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  1. Black Hearts Day or Valentine's Day good news 2020
    Richard Murray Valentines Day Album

    Dawn- beginning of twilight before sunrise
    And soon, both of us,Learned to trust,Not run away,It was no time to play,We build it up
    Twilight-sun invisible but atmosphere illuminated
    and now, I’ve got a song, to sing, tellin the world, about the joy you bring
    Sunrise-sun going above equator
    And all the while, inside, I knew, it was real,The way you make me, feel
    Morning- sunrise to noon
    I, can open, your eyes,Take, you wonder, by wonder,Over, sideways, and under
    Noon-temporal middle of the day
    Ain’t, no second chance,You got to hold on to romance,Don’t let it slide
    Evening- end of noon to the beginning of night
    Let me hear, you tell me, you love me,Let me hear, you say, you`ll never leave me
    Sunset-sun setting beneath equator
    As soon as I, get you, out my head, I’m in, your car, again
    Twilight - sun invisible but atmosphere illuminated
    Pour the wine, light the fire, Girl your wish, is my command
    Dusk- darkest phase of twilight
    I won’t pretend, that I intend to stop living, I won’t pretend, I’m good at forgiving
    Night- darkness between sunset and sunrise
    Love them, and leave them, that’s what I used to do,Use them and abuse them,Then I laid eyes on you

  2. EMoney -

    The problem with the creators is the environment online itself. The online environment was engineered to aid the military/the intelligence community/big business interests this means, individualism. This is why all the large websites online have weak communal functions if any. Labor Unions are not going to happen online. In parallel other communal activity is hard to exist online. Sequentially, the creators have no way to demand it. No law demands creators are given a larger percentage and any boycott of creators or exodus from creators will not go to a boycott or exodus by the userbase. Sequentially, if most creators (ninety percent) leaves youtube, their viewership will not follow. The key to truly undoing large sites is getting the youth to use alternative websites. You want facebook/instagram/youtube/twitter to diminish, you need to stop indoctrinating the youth to them. Although, many who make their money online support the four I mentioned. So, I comprehend they want a bigger piece of the pie but the only way to truly get a bigger piece is to change the website or mode they use. Ebook/smaller focused websites is the key.


  3. MLK jr day 1/20/2020


    Many presented videos or text concerning M.L.K. junior today, the twentieth of January. As a point of note, Martin Luther King junior's birthday is on the fifteenth of January, not the third Monday of every January. I am not interested in trying to rewrite the legend of MLK junior. MLK junior like most other historical figures in the USA was made legend after doing legendary things by others, not themselves, by those with agenda. It is more important to change the message in current media than to try to change the influence of past media using current media.   

    My issue is ownership. Martin Luther King junior, asked a simple thing to the black statian, the black community in the USA. Do not use the ways of whites on the path to ownership. It may sound simple but, it is not, historically the ways of whites have never been undone concerning ownership.  

    Comprehend a simple historical fact. People of white European, white is a phenotypical label while European is a geographic, descent are not the majority owners in the united states of america based on positive merit, or decency, or any positive angle. Every inch of land in the u.s.a. today is owned or controlled by the u.s.a. government, itself ranked mostly with whites, or in private white ownership, through various transfers after it was originally taken by killing native americans. Absent land how many firms will exist in the USA? What will the banks or the agricultural firms be in the u.s.a absent slavery? For all the technological modifications by usa based agricultural firms or investments in Silicon Valley in the stock markets, where will any bank or agricultural firm be in the usa without their original fiscal activities involving slaveholders accounts or slave labor for growing produce. Notice I did not refer to an individual person. I am speaking to the white community. The white community in the usa used negative means to become owners and then become financially successful owners.  

    Martin Luther King junior spoke to Black people, grow, be strong, become owners of your own community and beyond; but don't kill another for their land, don't take another person's land, don't enslave another, do not do for yourself, your bloodline, your community by harming others. This is the reality of ownership in the u.s.a. White people help themselves, their community, built on their forebears originally harming others or themselves continuing to harm others. 

    Martin Luther King Junior did not want black people to develop a negative character, a negative legacy, to be unmerited while trying to help their own. He asked a very challenging thing. Martin Luther King junior once said, it is a crude jest to tell a bootless man to lift himself up by his bootstraps. But he also felt the bootless man should not lessen his character by stealing another man's boots. He felt the bootless man should be strong enough to merit his boots through craft, labor, or another's kindness. As a black kid growing up, in a black community, incorrectly labeled but widely labeled, the black mecca, I realized how little the black community in Harlem owned. And in parallel, I knew how much various white communities in New york city owned, more importantly how they owned them. What would the Irish or Italian or white Jewish communities be in new york city absent their mobs, correctly glorified in constant movies. It was the white jewish, italian or irish mobs, the gangsters, the rum runners, the extortionists, the thieves, that had a largest or initial role in the development of ownership in those communities in New York city.  

    I end, with a simple truth, the Black community in Harlem, a cultural district in Manhattan in new york city in new york state, in the united states of america, owns little to nothing in Harlem, yesterday or today. The history of the u.s.a. proves all ownership in the u.s.a. comes from those who were willing to negatively, or through negative actions, earn it. MLK junior asked black people to reject that historical truth, even when we own so little.  

    If the Black statian can keep that hope of MLK jr. alive and one day exist in a u.s.a. where Black people own more than all others, or at least enough to not need another community. It will be a testament to MLK junior’s faith. And make the Black community have a pride, worth more than all the years whites owned far more. 

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  4. IT is the moment in the elliptical orbit of any body around our sun when the sun is closest to it. In this case, the earth was closest to the sun in a moment in jan 5th. Every day after the perihelion the earth is farther away from the sun in the elliptical orbit until the aphelion, what i call the natural midyear. After the earth is farthest away from the sun in the elliptical orbit, the aphelion, the earth will continually move closer to the sun till the perhelion. When I say closer or farther  I mean based on distance from a line from the center of the sun to the center of the earth.  @Mel Hopkins

    fair enough, in many ways, mlkjr's views/philosophy/desire has had another grand rebuttal.

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  5. Gazette Fragments 77/78/79/80/81/82/83/84/85/86/87/88/89/90 

    Edition 77 

    Two - Can you tell us a two-sentence horror story? I want to read yours?  Mine is linked below 

    Edition 78 

    Tips for indies- Some of the ideas he suggested i did and do, but i think it is a good listen or read 

    Edition 79 

    Juju season 1 - it is finished. The following is links to content, the season premier is october 31st 2019 , black written/directed/acted 

    Edition 80 

    • The Plague - A nice film short, sooner or later, we all must be imprisoned 

    • At Last - an afroErotik romance, enjoy and definitely tell me what you think 

    • PArt 1 

    • part 2 

    Edition 81 

    • Ousmane Sembène 

    • Emitai film 

    • Ceddo 

    • Questions 

    • HAs a child bride ever been the happy loving maiden in modern fiction? 

    Edition 82 

    Classified - a short story by Mel Hopkins, an affordable ebook 

    lulu link 

    her author page 

    Edition 83 

    kimonos of the world -interesting pitch for the 2020 olympics 



    Edition 84 

    • Puuung -enjoy these lovely animations to gentle music from Puuung 

    • I will always be with you 

    • peanuts - an article with 8 things you may not know 

    • audio- Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Peanuts (1962 album) 

  6. The Hunters


    Hunters follows "a diverse band of Nazi Hunters living in 1977 New York City. The Hunters, as they’re known, have discovered that hundreds of high ranking Nazi officials are living among us and conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. The eclectic team of Hunters will set out on a bloody quest to bring the Nazis to justice and thwart their new genocidal plans."

    Peele Thoughts

    “When David Weil first shared The Hunt with me, I immediately knew that we had to be involved,” Peele said. “It’s cathartic. It’s noir. It’s frighteningly relevant. It’s exactly what I want to see on television. I am thrilled to be working with Amazon in bringing this incredible vision to the world.”

    My Thoughts

    The premise is ugly for me. I am not german, nor European. But, the premise mischaracterize the NAzi party. The NAzi party called itself the third reich based on german history. Even I know about the Holy Roman empire, based on a third of charlemagne's empire and the German empire that ended at the end of the first phase of the world war in the Global European Imperial Era.  By default the USA can not be a fourth reich, if anything the fourth reich is the Germany post end of the second phase of the world war, a germany that reunited its two halves and centers a European Union absent the united kingdom. Yes, most white people in the usa have german lineage but the idea of the usa being a fourth reich or a third rome is a cultural aspect from whites the usa itself, not european germans. Second, Nazi's would not need to have genocidal plans in the usa as the usa during 1977 before or after had a genocidal system already in place between the relationship of whites in the superior to blacks or natives in the inferior.

    The premise is totally false to me, an entertainment to the falsely built vanities of the white populace in the usa.

    I oppose Peele, it is ancathartic, opposing a cleansing. It is not purying, but adding to the muck that is statian media. It may be noir, it can be implemented as a modern take on film noir. I concur that is has focus,he use the word relevant, but the way is key. The focus is on the problem with multiculturalism in the usa. The question is, are some cultures allowable , are some not? Moreover, who decides when a culture is not acceptable or allowable?

    An Article






  7. Joker 2

    The fan outcry to Joker 2 is interesting. This nearest anarchic plot has many a favorable online message. What does that say about the truth in humanity? I recall many a black person or stated liberal suggesting the movie had no plot and was a disturbing bit of media meant to covet the various groups or individuals who boast violence? I wonder

    referral https://twitter.com/niklauswalkerr/status/1197235686090461192

    Jibe of the day , very telling






  8. Liking


    Nicki Minaj in the article make a false argument. Instagram is not getting rid of likes, they are getting rid of publicizing likes. Sequentially, people will click like but the count will not be visible to anyone but users. This will have a number of automatic effects, some sponsors will change their patterns or who they invest in. The inability of common epeople to view likes influences popularity online. I know this for sure, that likes leads likes. So, not publicizing them will influence the bots and other mechanisms.

    The stated goal of instagram is to depressure instagram, a website designed for nothing else but pressure. What is instagram/twitter, these are not websites of community or conversation or in depth community, these websites are all about rapid wild populairty. Based  on gimmick or passion shots, that can not change by deleting likes and if anything will add pressure to have some visible form of acceptance in replace of likes




  9. Arrows_of_Judgment.png

    I remember when the end of the Game Of Thrones T.V. show debate was dominated by talks of the t.v. show Daenarys Targaryen being < place word defined as a negative mental state > when she obliterated Kings Landing /Cerci after she had won the war. Many viewers, most from the usa, found the Khaleesi's actions unwarranted. I suggested they were not unwarranted. First, war is not about right or wrong or knowledge or lack of knowlege < innocence> , it is about survival. Tyrion's pleading is unwarrantedto Jon. And Jon's doubt is correct. In the end, Jon from the television show didn't kill Daenarys for the seven kingdom's he did it cause he didn't want any more part of the life of war that daenerys was on. He was selfish and in that broke all the honor he deemed he wanted in the book or t.v. show.  No matter your stance to my position, another instance similar to daenerys occurred in the japanese animation Black CLover. Where Ligt, the leader of a group called, the eye of the midnight son, used his power to cover an entire human kingdom with deadly blades. HE was thwarted unlike daenerys but like daenerys his actions are based on past grievances. Yet, the reply to Ligt's actions by fans is not, he is < place the same word defined as a negative mental state for Daenerys > , but he must be stopped. Two key points, first Ligt is male, daenerys is female. Second, ligt failed while daenerys succeeded. But the question remain, barring fanbase size variance, do you consider Ligt similar to Daenery Targaryen?

  10. sexualchocolate2.jpg

    In honor of Coming To America 2 I wish to introduce the bootleg album cover to the first Sexual Chocolate Album entitled, The Comeback Of Sexual Chocolate. In honor of the album coming out, I offer the many fans of the group and its perennially poignant bandleader Randy Watson, an opportunity to guess the title to the nine tracks. Just copy and paste the text below and place your guesses, whether they are original or covers that is your guess I am not telling. The new Album is coming 2020... A bonus track is from Randy Watson a capella entitled: Thank you for the final words Reverend Brown

    The Comeback Of Sexual Chocolate

    1. [track title]

    2. [track title]

    3. [track title]

    4. [track title]

    5. [track title]

    6. [track title]

    7. [track title]

    8. [track title]

    9. [track title]


  11. Black Solidarity Day 2019

    Black Solidarity day was this past November 1st and nearest three day later, the questions in my mind are simple.

    What Black community do you want to look at you when you close your eyes for the last time?

    Can the Black community ,in the U.S.A., ,become solid and more solid while part of a multiculturally chaotic U.S.A.?

    What is the best example of Black collaborative art excluding music,collaborative defined as two or more Black artists working together?


  12. These photos prove to me a film about positive nazis need to occur, after you read my thoughts and see the photos, do you agree?
    while those who are jewish or those who fought in the war against nazi germany or their descendents have a personal negativity toward nazi germany. Not every moment in nazi germany for german people was some murder fest or prequel to hatred or anything like that
    The photos linked below are no other than photos in the southern states in the usa of white children enjoying a hanging. If anything they are better cause the encamped are not present while the glory in the south was to be photographed next to their carnage.
    when I see photos in the thread below, I think, the modern people en mass forgive the white populace in the american continent for its larger crimes against native americans or blacks while never allow forgiveness for german nazi's smaller crimes against fellow germans  
    What separates this from




  13. what is the best representation of a native american warrior in a film?

    I like buck and the preacher,  josie wales, apocalypto, or the white buffalo in the film world, but what is the best native american warrior in a film. I recall the geronimo tv special , but that wasn't a movie house film. Although, I liked the action.


    I was inspired to ask after seeing this article, native american veterans memorial


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