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  1. I have been unfortunate enough to see + experience alot of law enforcement abuse. 

    I don't want to repeat myself . So I will focus on how Black people in the usa from the end of the war between the states reached modernity culturally.

    Frederick Douglass side the Black church is the answer. 

    At the end of the day, I realize , that the cultural trajectory of the majority, not all or me, in the Black community in the USA is a culture of individualism that Frederick Douglass side the Black church wanted when they started the Black community on this path with white financial support when the war between the states ended. 

    The goal is for Black cops in mostly white law enforcement organizations to exists, for Black presidents in a mostly white country , Black Mayors in a mostly white city to exists, it isn't to deny, black cops in most black law enforcement organizations, or black mayors in black towns or black sheriffs in black counties. But the idea is for an individual allowance to exist in the Black community in the USA that will curtail Black communal strength, will curtail Black communal resilience, will curtail Black communal fiscal profit, but the goal is to get the majority of the Black community to be part of an aracial identity, an individual identity, that I argue has been reached. No, not all black people in the USA are philosophically aligned, but most are. 

    The murder of Tyre Nichols represents the strength of the individual culture in the black community in the usa. These events will always occur for nothing is completely positive. All ideas have negativity, including nonviolence, including araciality, including miscegenation, including integrationists ideas like slavery... as well as militisms, or segregationists idea like Back to Africa. The question is, what are the negativities with an idea. 

    The murder of Tyre Nichols represents an inevitable negativity from the individualism  which is the majority philosophy adhered to by Black people in the USA today. IT will happen again, as it already happened already. It must. 

    But I think most Black people in the USA, which doesn't include me, support the individualism and with sadness or lamentations, accept the murder of Tyre Nichols as part of the price for individual cultural allowance, which I argue no community in the USA has stronger than the Black community in the USA, even if it isn't articulated. 


    1. richardmurray


      Any Black person who has ever encountered Black cops could have told you that the representation angle was nonsense to begin with

      First time I was thrown to the ground, for walking to the gas station during lunch in high school, was by a black cop. Same as the first time I got pepper sprayed.

      Same but for Latino cops with me. It was like they saw having to deal with people of their own race a personal failing of their culture.

      but who taught them that? you in my view hit the nail on the head. Who teaches a person of color that someone else of color is personally failing because they have to be dealt with by law enforcement? I argue, parents  or communities have to be blamed for this.

    2. richardmurray


      That's sad to hear that YOU have been a victim of a lot of law enforcement abuse!
      You seem like such an intelligent and well composed brutha, online atleast!

      May I ask what were the circumstances?
      If you'd rather not share it...I'll understand.

      For the record I never said I was a victim, I said I saw or experienced alot of law enforcement abuse.


      So you have no need to be sad. And the reason connects to your second query

      In my experience a black person's intelligence or composure has nothing to do with law enforcements relation to them. Black people who had a nonviolent plus peaceful composure have been killed by law enforcement in no way other than Black people who had a violent or warful composure. Black people whose intelligence some, not me , will rank grandly or absently, based on pieces of paper have been injured by law enforcement.

      I will not share cause they don't matter, as Tulsa to Till to Tyre prove. Talking about it doesn't bring back the dead, nor generate peace, nor solve historic problems. Talking about it will not resolve any individuals woes, or collective grievances.


      Seems like I kinda understand what you're saying here, but can you expound upon it a little more?

      Are you saying that the plan is to individualize Black Americans to the extent that the can no longer relate to what happened to our brother in Memphis?

      I said you have no reason to be sad because the Black community in the USA guided the Black community in the USA to its current situation. I restate, Black people guided ourselves to this situation.  I can expound but I rather be focused than verbose. The individual culture in the modern Black community isn't what it was born as by the majority of Black leaders at the end of the war between the states. The Individual culture isn't trying to delete relation between black peoples in the USA as much as define Black individual relationships to all other individuals, singularly. And while it has led to inevitable participation in the USA like a Black president in the USA, and will lead to more Black elected leaders in the USA to non majority white voting populaces, it has led to inevitable frictions in the Black community in the USA, like Tyre side Black law enforcement his murderers. No philosophy is all positive or all negative. I restate, the Black community has guided itself for its own betterment to the culture most in it adhere to, but like all philosophies it has positives or negatives. One of the negatives of the individualistic culture is frictions of a lethal nature between groups.  



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