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  1. Gazette Fragments 62/63/64/65/66

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  2. I see @Troy I thought a film like legend would be known enough for people to comprehend the context. The idea for the collage was to make stories around the films story, same thing with the first power, a movie I admit is less known. The goal of the collage is for people to click on the images and see what story they get. the images are placed layered so they are not always comprehended. IT is meant to mysterious outside general comprehension of the film. In your opinion, how can I gain better attention with this idea?

  3. hmm question @Troy I thought people who love images will be inspired to click on images and then to the wee tales. Are you saying I have it backwards? ....I thought I had figured out how to make the font larger while allowing for scrolling, the scrolling still is too fast, and I will have to make a script more than likely but I realize the font being appropriate for all the images is better.

  4. Gazette Fragments 55/56/57/58/59/60/61

  5. gazette fragments 44/45/46/47/48/49/50/51/52/53/54

  6. @Troy yeah, their internal organization changed and were guided to lose the openness. To be fair with so many websites restricting images and deviantart allowing adult images, i can comprehend why their accountants said it is a money lose to continue the embedding, but it is a shame. That is one of the reasons I like aalbc, you can guest comment still, though many websites are not allowing that anymore

  7. Code GEass Submission
    In retrospect, I should had not placed the alias in there considering the color scheme, but I started at 9pm and wanted to make an honest art work. I chose calligraphy which is an art work i am interested in for another project later on, but I tell me how you like it. Sorry but Deviantart no longer allow embeds.
    Lelouch vi Britannia alias Lamperouge alter ego Zero
    <in gold> lelouch vi britannia <in black> alias <in indigo> lamperouge <in red> Zero


  8. Richard Murray https://photos.app.goo.gl/6Xf56Bb391NQuBo66

    Black meaning the most ancient black peoples aside the current black people, Red meaning the forebears to the current black people, Green meaning the history from the forebears cover one Brown fist pairing each. Brown for the skin that link nearest all black people. A yellow text phrase the black/red/meaning colored for the bind between the sun side the soul.  The blue is the water in which all black peoples have forebears who were forced in through slavery or war by others.


    Ann-Michelle Thurmond Powell A shield of peacock feathers symbolizing strength, power, wisdom and peace, 4  teal, purple, gold, green. Cream represents the unity of black people unbounded by their shade of skin or internal biases .



    LeQuenta Marshall butterfly on a thorny rose. Butterflies represent transformation. The rose, commonly associated with classical beauty and romance, but it protects itself with the thorns. Purple is her favorite color/signifies royalty. Yellow is bright and signifies hope and sunshine. Sky Blue for  clarity, calmness, & peace.





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  9. GLASS Submission story




    Two people are in a big food market, in a midweek morning. One in a skirt, grey patch in her afro, cardigan sweater for the cold, push a shopping cart. The other, in jeans, a fuck the police shirt on, play a video game mobile system while grabbing a strawberry corn flake cereal box. The woman misses grab the box from the video game player. The player goes to pick up the box from the floor, and hand it to the other. “Akeem, thank you”: and the woman focus back to a television report, grab some corn meal and place it in the cart. “Ma ma”: Akeem inquire.  “I am okay”: reply his mother, and she continue to push the cart:” ... Akeem, when we get home, I must talk to you and your brother”. The two gather more food, pay for it, go home, and in their home put the food where it need to be, when not eaten. The mother goes in her room, while the children get goodies in the kitchen. She exits her room to the living room: “Akeem, Semmi, come here”. Akeem side a boy with black sunglasses on, a happy face sticker on one lens, a sad face sticker on the other, slowly walk from the kitchen to the living room. The sunglasses wearing boy hold apple juice in a cup, in one hand, and Akeem’s shirt, in the other. He releases Akeem, feel out, and touch a chair, and sit. Akeem sit next to him chewing taffy. Akeem’s mother sits across the two children and say:” I have something to tell you both, I don’t know if it is the right time, but I think you need to know two things and I can’t trust fate to give me time”. Akeem stare at Semmi. Semmi fidget. The mother continues:” The first thing you have in common, is I am your mother, and the second is... you both lost your fathers... Akeem, I told you your father died but I never said how, it was... I did not lie when I said it was an accident but I did not tell you the whole truth... Akeem your father was murdered by police, he was helping me move some boxes from my job and the police shot him, they claimed it was a false identity, in the end, the men who murdered your father did not go to jail and I received a civil court settlement, your father I missed so much, but I had a baby to raise so  I focused on you and you grew... five years later, I went to a comic book shop one day and spoke to a fellow buyer, he said he never felt someone as gentle as me... I was lonely, and so we began dating, if you call... just sitting together while he listened to me talk, dating... anyway, one night, I went to kiss him, he seemed very worried but I gave him the kiss and he was not hurt, he said I was special but only one way to prove it... I gathered what he meant but, he seemed like he never made love to anyone, but I was so lonely... and so I … well it wasn’t necessarily easy... oh don’t look like that you two, I got...well we made love, the next day I told him I was pregnant, but the police came for this man and, he was killed”. Akeem or Semmi are silent, unmoving. Their mother continue: "one thing I can say for certain , both your fathers are already proud of you, two good boys, both with heavy challenges, but happy with life, no matter what happens, stick together, and know, you were both born out of love, no matter what the outer world says”. The mother rises from a living room chair and go to her room. She stops at her door and say:” you can both hang out in your room”. Akeem side Semmi are quiet. Semmi turn to Akeem: "do this mean I am not your brother?”. “no silly, this mean we have different dads but they both are gone”: Akeem do not turn, his face turns ponderous. He gets off a chair quick and hurry to his mom’s room door. Semmi shout: "wait brother”: he grabs his juice and remove his glasses, revealing all black eyes. But he moves after he hear his mother open her door. Akeem ask his mother:” did Semmi’s and have any relatives?”. His mother reply, while moving to put Semmi’s glasses back on: "I think he had a mother but I don’t know where she is”. Akeem look down, and his mother kneel and beckon him into an embrace: “I love you two so much, hug me please”. And Akeem side Semmi hug their mom. She says, while embracing: "our neighbors, Ms Helen, Ms Sarah, and Ms Lilian, love you two too, and you have fun with their children... and I know they can be wild but Mr. Wiz and Mr. Rashee love you too”. She releases them while still touching them and say: "we can have a movie night tonight”. Akeem side Semmi smile and their mother say:” ok, off to your room and have fun”. She watches her children go to their room and breath deep and enter her room.  

    14 years later

    A doorbell rings. A door opens gently and a man thinly built but a strong height, with a dashiki and a side bag, face the door openness. She moves to hug him and he welcome her embrace, and she say: "your brother is in the living room, c'mon”. The man has a Fuck The USA button on his bag and he calmly walk to the living room table where another male, get up and greet him. The other male is in a well ironed while affordable in price suit, his all black eyes looking straight to his brother. They embrace and Semmi ask: "How is the vision business”. “Picked up since last week, it seem more people believe in many things... how is the journey of a young lawyer”: Akeem query. “Still beginning”: Semmi side Akeem sit down. Their mother sit opposite them, a small box on the living room table, and speak: "when I was a girl the doctor said I had an odd heart, a birth defect the doctor said, my parents were broke, had no money for any doctor visits but raised me the best they could in Fayette Mississippi, my parents said it was a blessing from god, I don’t know but I know I always had a way to calm people around me, as it something about me soothed them, even to this day I remember my doctor, when I could afford one, saying my heart sounded beautiful, I am no adventurer but I try to calm things down, I try to be h... last week, we all saw the videos and I realized, I made my own fate... Akeem you once asked me if Semmi’s father had relatives, well he does, but two letters was sent to me, one I was asked to read to you both...here it is... Dear boys, my name is Mr. Glass and I wish I could had met you. It is possible you saw the truth and even if you didn’t I know you know you are special, not freaks, not monsters, not mistakes, listen to your mother, she is special too, and live your life free”. Akeem side Semmi look to each other. Akeem ponder: "so... Semmi’s father, is Mr. Glass?”. “yes Akeem”: say their mother. Semmi try to get angry but is still: "why ma, why didn’t you tell me”. His mother reply: "that your father orchestrated that horrible train crash, I didn’t trust a five-year-old to know that, but a nineteen-year-old, young lawyer, yes”. Semmi ponder:” ... so that is it, I thought maybe one of our father’s was alive or something more, the way you spoke on the phone”: Semmi slouch in disappointment.  Akeem interject: "you said Semmi’s dad had a relative”. Their mother smile: "yes, his mother, for twenty years I kept up with her, letters only and only sparsely... Elijah said to do this when I told him I was pregnant, that and other things”. Semmi interject: "people online say this prove the existence of nephilim, demi gods, superheroes... I”.  Their mother put out her hands and Akeem or Semmi grab one, in calm. She say:”Semmi, the doctors said you were blind, never able to see, your cornea mutation an extremely rare thing, like they told my parents about me, yet who walks outside without a cane, and though it is difficult at times, you see well enough in your own way, Akeem, they had you on drugs as a baby, afraid atrophy would step in with your severe REM bouts, doctors say it had genetic leanings, though no recollection exists, you had a vision of your father’s death as a boy and with respirators for your sleep, were happy, yes, your body suffers now because you go into REM sleep more regularly, but here you are, you help people... you both do... I am no demigod, no superhero, I can’t say if you are superheroes, but you damn sure ain’t nephilim... but, I gave birth to you both with a heart deemed weak, and you are my loving boys, whose gifts may offer challenges but are also gifts, the world simply has to face the reality this house always knew, I”. A knock on the door. “Semmi, get the door”: say his mother. Semmi wait for another knock or bell ring and the doorbell ring. Semmi go to the door, and open it. An elder black woman immediately hugs him. Akeem rise from his chair and look to the door. The elder black woman continues to embrace Semmi, who is hugging deeply, and look to the living room table: "you too baby, Elijah did not help make you, but you are his son too”. Akeem look to his mother, and she smile. Akeem go to the front door:” thank you Ms. Price”. Ms Price touch Akeem face and say: "call me grandma”. Akeem embrace Ms. Price. His mother watches awhile as Ms. Price, Akeem, or Semmi embrace. Semmi have a thought: "let's cook for you grandma”. “good idea bro”: say Akeem. “but I want to catch up”: reply Ms. Price. She receives a kiss on either cheek. “we will have time”: reply Akeem. “unless you are going somewhere”: ask Semmi. Ms. Price smile as they go to the elevator. Their mother meets Ms. Price. Ms. Price say: "thanks Ethel... but I have to ask”. Ethel interject:” they do not seem to know, and if I can help it, that will remain secret, they may discover later that Elijah set up Akeem’s father, but, for now... let us all be happy”


    if you like more stories from me, check out my work on kobo MY WORK

  10. Gazette Fragments 38/39/40/41/42/43

    Edition 38 excerpt
    saturday am - A black manga art magazine, like shonen jump. I placed a link in the amendment to this element in this newsletter, they have free editions of their magazine
    in amendment
    free editions to saturday am
    I learned this from the blerdgirl


    Edition 39 excerpt
    Bionic Barbie - WE will build her faster, stronger, bionic. It is telling that a main barbie has yet to be made like the maker who made her own barbie in light to herself.


    Edition 40 excerpt
    Galleyway - artistic opportunities
    in amendment
    if you want to submit an opportunity, use the email below

    50 guitarristas - how many from the following 50 black female guitarists do you know?


    Edition 41excerpt
    The Water PHoenix - a film from Bola Ogun, enjoy


    Edition 42 excerpt
    Obatala - Negra Mexican group, I wonder where they are now


    Legend Collage - Enjoy my interactive collage to the 1985 film legend. Click an image and a small story based on the films characters/themes/plot . I made one for the first power as well, I linked it, now in the post comments in the amendment section to this element.


    Edition 43 excerpt
    Black DRamas- I know many of you are online and these web series, black web series exists. If you are interested each is embedded in the article linked immediately below


  11. I said it didn't I , i said it. I knew the switch was on. Though I like his ending. it has the you make up the next part , which is a good way to end these horror/myteries. The theme of race and the impoverished, the impoverished in this case frankenstonian doppelgangers, I recall the twilight zone where the woman is telling everyone that she saw another her and no one believes her and then they send her into an insane asylum and then the guy who didn't believe her sees his doppelganger. The consumerism in the usa, the governmental laxness through three letter groups is present in the story. But, nice. https://shadowandact.com/the-ending-of-us-explained-review thoughts? Trailer



    IN AMENDMENT 3-23-2019 2:37 pm

    There is a god. SOme reviewers have opined, why didn't the tethered just leave the escalator or why didn't adelaide , noble natured or adel aide <adel is an older form of ethel > noble does not mean good it means scientific or knowledgeable- having knowledge has nothing to do with goodness or badness, leave from the tunnels. One of the big flaws from all the reviewers is the assumptions after seeing the story about the content before the story, the unseen prestory. It is assumed that Adelaide's parents are nontethered. It is assumed the project was a failure. Adelaide state the project was a failure based on what she saw or discover in the caves, but i do not recall anyone who actually was behind the project state it was flawed, that is assumption. Sequentially, the true nature to any of the supposed tethered or untethered is unknown. thus, when the born above ground adelaide is captured by the born under ground adelaide, it is clear that the tethered may be born with a soul sometimes and the untethered may be born absent a sould sometimes. The one character we are forgetting in any christian based apocalyptic story is that of the anti christ. Adelaide above and below ground is the mirror of the jesus/antichrist dichotomy. One thing the story suggest, the world beneath ground is a mirror. The above ground adelaide's parents who argued continuously and didn't notice their child wander off who then go to find her and do not know she was switched can only be paralleled by tether parents who plan in positive concert and guide their adelaide . born under the ground, to use the escalators and make the switch. But this also mean, the above ground adelaide was assisted by the under ground variants to her parents to get free from the chained bed unlike the above ground parents who sent the under ground child to a mental prison, to be aided. And like any apocalyptic christian story, jesus wins after the antichrist wins. But, who is jesus, the above ground adelaide sent into "hell" who became  a bellious leader absent a well thought out plan and still holding onto immature sensibilities OR the under ground adelaide who stole into "heaven" and became a loving wife or mother hiding away from any responsibilities or acknowledgements from her past with a hyper mature survival instinct? At the end of the film, the above ground adelaide is dead but her movement lives on, while the under ground adelaide is alive, but her secret is known by at least one while her reality is suspected by all.  To the boy, Jason, he is not tethered or untethered, born above ground or underground. He is both. He is the bridge,he is the mulatto. The rules of the tethered idea are based on non miscegenation. But both jason have a tethered side untethered parent, thus why their link is  deeper than any other characters. He is not killing a tethered but in truth killing a part to himself, and oddly enough, the born under ground adelaide is his best teacher. As he as an aspect of himself, a secret essence that like her, is hard to comprehend.  It is not that his mother is not who she is. But, with his mother not being born under the ground, what does that make him? If adelaide is not the christ/antichrist embodiment, Jason is.


    Finally, I just wanted proof that I was right , and this was inspired by a twilight zone episode. I quote Its initial inspiration, appropriately enough, was the old Twilight Zone episode “Mirror Image,” which he saw as a kid. In it, a woman encounters her duplicate in a bus station and becomes convinced it arrived from a parallel universe, bent on replacing her. “It’s terrifying, beautiful, really elegant storytelling,” Peele says, “and it opens up a world. It opens up your imagination.” https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/movie-features/director-jordan-peele-new-movie-cover-story-782743/

  12. Richard Murray Collages Book 1

    Good day all, in my attempt to find a way to make the following epub functional on all systems I took time I hoped to present it to you  before next month. As hinted, I was unsuccessful in making the epub functional in every ereader but I can confirm that if you read the epub in the kobo app it can be accessed and viewed appropriately. Now, what is the epub? 

    Well, it is as the title to this blog entry suggest, Richard Murray Collages Book 1 . It is the epub version to the zenith power collage placed below. I realized after gaining reply that the length or style to my collage needed adjusting. To that end, I hopefully made this form more functional to my readers. But, gardless, I hope you enjoy this. It is free to download so all that is lacking is your interest. If you want more context to the story or how this idea came about read from the boldened or capitalized text "the zenith power collage" below. As it is, this is the 1st in this series and the next story I will make a collage from is the 1985 film Legend. As always your thoughts are welcome to the stories <please tell me your favorite photo> , or to the epub structure, or any other art or design topic. Be Safe 




    The following is an update to the original post, appended below the following. From the beginning my goal was to make a screenplay publicly. I admit, I was going to use regular text but luckily found a kobo writing life blog post from Chris Mandeville which gave me the idea to make a collage to begin the process. I thought that was a nice artful way to engender a public view to where WE will go. But, while I was making the collage I already knew I wanted to make a powerpoint for it, with fragments, not complete stories even flash stories. But, fragments, not even spell checked. I wrote them all rawly and intending for them to be discussed or debated. Thus, here is my Zenith Power Fragment Collage. With this tool you guys can note the particular fragments you like, suggest or discuss possibilities where we can go next. Remember, if you are not a member of African American Literary Book Club you can still comment as a guest. I ask that you do so and use whatever monicker from the esocial world you use, so I know it is you. Ignore, the link button on the first page, it is only if people embed or link to the powerpoint in other places away from here. Just click anywhere on the image below outside the link button to begin. One last note...:) I used the side panel space to link to my other ebooks so click where it does not seem like a book cover. 



    Well, what say you?! If you want another structure, Here are my Writing Islands, will you or have you made one



    Chris Mandeville presented her collage to a story she wrote and that made me think. Why not present a collage to a story I have pondered and we can discuss collages in an open story, one in which i create in public. Below is my collage to my tentatively titled "The Zero Power"  based on one of my favorite films from the 80s , the first power, starring  lou diamond phillips. It is similar to the film, Fallen, starring Denzel washington, i dare say its predecessor, not a prequel but the same kind of villain. and in both movies,a non beleiving cop in spiritual matters, at least to the level of possession, is warned and does not heed it, and the criminal after murder by the state, spiritually possesses others, against their will and is allowed to act free. In the First Power, more abilities are gained over time while in fallen it is just the one and in both, the end does not convince that the negative spirit is killed. Though in first power, it seems a negative spirit possessed the murderer, while in fallen the murderers spirit is itself the actor.
    A few things come to mind, some openings, first the story is not confined. the cause to this negativity is not made clear or who is supporting it is not made clear. All the main characters roles are up in the air, is russ's character possessed or not. who taught seaton and will she grow, what is her true role? the spirit of marguerite is not dead but where is it, what role will she play especially concerning the christian church that opposed invovlement

    so, i went about making a collage.I first got photos of the people. And i saw the shape of a cross, lou diamond atop, korber the bottom, arlen and williamson to the wings, griffith centrally. between Russ(lou diamond) and the killer(korber) is the nun(arlen), the seer(griffith) and the friend(williamson). 
    but then i had a bunch of pieces in my mind: ancient church to satan in spain and zealots in california populated around korber, then excommunicated christian nun next to arlen. I think to late believer to Williamson. I thought seer in love to griffith.lastly, to lou diamond i thought , sleeping christian knight. 

    This is what I came up with to the story, The Zero Power, which I am thinking of calling The Zenith Power instead. If you read the rundown, which I place below for those unfamiliar to the story, you will comprehend, why Zero and then Zenith.  After you read the rundown or from your general thoughts, any ideas to what images I should add to the collage:) 



    video full film - better screen

    text story synopsis
    Collage reference

    IF you do not know the film, here is a rundown, it was written by Robert Resnikoff
    -It starts with a nun (Elizabeth arlen) referring to the book of revelation mentioning a link between certain murders and symbols of the devil. She is not believed by the cardinal or monsignor, and sent back to convent. 
    -A cop, Russ (lou diamond phillips) is frustrated, trying to find the next locale to the murders. He gets a call from a mysterious woman (Tracy griffith) who tells him she knows the next locale. She tells the cop after he swears to not allow the death penalty to the criminal, the location to the next victim, and even gives him his name. Logan then derives a graphic upon the locations he has marked on a map.
    -the law enforcement trap to the killer is set, bored, tired or leisurely. 
    -the cop's partner Franklin (Mykelti Williamson) is driving them to the site, trying to convince the cop that it is a hoax. Russ is unconvinced and sees a possibility, jesting franklin's spirituality or fears from boogie men as franklin rubs a charm.   
    -The female cop luring the criminal is grabbed by a man with a pentagram on his hand, the killer man (Jeff Kober). 
    -The superior law enforcers,commander perkinds side lieutenant grimes , bust the trap to an angry phillips, telling him the time is up. 
    -The female cop Carmen (Sue Giosa) is in some subterranean area of the city, bound and wakes to see the killer with a mask on. he takes off the mask and tells her to not be afriad, so that he can help her. 
    -Russ and Franklin go to the park , the only place law enforcement has not searched to find Carmen. 
    -The killer states his process of going through a small door at his or carmen's third eye reciting christian chants backwards, while Russ side Franklin are searching for him
    -Russ and Franklin are still searching when the killer place the mask on carmen and prepares to knife her, but stops when he hears someone outside his cave. He successfully sneaks franklin but russ comes and after a skirmish russ runs after the killer
    -Russ chases the killer into a warehouse, where the killer plays the cat and mouse game to russ, and tried to kill him pushing some metal pats on him. Russ is shooting on any sign of him. His gun is out of bullets and russ jumps on the killer and they both go out of the window onto some mess. Russ is stabbed but overpowers the criminal, and before he can beat him to death uniformed law enforcers arrive come and bind the killer
    -a news program reports the killer is captured by Russ, russel logan, it is mentioned this is the third time in five years russ as succeeded in a case like this, and that the murderer was a mere water supply manager
    -the court date, russ believes the killer will get the death penalty, the killer is happy and asks about russ's stomach, and the killer goads russ to make sure he gets the death penalty, and says he owes him one, "see you around buddy boy"
    -Russ and other law enforcers are enjoying their victory, and russ gets a call
    -the mysterious woman calls the precint and says, to russ, no death penalty, and to stop it before it is too late
    -the killer is in the chamber , while russ side others watch, and the killer is jubilant, and looks happily to russ as they close the door, franklin bids the killer farewell and the killer is gassed
    -the killer is dead in the chamber, but Russ thought he saw movement, franklin is unphased. then the killer seem to escape the chamber and russ is trying to shoot him but he is unstoppable and approaches him with his knife, before the strike, Russ wakes up from the dream sweaty, his cat,jack, bouncing on his bed
    -Russ has a rose on the other pillow , i iguess for company, and the cat is nervous, hissing, russ takes his gun, which is near his bad and hears noises. he goes to his investigative room and it is covered in blood. the door sounds and law enforcers are there, russ tells them to bring forensics to the room but it is normal when he they arrive and they tell russ that he is needed
    -Russ is at the caves agaian and carmen, the female  cop, was murdered with the symbol. Russ is saddened
    -A woman beats a man to a parking spot and is walking out when blood spills from the water pipe. She then see no cars and a mysterious man appears. She is startled by the man who then appears behind her when a stranger startles her out. she sees a paper describing the killer being gassed successfully
    -in a holding room, the same woman is walking about, while franklin side russ look to her. Franklin tells russ she only wants to speak to you and russ agrees, the other cops entertained by the possible romance that can spew or jest
    -Russ and the mysterious woman, seaton, meet for the first time face to face, and russ ask about Carmen's death. She tells him the pentagram killer killed carmen, he says she is playing, she says he was celebrating an execution, and the killer's spirit is back, and describes herself as a professional and that she has helped save a child. Then she tells him, she was the caller unstraightly. Then he questions her, about how she knew the killer and she tells them she saw a child he killed and was compelled to search for him. russ jests and says she used her powers for his phone number and she says, she has a friend at the phone company. Seaton makes it clear, she helped him and he broke his promise and he is after her. She leaves her contact information and leaves the holding room
    -russ tell a cop to follow her, and franklin says they got the guy who killed carmen 
    -russ is viewing a man, seemingly scarred but very quiet being questioned by a law enforcer angry at carmen's death, the commander say they found him in an ally and he had the weapon in his hame. they say the man has no identification
    -Russ coolly goes into the prison room, and sees if the man has any recognition to flame near his eyes, the man is unmoved, as Russ leaves he hears, see you around buddy boy but asks if it was the other law enforcer who said it
    -Russ leave, depressed and franklin ask if he is ok, russ ask if that man could kill anyone, and russ smell a setup
    -russ and franklin go to the house of seaton, no one is there and russ break in, franklin state a warrant would help. seaton has an expensive place and russ side franklin walk around in it admiring the house searching her place<an early internet site is visible> russ finds a horoscope for him, and a false reference is made
    -the cop following seaton, seaton discovers, and tells him he should try internet dating, as he lost her looking to a woman with a red short skirt
    -russ listens to her audio messages, and then the killer is on the tape 
    -seaton finds both of them i her home illegally searching
    -russ then wants to show her the message the killer had for him on the phone, but it was not. franklin tells him maybe he erased the message. Russ then says seaton and the killer are working together, and threatens seaton. seaton warns franklin he is in trouble after she see his lucky charm change to a pentagram.
    -russ side franklin take seaton to a fair, or carnival and franklin ask what are they doing
    -seaton says the killers spirit is at the fair, franklin is scared, and worries what is going on, and russ says he erased the message.
    -russ side seaton is looking around and franklin is alone rubbing his charm
    -seatons senses the killer , and franklin gets run over by a horse driving a carriage, and franklin admits he saw the killer as he die
    -russ asks for ambulance as he with seaton in the car chase the horse and wagon
    -they reach the wagon and horse to a building and russ ties seaton in his car, seaton warns russ he is being played with but russ goes into the building
    -the possessed driver to the wagon, appears like the killer then jumps off the roof, but lands easily and runs away
    -russ chases down the fire escape and sees two guys and asks them what they saw, they say they saw nothing
    -law enforcement is at the scene, the commander asks russ how a guy jumps off a building waves and runs away
    -russ back at his car, sees the lietenant who is jesting at the law suit and the scenario, with seaton not there
    -the commander gives russ a nod and russ knows, he is on thin ice, no more mistakes, a law enforcer says they found a cop dead
    -russ is at the crime scene where a cop was executed , and hung up under a bridge, they show he has a cut across the neck and a pentagram sign and the commander takes russ off the case
    -russ says to the chief, i hope i am crazy cause the other cop will not help
    -russ goes to a church, and gives a blessing in the christian fashion, he sits alone, he notice a woman praying distantly, and chooses to go to the confessional
    -russ asks forgiveness, and admits he parted ways to catholicism, and speaks to the priest about how his father was shot an innocent man and lamented his mother saying her husbands death was god's will
    -russ ask the priest, if the spirit of the dead take over the living, and ask about possession, the priest respond possession can happen andthen the killer appears, and throws a knife
    -russ see's the killer at the alter mocking the death of jesus and then he jumps through the church window, russ chases him to an old hotel, <like the hotel in they live> 
    -russ goes to an upstairs floor in the hotel, gun in hand, and seaton arrives warning him, startled a door opens and an axman gets the jump on logan, before the ax can pierce him, seaton drops a perfume bottle at a store and runs out
    -russ is running to the old hotel again, and he asks the concierge where did the man go, the concierge does not know but a hobo point upward, russ follows
    -seaton arrives from a cab to the hotel and enters it, the same hobo guides her upstairs and seaton warns russ as a door opens and an axman comes out but his swing missess russ
    -Seaton used a star and it stalls channing, the killer, russ scuttles and seaton breaks her concentration, the killer then takes a cieling fan and uses it chainsaw style as russ side seaton run
    -russ and seaton go to the end of the hall and enter a room, russ's bullets no effect, and close a door, using a man sleeping on a bed as a doorstop while they climb outside
    -the man used as a doorstop is shocked as channing busts through the door and leaps over him
    -russ side seaton are on the ground from the fire escape and stop a car driving through a backalley, and enter it, channing then jumps on the car, the former driver scared and unstable
    -russ drives the car forward and tries to knock off channing, after a drive, channing is knocked off and russ then stops the car somewhere in the street and tells the owner to give it to lietenant grimes to handle all damages personally
    -russ then discusses to seaton. and asks seaton calmly what is going on. seaton says she is not completely certain , but outside of making russ see things, channing needs to possess bodies, the local frankfurter man is unconvinced as he hears in shot
    -russ asks how can he see him, she says he can reveal himself to him, and she says she heard of a woman who can help
    -russ side seaton drive to a nunery
    -the nun at the door tries to disuade them as they ask for her. russ tries to use his badge but does not move the nun. 
    -the nun directs them to sister marguerites solace. russ says thanks the nun does not speak to him. Seaton says to marguerite we need your help, an entity has returned and is killing, marguerite ask how it died and seaton says execution
    -seaton asks about the first power, marguerite say the church rejects discussion, russ says he does not care
    -marguerite says forget the first power, it is not a game, and closes her portal
    -seaton asks her but no change, russ escort seaton out. russ then ask what next from seaton, and after sniding or jesting, seaton ask russ to pull over for that drink he asked for before
    -in the bar, seaton get a drink for both, russ side seaton let out frustration in words, and proves she knows her drinks to russ
    -russ gives advice on drinking, and seaton says she wants to get through, but she then starts to see what caused him to give up hope, and tells him he needs to believe in more than channing
    -seaton then touched him and russ was very rude, and seaton leaves. russ follows and they warm to each other a little. 
    -seaton says they have to go to channing's home, russ makes a snide comment and they arrive
    -at channing's boyhood home an old woman opens the door and russ starts a lie saying they are their to prove channing is innocent and the old lady let them in
    -the old woman says light hurts her eyes, from cataracts
    -the old woman asks why did they wait so late to see patrick's innocence, russ lies and says that is why they are here
    -seaton see a photo to the old womans' husband and patrick's mother, russ asks questions about a father and says channing was illegitimate
    -the old woman contests that extremely and say her and her husband loved patrick channing, and seaton ask to see the room, the old woman agree
    -in channings boyhood room, the old woman says no matter what anyone says he was happy here, and he could not be a murderer, he was quiet and considerate
    -seaton starts to sense the room, and opens chanings mothers old trinket box, she then starts reciting the occurance when channings mother was being violated by her grandfather
    - the old woman demands they leave, and russ says, you were there and let it happen, you let your husband molest your own daughter, and realizes, patricks father and grandfather is the same
    -the old woman then realizes who russ is  and calls him a murderer, and seaton leaves, the old woman cries for russ to burn in hell
    -russ is chasing seaton outside , and they reach the waterworks, russ chases seaton into the dark places in the waterworks
    -russ find seaton who is going through things, a water work operator finds them and says a kid got drowned there, russ side seaton realize this is his first spot and seaton's hands have signs on them from an angry channing. seaton then leaves. 
    -in the monsignor's office, sister marguerite grabs a box, he finds her taking the box and is saddened for her, she explains she turned people away who asked for help and says, satan has given a follow the first power, the monsignor is shocked considering the resurrection capability
    -leaving the monsignor in shock, maguerite take the box and the monsignor say he will pray for her and she closes the door behind her
    -in russ's car, seaton say channing will kill someone close to russ, they must hurry
    -russ is driving, seaton in the passenger side, a call on the police radio to a location is picked up by russ. the location is an old plant, russ leaves seaton in the car
    -seaton in the car hears another police call and then channing speak to her through the radio and she runs after russ into the old plant
    -russ grag seaton startling her and channing giggle from the dark , russ side seaton search for channing
    -channing toys with them and russ shoot wherever he sense channing
    -Russ falls through an old floor and is separated from seaton, seaton runs and channing appears
    -seaton try to back channing using a pentagram but he says she is holding it the wrong way and grabs her wrist roughly
    -seaton warns channing he can't go on killing forever, and channing says movielike, you wanna bet
    -channing grabs her neck firmly and seaton run away and then he scares her continually appearing wherever she runs to
    -russ wakes up from falling while seaton is running from the spirit of channing, and sees her running from channing
    -channing overtakes seaton and pulls out his knife, he is about to kiss seaton on the neck when russ appears, gun pointed
    -channing through seaton out the way and used a move to disarm russ, channing is kicking russ's ass when seaton knocks him off the platform to old metal pilings
    -russ side seaton go downstairs to the pilings and it is a man, grimes, not channing
    -at evening, russ is talking to the commander, he can't beleive grimes is guilty, the chief wants to call and the commander tells russ to leave side seaton and no talking to anyone about this
    -russ drives seaton to his house and leaves money by an old beggar, in the house seaton is scared and asks russ what will they do
    -russ's plan is to kill everyone channing uses and they argue in frustration
    -russ asks how channing got into grimes, and seaton says his drunkeness may have helped and in los angeles russ is more frustrated
    -seaton then admits to the fear she has as channing keeps getting stronger, then russ tries to comfort seaton and she rejects the idea candidly but russ goes to her and they kiss, they are startled and begin to kiss again
    -they hear a noise again and russ goes to check, the beggar then appears to seaton in the window dancing, excuse me bag lady, seaton cries for russ
    -russ ask what is up and he sees nothing then the bag lady jumps through the window
    -channing inside the bad lady beat up russ, and gestures to seaton
    -russ side seaton leave his home and drive away, seaton tells russ they have no where they can run and the bag lady appear in his car and cause havoc at the wheel
    -channing is attacking both russ or seaton while manipulating the car wildly on the road and drives the car into an accident
    -russ is bloody in the wreckage, seaton or the bag lady no where around, he cries out for seaton as an onlooked try to attend to him, and seaton side the bag lady are totally gone
    -russ is at sister marguerite's and he demands she help him find seaton no matter her views, she warns him he does not know what he faces and he says he does not care, she lets him in her room
    -marguerite says channing will take seaton to where he performs his rituals- russ says he knows russ asks how to stop channing
    -marguerite says it is stopping a being who has the first power, she explains, three powers can be bestowed by god or satan, the third is the ability to possess another's body, the second is in seaton the gift of knowing the future, the first power is resurrection, immortality
    -russ says he does not know about this but he wants to help
    -margueurite says one way exist, and reveals the cross in the box, to the only living soul that had all three powers, and the cross has a blade in it
    -russ and marguerite go to the waterworks on the hunt to channing
    -russ find seaton on a floor candles about in a pentagram, the bag lady sneak him and then marguerite fights him and he stabs marguerite
    -russ shoots the baglady in the head and releases seaton, marguerite burns the body of the bad lady in the pentagram
    -russ side seaton leave but the wound marguerite got was lethal, seaton till feels channing and russ goes back for marguerite who he see laying in the tunnel
    -russ approach marguerite but channing has possessed her and drags him back into the chamber
    -russ ask channing to let marguerite go, and tells him not to hide behind her, channing calls russ's bluff that russ would not shoot a nun
    -channing points russ's gun to him and russ ask marguerite to fight channing, telling her, she can beat him, not to give up, he is not powerful, channing is a scared little boy
    -russ then says the first person channing killed was his grandfather, and channingis rattled by the truth being revealed
    -marguerite in control uses the blade and reveals channing , she disaparates, channing attacks russ and they fight
    -seaton uses a waterwork and channing drags her into the water , russ sees it and follows, seaton, channing, russ are sliding down a pipe. seaton side channing arrive on a platform, the cross blade drops but channing kicks it away, channing threatens to kill seaton in an acid bath but russ lunges onto him, russ side channing fight, russ uses his lighter and burns channings face and throws him into the acid, then uses the lighter to ignite the acid, covering seaton
    -they try to get out the waterworks when channing arrive out the acid fire, the cross blade is present, russ gets it and attacks channing. law officers in uniform appear as channing appears to be marguerite, russ then uses the blade and the law enforcers shoot him after he seems to injure channing, who is visible to the law enforcers after they saw him as the nun
    -in a hospital room, seaton is sitting over russ, asking russ to come back to her, russ then gets up from the table, and seaton scared wakes up
    -seaton looks to russ worried or uncertain and we here channing, see you around buddy boy

  13. Newsletter Fragments 33/34/35/36/37

    Edition 33
    pinterest - i can not recall how many articles I read where someone gave the great strategy on using communal networks in the world wide web, which itself is in the internet... anyway, facebook , twitter, instagram, are funny websites in one key way, they each pay well known people to be on their website which then attracts the less known people, who are the ninety nine percent of the human populace. But then as artists we are told to traverse these sites as if their popularity wasn't based on fiscal rigging. The key to success online is as I stated in the article using the following in quotes "... I am not on pinterest. I think that wherever an author is on, if they don't spend the time to truly engage their, then it is not a place for the authors profile" Too many people use facebook as a personal platform, i dont think it is wise using any platform for personal as well as business as well as private. that is why facebook has all these security concerns now.

    Edition 34
    Chaka Khan - first album in 12 years

    False Civility - My thoughts on False Civility in art, video or transcript in the link below

    Edition 35
    black doll -First black doll store in rio de janiero, good luck to her.

    Edition 36
    Ile Aye - Daniele Nobre is the Deusa do Ébano, goddess of ebony, she competed eight times before

    Bumblebee - some makers made a bumblebee transformer wheelchair, if you are interested in how read the article, the video is embedded within

    Edition 37
    Dungeons and Dragons Requiem - the final episode of Dungeons and dragons- I placed more pertinent links in the email newsletter, message me on aalbc to join up
    dungeons and dragons Audiovisual

    Sanatambo Adinkra - I have placed the demo example of Sanatambo Adinkra. A mixture of Picross side the Adinkra imagery from Africa. Enjoy






    Good morning, Good Afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and the following is my thoughts on false civility in fiction

    I was told by someone, I see as an artist positive in quality, who reviewed my national novel writing month <nanowrimo > work, still in an early draft phase, from last year that, I quote,<<Artwork from Mihaly Zichy http://www.arterotismo.com/Zichy/z05.jpg from http://www.arterotismo.com/Zichy/>> "there has NEVER been a case where a graphic depiction of a rape or sexual assault was plot-essential and my understanding of a story suffered because I did not consume the graphic imagery of an explicit rape on the page". I thought about the position and how commonly implemented it is in modern media, especially the most potent modern media, that being video format. I cognize it is <<film producer image>> producers mostly/ but also editors/writers/thespians that make this choice all to often but I ponder its artistic warrant.

    In twelve years a slave<<twelve years a slave poster>>, two scene occurred to me. The first was the rape of patsy<<patsey1>>. In the same film where the character patsy, played by lupita nyongo, is nearly whipped to death<<patsey4>> or suffers head trauma<<patsey3>> from a thrown object to her head in patsy's rape scene<<patsey5>> her regular rapists, or her owner master epps played by michael fassbender, merely gets on top of her and rapes her using a devilish whisper. But when you look at the whipping scene after<<patsey4>> it is clear to me that scene did not go appropriately to character. A more honest scene<<patsey6>> would had been epps raping patsy viciously until her numbness was broken, to get the reaction he clearly desired. Which he achieved later as she screamed while he whipped her mercilessly.    
    The next scene I thought to in twelve years a slave involved the eliza<<eliza1>> character, played by Adepero Oduye. I can comprehend Patsy's<<patsey7>> numbness ,being strong enough to survive any man's physical abuse to her. It fit her characters scenario or back story. She clearly is used to rape. <<eliza2>> But, Eliza's scenario warranted less the ban, stemming from producers/writers/directors/thespians on well-defined or graphic rape. I remember when she side Solomon were being shipped and how one of the white sailors got on top of her ready for rape but then she says, not with the child and he relents. That was artistic sin. A rapist,totally mature in their actions,  stops their routine after the plea from an enslaved powerless person. Artistically, he should had raped Eliza while her child emily was unmoved. The friction between a powerless parent trying to protect their child from the inevitable to either side a character gratifying themself absent any penalty or illegality or ability to be denied, would had been honest.  

    Now, the producers/directors/writers/thespians all have reasons, << film producer>> fiscal reasons to not accept either scene as I view it should had been. PRoducers say their accountants or their own experience or fiscal intuition know that ticket buyers will not accept that scene. Directors say the audience will lose a positive view to their name being attached to a film, stating they are a porn director now. <<pornface>> Even though it can be argued, no acting is stronger than compared to porn in the physical acts that set it apart. Writers side thespians will concur side the director to a fiscally<<film producer>> costly damage to their name, or their brand in media. I do not deny truth in either position I just mentioned. The reviewer to my work is correct that a work, in this case twelve years a slave did not require the scene changes to convey the overall message. But, a hidden message is conveyed in the absence to the scenes as I described them. <<falsecivility> That hidden message is false civility from criminals. I define civility is helping another. Criminality as harming another. Master Epps who nearly <<patsey6>>whipped patsy to death, who does not allow her to wash, could not take upon the enterprise of breaking her numbness successfully. He could only gratify himself upon her quiet strength. The ferryman gave his routine pause at the behest of an impotent parent. <<false civility >>False civility was given to these characters. And that extends to the next two examples where my reviewers words show support in the development to other artists, as a normal. A normal that does not hinder the plot but also adds false civility.  

    In the original script of the 1985 film legend<<legend1>>, linked in the transcript, written by William Hjortsberg < http://www.figmentfly.com/legend/script3a.html > Darkness<<legend2>> is called the Baron and he whips lilly continuously to break her spirit, succeeding in doing so. When lilly says you may have my body but never my soul. he argues she may not have one, a thing he calls a palsy trifle. he wants the body. I quote the baron, later turned into darkness the satyr:" What began with the lash shall be concluded with a caress." This character is honest. He is not only a criminal, but one who never betrays his lack of civility. He wants to harm, he likes harming, and does not betray that. Now to be artistically fair, Hjortsberg applied a better method to satisfy my reviewers position than in twelve years a slave. He didn't show lilly's raping, he showed the transformation after her raping which occurred after her breaking. Again, the original screenplay is linked in the transcript, enjoy. I think it is better for you to read the process than for me to say it. But, to this video's point, Hjortsberg did what happened in all the original fairy tales or fables, from throughout all humanity,<<false civility>> he didn't add false civility. A modern common desire from those who create art. And in rape scenes that false civility all too often breeds a dangerous message for known fiscal reasons. Sometimes the criminal is just that. HJortsberg didn't deny The BAron , later Darkness the satyr, civility. The BAron is civil to his own kin. He loves or adores his own kin. the bats or goblins. he is criminal to humans, unapologetically or completely. In the final version to the 1985 legend film, lilly is wooed through the living dress<<legend3>>. Lilly went from a woman broken through physical violation, who will overcome it, to a woman requiring wooing to be broken by the same individual hacking humans <<Caspar Plutius, Devil-Worship and Cannibalism in South America, 1621 (fragment) https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9A%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%B7%D0%BC#/media/File:Caspar_Plautius_-_Indios_als_Kannibalen,_1621.jpg from https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9A%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%B7%D0%BC >> alive in the lower levels of the great tree. The Baron was turned into an acceptable character<<legend4>> on all fronts to the viewership. Visually still stunning but character wise murdered. Did the plot to the film get hurt by this murder? no. Was lilly's original rape needed for the final film? no. But, that drop of civility, in baron's case, gallon of civility denies the truth in the character, that can relate to real life human situations, like whites enslaving blacks in the usa, depicted in twelve years a slave.  

    Lastly, Ol HArl<<harley15>>, harley quinn, a fictional woman in love to her rapists, her abuser. Harley QUinn started out in the batman animated series. A thing in my lifetime. I remember those episodes. Harley was abused at every moment, physically. She nearly had a terminally broke neck. she was hit in the face many times, tripped up, shot with various guns. But, she always smiled at the end. The joker is a fictional character whose currency is crime, meaning not illegality or legality, but hurting others. The joker lives for hurting others. Of all his actions that seem mentally imbalanced, his hurting others is the one thing his mind is clear on. The Joker is not mentally imbalanced, he is insane if you define insane as not clean, he merely acts random or imbalanced. This is what attracted  quintell to the joker in the first place. as a psychologist, she was certain those considered mentally instable can be made stable again. the joker is not mentally unstable, he is mentally stable enough to act mentally unstable. A very rare thing indeed and that led to her falling in love to him. Now, you have a woman in love to a man she has to deem insane who is acting in himself perfectly normal while you have a man who hates a woman he can not kill until he proves to her she does not love him. The original batman animated series cartoon displayed the inevitable, that joker will kill harley eventually. But, instead of that occurring, in comic, harley now does not love joker<<harley16>> but is still harley quinn, which doesn't make sense in that quintell made quinn from that love or in the movies where Joker seems unable to harm quinn physically outside of pushing her<<harley14>> in the chemical vat that made him in a romantic leap that betrays the joker character to me. The reason why is the following visuals << harley1-5,7-10>> this goes back to my reviewer and the plot/viewership reception. Women love Harl. Now some can argue that the modern comic book harley quinn<<harley17>>, who hates the joker and has in poison ivy, a girlfriend/lover, is the Harley quinn referred to. Though I find that use to poison ivy another problem, that is another issue. But, the harley/ivy union is in earnest, a way to bait female or male readers who want to see two publicly intimate female characters with each other. A purpose that is about garnering audiences while getting away from two characters in quinn or ivy whose relationship views are complicated or more problematic. Harley Quinn never kissed the joker originally<<harley6>>. Remember the cartoon, when she tried to give joker a kiss on his birthday and he hit her straight in the face.  This means what, the joker side harley quinn have something in common. Both suffer from a false civility<<false civility>> in each of them by producers/directors/thespians/writers/artists like my reviewer who feel that rape side other things can not be shown if not needed in a plot when the need is from the characters themselves, not to the plot but to their mere identity. In the films, Joker, a public, unashamed, unbounded, criminal is unwilling to test harley quinn's love through physical assault. In the original batman film with jack nicholson the treatment to the old mob boss's wife alicia<<alicia1>>, played by jerry hall, whom joker as jack napier fornicated with before his incident was more honest to the character of harley quinn, even thought she did not exist, than any other concerning a woman similar in harley's position. Heath ledgers joker does let batman's love interest go but she never confessed love to the joker. <<harley13>>I wonder if the producers/directors or other thought about having a harley in the dark knight film but considering how the movie was probably felt like my reviewer, unnecessary for the plot as it will demand scenes that may disturb. But like the first script of legend by not having the scenes at all it was better than a false civility version. But the following is imbalanced, Burning someone alive is viewable but a rape to a woman is a no no.<<false civility>> False civility. In the comics, Harley quinn, born from her obsession turned love to Mr J, now never really loved the joker. But, that makes harley quinn a joke. No longer is she a woman who fell in love to a man who was being totally honest to her, a man who never betrays his true self to her or anyone else. A man who proved her wrong about mental instability. Mental instability, itself, another issue warranting more discussion. Anyway, Harl is now a failed psychiatrist who emulates the man whom she tricked herself on. but if she comprehends she does not love him then why remain harley? it makes no sense. if she truly had criminal intentions before the joker she did not need the joker. If it was the relationship to the joker that generated her criminal behavior then how can she view his actions as a trick, when he never tricked her. She was amazed that he was who he is. And fell in love after. False civility corrupted that. <<harley11>>Harley Quinn , in an age of MeToo, is a female character who is publicly in love with her abuser. Love conquers all, even when the cost from loving someone is accepting with a smile their criminal behavior toward you.  

    <<false civility>>False Civility pushed on by anyone to fiction, anyone being from producers/editors/directors/drafters/writers/thespians or similar, provides a negative message. The viewership may be trained to accept it, the accountants will always push for it in kind, but false civility, <<patsey6>>makes slavers all of a sudden concerned for the enslaved. Makes creatures <<legend4>>that hate humans seem concerned about human dignity. Makes a couple<<harley11>>, only half in love, not reach their inevitability or their truth, while being idolized for lies that the falsehood pushed on them creates.  

    I am richard murray and you will find the transcript linked in this videos description to my blog on the African AMerican Literary Book Club, aalbc. Be Safe


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    edition 24
    sweethome - a scary manga online, i was introduced by a friend, check it out, the world of comics is interesting

    edition 25
    Fiyah Lit - the online black speculative fiction magazine has omnibus work on amazon
    year one
    year two

    edition 27
    Mahogany net - is a website started by someone black to curate, view,discuss black art. give it a shot. Every single black person need to be on at least one black owned website. The fact that this is not an automatic demand in the black community says it all.
    in amendment
    my profile

    edition 29
    Free PAnther -MArvel is providing free copies of black panther comics with the simple code forever, if you sign up to the website. I realize AALBC need to do something like that but anyway. If any of you sign up to marvel, I am not doing that, and acquire the ebooks, send them to me through email.

    edition 30
    M&Ms^2 - an essay from a mother to mothers

    edition 31
    walter mosley - enjoy his thoughts from aalbc's youtube channel, subscribe to their youtube channel, as well as mine as a black history month gift:) that ends solicitation

    edition 32
    Mecharis dolls - very cute dolls

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    JIHI Series- the nyotenda is free and has a comic inside, my first comic made through digital art means

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    Sunset Children Stories



    Visasiki- contains audio to tales in sunset childrens stories side looking west and west, remember to use the free kobo app

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    good morning , good afternoon, or good evening, were ever you are lisening I am richard murray,the following is a clip from the thom hartmann show. After the clip I will have some post questions, to engender thinking. A link to the transcript of my words as well as links to my black party of governance video is in the description.  


    The questions are simple, why do black people not know black people fought for the british against the americans during independence, moreover in more number than blacks who fought for the americans against the british? why do black people not know francis scott key was a pro slavery white man? why do black people not know the background to the various cultural elements their parents indoctrinate them into in traditionally white countries like usa/france/england/germany/italy or similar? Why was it barack obama did not defend or uphold the black woman during his first presidential campaign who peacefully integrated lift every voice and sing aside the star spangled banner? If you want two groups historically opposed to live peacefully while integrated, not warfully or segregated, a new culture to make a new heritage must be created between the two people



  18. Edition Excerpts


  19. Black Party to Governance in the USA

    Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, whomever may be listening, I am richard murray, I am in the african american literary book club, linked in the video description, please join me or share thoughts there, as guest comments are allowed.
    Shirley Chisholm once said that finance, or fiscal enterprise, is the arena where black people need to venture most, engage in most; she was disenfranchised to Black engagement in the government process. I take from her point that governmentally, nothing that was tried before in the black community led or will lead to better for the black community, not a black individual.
    MLK jr , in the video below, stated that fiscal opportunity to black people in the usa was nearest totally absent during slavery, the war between the states occured and black people were negatively biased during segregation as white peasants from europe were allowed to kill each other over land taken from native peoples while black people were denied the same opportunity to fight for land while being terrorized illegally where they lived to accept fiscal conditions unfavorable to themselves. Now, some will say segregation is finished today , some will not. I argue that if you feel segregation still exists today then the fiscal argument MLK jr made holds true, if you feel that segregation is ended and the lack of fiscal opportunity is based on the natural competitive nature in fiscal capitalism, that in either case the point is following point is true. The Black community in modernity is blockaded from fiscal opportunity through a fiscal legacy from the english colonies to the 1960s where they were denied through white power and today are denied through a continuance of that legacy side a continued white power or a fiscal disadvantage from that legacy no other community has to face.
    Now I imagine many will suggest governmentally, Shirley Chisholm is wrong: reconstruction era black elected officials, adam clayton powell jr, herself, david dinkins, corey booker, barack obama, prove that black government operatives are still worthy or needed or of great value today and tomorrow. But they miss Shirley Chisholms point. Her point is not about inspiration, to bring the spirit into, or representation, to be a visual presence to a community or a seat at the table, her point is about function. Do black elephants, black republicans, or black donkeys, black democrats, serve the black community? the answer is no. Barrack Obama is black, he was a black president. his wife is black. she is beautiful. he is a good guy. THey inspired many black people. they acted to what they felt was the best interest to all people in the usa. But, the Shirley chisholms point was not about all people in the usa, it wasn't about inspiration, it wasn't about stating who or who is not black, it was referring to who in government served the black community in the usa. And the answer is none. Does government or government officials in the usa have to serve the black community? no. Does the government or government officials in the usa serve the black community? no.   
    Now I also imagine many will suggest fiscally, MLK jr is wrong: percy julian, madame cj wlaker, motown, philadelphia international, the super soaker, the real mccoy, lebron james, prove that any fiscal blockades to the black community , while present, did not stop all sequentially the modern situation can forgive or forget . But they miss the point, finance is not the soul. Finance is a matter of counting/arithmetic and it involve the factor called time. If someone burns your daughter alive, that hurts your soul, you an forgive or forget that, if you want. but if that same person obtained free labor from you and your remaining children. After you die, your remaining children can not forgive or forget the slavery financially. why? cause the cost of labor through time from your children or you has a value that can not be forgiven or forgotten. It is called a financial ledger, and even if ledgers are burned, fiscal evaluation does not lie. the person who burned your childrens sibling has fiscal advantage that can not be undone any other way than fiscal advantage. The existence to black business people is not going to undo the fiscal heritage from slavery or segregation. Yes, oprah exists, michael jordan exists, both are black, both have far more money than most in any phenotype, but that is not the point. The point is, has the fiscal blockading from whites in the past been undone. The answer is no.  It doesn't mean black people shall not start fiscal enterprises. It mean that black people have an accounting negative communally born in the past that can not be undone anyway outside an accounting positive modernly or in the future.
    Now I also imagine many will suggest governmentally or fiscally, the point from Shirley Chisholm or MLK jr is outdated.
    Some will say if you don't think of elected officials or government officials or the voting populace or general populace as any phenotype then you don't need the black community to have agency in government cause the black community is part to the human community in the usa that include all people in the usa. And I say, if you think that way, you are correct. I add, that is not a wrong way to think. But, does that answer the question? Does the black community have agency in the government in the usa? and the answer is still, even considering no phenotype or other race in government, no. Again, does that mean government in the usa must serve the black community? no. The question is, does it? and the answer from anyone, including barrack obama if honest is no. Serving a community is not about a black president or representation is not about inspiration said president will bring it is about function. What are you doing for that community? If any community is not being served then the government isn't working for them. it is a simple truth that doesn't delete or deny any aracial leanings, but it is still the truth.
    Some will say if you don't think of business, fiscal enterprise or customers as any phenotype and just see statian business or finance, american business or finance then you don't need the black community to have a fiscal condition cause the black community is part to the human community in the usa that include all people in the usa. And I say, if you think that way, you are correct. I add, that is not a wrong way to think. But, does that answer the question? Does the black community have fiscal reparations and opportunity in modernity? and the answer is still, even considering no phenotype or other race in finance, no. Again, does that mean fiscal activity in the usa must exist strongly in the black community? no. The question is, does it? and the answer from anyone, including oprah if honest is no. Fiscal activity in a community is not about having a black billionaire or representation or is not about inspiratin said billionaire will bring it is about function. What fiscal opportunities exist to that community? If any community's fiscal activity is being blockaded from a negatively biased heritage then their fiscal activity is being blockaded and that doesn't delete or deny any aracial leanings, but it is still the truth.
    If you bring the two idea from Shirley Chisholm side MLK jr you get only one question, why doesn't a black party to governance exist in the USA?
    Shirley CHisholm spoke to finance but the black community in the usa from enslaved times to modernity tried every fiscal activity legal or illegal imagineable, while a growing fiscal inequality side whites kept accounting higher or higher. The black community in the usa is fiscally poor on average. that is the simple truth. Again, it does not mean black people do not own business, it does not mean that black communities are not active. But the fiscal legacy is not being undone and cause finance factors in time, it can not be undone outside equalizing. The Black community must have financial advantage. That is a truth that no level of hard work can undo.
    MLK jr spoke to governmental restriction but the black community in the usa from enslaved times to modernity tried every attachment to white governmental structures imagineable, while never getting a governmental reply that led to a modern disenfranchsiement to government at all municipal levels in the usa. The Black community in the usa has never been serviced to its benefit solely. that is the simple truth. It does not mean black people shall not be elephants or donkeys, or that black people shall not vote for elephants or donkeys. But the governmental legacy is not being undone and cause government is a creature to repetition, it can not be undone outside a change in government activity toward the black community. The Black community must be served by agency in government. That is a truth that no level of hard work can undo.
    A black party to governance is the one thing the black community has not tried in the usa.
    All matters of finance have been tried and all connections to white parties to governance have been tried. Such that in modernity, black billionaires or multimillionaires exist while most black people are fiscally penniless. In the same modernity, black presidents as donkeys while black chairmans of the joint cheifs of staff as elephants existed while most black people feel totally disconnected to government.
    Now obvious online questions are, where are you, why aren't you on a ticket, why dont you start a black party to governance, are you black?
    Honest questions. The truth is I am black. I live in the usa. I have the mental or physical ability to start the black party to governance. I do not have the fiscal ability to start a black party to governance. I did not post this to initiate a black party of governance led by me. I admit a selfish reason.
    I love shirley chisholm, she is one of the best black leaders, especially from new york city. I learned that viola davis will play her in a film. I love Viola davis as an thespian as a physical specimen. I want the film to do greatly fiscally or culturally leading to great or positive things for viola davis or the name of shirley chisholm. But shirley chisholm was not about inspiration or representation at her core, for me , her core was about function. And that desire to function does not exist in the government to the black community per its needs. Thus, how to make it happen? more black elephants or black donkeys will not change a thing. A new party one made from the black community to the black community is what will make function possible.
    On Martin Luther King jr day I recall a man who was murdered fighting to get a better labor situation for black sanitation workers from a local municipal government in the usa. But to paraphrase kwame toure, some now as stokely carmicheal, MLK jr knew that being a black elephant or black donkey would only lead to one being an agent to the system, and the system will uphold the governmental or fiscal disadvantages from the past. The problem is, if the system is broken, if the system is dysfunctional, if the system can't be fixed, then it needs to be changed. But the change requires a new entry not a manipulation, a new animal aside the elephant or the donkey.
    The one truth about fiscal capitalism is that you need money to do anything. I will not deny, the way I am feeling, if I had money, I would consider it. But I do not. Sequentially, all I can do is offer a suggestion and whomever want to listen or be inspired or guided from it, can be.
    ... That end this thought , thank you for your time,  I am richard murray, I am in the african american literary book club, linked in the video description, please join me or share thoughts there, as guest comments are allowed.

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