michael Jackson when he was 18. But it's always good to see an intelligent young brother or sister on such a popular program because it helps to offset much of the negativity that the world often sees. I also like watching Jeopardy, although I don't watch it as much as I used to. I used to watch it everyday at an old job and would say the answers (questions) outloud trying to show off. One day in the lunch room a White guy in Ohio actually told me to my face, "I didn't know
  16. I'm a God fearing man. Man can never be "God" nor can we ever take the place of God. I also believe that as human beings God placed us on this planet to accumulate knowledge and rule it, therefor we not only have a right but possibly even a duty to gain as much knowledge as The Creator allows. ...but for RIGHTEOUS purposes. Like producing more food, curing diseases, protecting environment, ect. Not to manipulate or destroy people or trick them into being consumers or experiment on them.
  17. While I'm on the subject of what they USED TO teach in school...... All girls used to have to learn home economics in the public school system. I saw photographs from back in the 1930s where an entire class of girls would be taken to a park in the spring time to sit in the shade and learn how to sew! I've noticed that a lot of the domestic skills like proper cleaning, cooking, and sewing that they used to teach ALL girls in public schools were craftily taken out of the public school system with the excuse that it was too sexist. But these skills are still being taught to some girls
  18. Lol....you mean I've been "holding back" for nothing???? Troy I'm not saying spanking is appropriate for ALL students. Again, some people don't need physical punishment But I believe the punishment should fit the crime, a violent punishment is often fitting for a violent crime; especially for people who have nothing to lose and everything to benefit from laying up in jail with a warm bed and plenty of food for shooting somebody. It's the same CONCEPT with some children. Spanking (or perhaps more like running laps or cleaning and other chores) is the ideal punishment for SOM
  19. You probably said that in jest..... But I don't think a time like that will ever come because the preference for monogamy as well as the concern for children is so biologically ingrained in most women that few will ever really trust a man who cheats on his wife and/or abandons his children. The only reason Clinton was so popular was because he did an amazing job cleaning up the economic mess Reagan made and the Republican alternatives were so diabolical. . You're right about the physical desire part. I've never committed adultery but to be honest, on the occasions when I have been
  20. This may sound silly but I think legalized and regulated prostitution would solve much of the problems of sexual misconduct so many men in high positions find themselves in.
  21. You're right, it's more promiscuous that polygamous. Actually I don't have a problem with either as I believe a sexually liberated society is a society less prone to perversion or sexual misconduct. As for me and myself, MY behavior is more conservative as I believe children should only be produced within the confines of marriage to people who are financially stable enough to support them, but I wouldn't force my personal values on everyone in society. I'm a personal conservative who believes in a liberal society if that makes any sense.....lol. I just ask that people be responsibl
  22. Although I wasn't raised in the Black professional class, I've always liked the idea of a Black Bourgeoisie. I think there is some truth to the Talented Tenth theory as suggested by WEB Dubois, and thought Black leaders should have embraced the idea rather than reject it Starting in the 60s.........as an act of challenging the contemporary societal norm which was racist and exclusive to them, a lot of Black people started embracing the negative element of society and values attributed to ghetto low-class behavior as a form of rebellion. I think this was a big mistake because that negat
  23. ((Pioneer takes a few puffs on his pipe while contemplating how to say this without getting alienated or possible banned from the site)) I take a totally different position from all of this "corporate conditioning" that focuses on excessive education and the overuse of technology in teaching. Much of it proves to be a waste of money and resources anyway. The biblical term of not throwing pearls to swine comes to mind. This may not be the politically correct thing to say but most people aren't cut out for higher education, they should focus on and be satisfied with a working-class
  24. Troy One of the biggest mistakes of reasonable people is assuming that everyone else responds to reason. Most little children and even some adults don't respond to reason or rational, they only respond to pain and pleasure. Which means if they do something socially unacceptable they must get some sort of concrete punishment they can feel rather than simply trying to appeal to their sense of shame....or lack there of. The quality of education as well as the safety of other children shouldn't be compromised for the sake of some ineffective experimental form of discipline that
  25. I think they should bring back corporal punishment to public schools. Not for learning problems ofcourse, but for disciplinary problems.
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