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  1. “Toni Morrison and Adaptation”
    A Special Issue of College Literature – Call for Proposals Edited by Stacie McCormick and Rhaisa Williams

    A Word from “College Literature: A Journal of Critical Literary Studies” :

    The year 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of Toni Morrison’s inaugural novel, The Bluest Eye, a work that engages in innovative methods of adaptation by transforming the Dick and Jane primer into a powerful narrative charting the move from innocence to experience as inflected by blackness. In 2006, the novel was adapted into a stage play written by Lydia Diamond. Indeed, Morrison’s work both engages in the act of adaptation (modifying folktales, images, and song into narrative) and continues to be adapted in other formats (notable instances are Beloved, Jazz, and The Bluest Eye). The 50th anniversary of The Bluest Eye serves as an apt occasion to reflect on the transformational and intertextual character of Morrison’s work.

    For this special issue, we invite essays that analyze Morrison’s artistic and intellectual imprint on the stage, screen, and through lyric.

    We seek essays that theorize Morrison’s work in relation, but not limited to:

    Theories of adaptation
    Black artistic and cultural formalism
    Black feminist artistic practices
    Critical engagement with Morrison’s stage plays and/or operas (Margaret Garner; Desdemona; Dreaming Emmett; New Orleans, A Musical)
    Children’s Literature (The Tortoise or the Hare, co-authored with Slade Morrison)
    Film and stage adaptations of Morrison’s novels (Jazz, The Bluest Eye, Beloved)
    Music – How hip-hop, classical, jazz artists adapted Morrison’s work; How Morrison produced work in different formats such as “song cycles” or operettas
    Visual Art
    Recuperation of history and culture
    Forms of intimacy
    Regional theater communities
    Multiple temporalities

    Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2018. Please click here for more information on the publication and submission guidelines.


  2. @Mel Hopkins not you think , you know or,at least, you are 100% correct . And, yes, I am not suggesting,100%, that making money must have criminality but I am telling that 99.9% does, not in alway straight but it does. Excellent example: Robert Johnson sold something worth more than any price long term and sold it for fiscal profit, and was glorified from like minded folk, black or non- black,  after doing it. Many hip hop artists did likewise, betraying their youth or their home life for the imagined gangster rapper imagery, that white owned corporations preferred over social critiques or artistic mobilizers. The problem is simple, define morals. Morals are not set in stone. Second, more importantly, function. Said black folk are looking to reject or deny function to remain in some ruleset, morals, while making money. At the least, that does not serve the function of making money to the best ability or serving a communities needs. 

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  3. Thoughts  to AMP, do you use email?  The three articles below discuss the basic structure or some other development points to the larger project. But, as a yahoo email user for a long time, I recall many including myself asking yahoo to focus on email in years past and they did not. When I look at instagram if this email push can grow, it will reinvigorate email cause email offers a privacy wall that the public bases simpyl do not. but the public bases allow for interactivity that email did and in modernity, usually do not. 




  4. :) true @Troy 


    Just today @Mel Hopkins the mayor to new york city, blamed trumps election or racial biases publicity in the usa on rupert murdoch or fox news. He blames someone whose role is to make money through the media for placating how white people raise themselves in their community.  It is not murdoch's fault that he saw a mob and played to it, to make money, in the usa, where making money is the way to anything. Again, merit does not matter. De blasio today suggest a certain philosophical merit must come before fiscal profiteering when the fiscal profiteering is the philosophical merit.


    One note, when chernobyl happened the soviet russian government had soldiers pick up the waste, all those soldiers died of radiation sickness. Over 10,000 have died from the world trade center wreckage, but if we all recall, mayor guiliani let those people ,fiscally poor people or municipal workers,pick up waste just like the soviet government did the military at chernobyl... ah welll 

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  5. @Mel Hopkins Everyone,I repeat everyone, in the usa is in a mental conditioning program to suggest merit not making money is the key. My pleasure, but we all suffer from that. As someone who prefers efficient municipal structure, I do not know how many time I spoke truth to inefficiency in the usa /nys/nyc municipal structures when in truth i wasted and still waste my breath; cause said systems are not meant to be efficient but tools for those who have the most money to control. The true answer is always in the usa, very simple. Make money and do what you want. Crude, inefficient, non sustainable but that is the way in the usa. 


    When DT :) first went bankrupt who saved him. new jersey and the banks led by goldman sachs who held his real estate transactions as well as alot of atlantic city property. If DT went bankrupt the first time, like many fiscally common folk <red/black/white/or other or any> Atlantic city would had plummeted in value and caused a severe depreciation in the banks. Whom we all learned later had too many DT -esque deals they were holding which is why the federal elected official class  did to the banks what the banks side the elected officials class from the state of new jersey did to trump, made the later too big too fail. Sequentially, Donald trump did not strictly go bankrupt the first time and the last two were mere repetitions to the first. DT calls it the art of the deal when it is simply modern global fiscal capitalism. People who have money are deeply connected and will protect each other's finances to protect each other's finances. I don't know what they gave obama/clinton/emmanuel/et cetera for that blank check but they all paid when trump was elected as president. the party of lincoln party elders lost leadership to a man who has allegiance to nothing but his personal benefit. the party of andrew jackson was exposed as internally deeply dysfunctional. Returning, DT's fiscal condition is about protectionism from the fiscally wealthy and people do not admit it, though it was said enough to be common knowledge. We all know the truth behind DT yet we do not say it. We all know the truth behind the too big too fail but we do not admit it. Obama himself talked about the system falling down. that is a lie and we all knew. the banks falling down side all but one from the major usa car companies falling down would not had caused chaos. but it would had deleted many fiscally wealthy people's finances. And, those people used their money or power from money to maintain their fiscal wealth. Does it mean the banks or car companies are educated? how educated are the people in the banks in the center to the global empire when they have every advantage to make profit while be stable and failed? how educated are the people in the car companies when they  are in the center of the global empire and yet fail to make a cost efficient technically superior automobile? How many people in the banks or car companies merited their job or were given their job? Many people allude to merit to everything else but having money and being cutthroat or coercive to keep it, no matter what. 

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  6. Part to the end of this article is what I would had written otherwise, you wrote: 

    "The reason, however, is this; Apple is run by people whose goal is to make money by any means.    

    So, if you find you're in a place far different than you'd envisioned for yourself.  Stop doing what you've always done.  Lose the fear and do whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams."

    I would had rewrote the last line:"Lose the fear and do whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams." as "Lose the fear and make money whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams."

    I know just one simple part. But, when you talked about apple's fiscal profiteering,  your point  is true. The USA or the european colonies that preceded it,financially,  is a place for money makers. From those early whites, to the white murderers to red folk or enslavers to black, to later yellow or black folk in the fiscal illegal world, money making is the way it happens in the u.s.a.. Labels and rank don't have a value that you may find in parts to europe/africa/asia. I think sometimes people in the usa, do not speak bluntly enough to that. That is how donald trump went bankrupt three times but and came back financially from each. 

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  7. Unconventional Art deviantart competitions-

    DeviantArt, in collaboration with Ripley's Believe It or Not!, wants you to break out of your creative norms and take part in the Unconventional Art Contest!

    Inspired by Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odd Is Art, a book showcasing innovative art, we challenge you to change up your usual process and create pieces using unconventional means. From painting to sculptures and everything in between, undertake an artistic experiment and share what you come up with! Common materials can be used in daring new ways or odd items can be used to create something new.


    I must admit I am thinking of developing a program to make art. Not a new idea, but something I never did and thus a worthy project this year, but what will the art be? Any ideas? till august 20th 

  8. I finished the Maple Story MApleize me contest entry. Enjoy the coloring pages to my entry, if you are part of my email newsletter. If you go for it, you still have a solid day in time, please share. Here is the link to my entry. 



    For the record, the following link is to my original informing to the contest https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/194-richard-murray-creative-table/?page=4&amp;tab=comments#comment-437


  9. Ok, for those in my email listing,tell me if you want to join it and we will connect, I have submitted to you my epistle or dialog entries to fiyah or killens respectively. I admit, more in the email to that purpose. But, please take a gander at the killens review contest  or the fiyah magazine open contest  and submit your own work. One day I hope to get us all to make a collection of submitted works. anyway, some new competitions are below. 

    Like the Onmyoji contest, I have no idea what MapleStory is or never heard it before, but I will create something for this open art contest. 
    It is till august 8th so let us all give it a go. 
    As some of you know, I write letters, and the theme of this open art contest, to compose a postcard, is perfect for me. ... yes I do not know what we happy few is nor heard it before but , if any of you are artists , join me and make something, it is a matter of creation from your heart, not quality
    The We Happy Few Contest Begins At 12:00:00 p.m. (PT - Los Angeles Time) On July 24, 2018 And Ends At 11:59:59 p.m. (PT - Los Angeles Time) On August 14, 2018 (The "Promotion Period").


  10. Poetry and Some fun things 



    what is your favorite recent poem, recent poem defined as being made in the last ten year? https://www.pbs.org/newshour/arts/poetry/how-young-writers-are-leading-a-poetry-comeback


    Some fun things

    some fact to various writer, some you may know, enjoy  

    What do you think of the free preview? 

    a talk to characters

    what is a favorite opening line to a book? I used : in that pleasant district of merry england which is watered by the river Don, there extended in ancient times a large forest, covering the greater part of the beautiful hills and vallies which lie between Sheffield and the pleasant town of Doncaster <Ivanhoe> , in the land of ingary, where such things as seven-league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it is quite a misfortune to be born the eldest of three <howls moving castle> 


  11. INSPIRATIONS- listed below that may provide you more courage in your heart or hope in yourself, though I hope you don't need it


    If you are a newly indie author and have doubts, generated from various sources

    if you are a female author and you feel your voice is not being accepted through the publishing house

    if you are barely making a penny, how one author makes six figures

    LGBT fiction authors

    and three more LGBT authors 

    From instagram to movie deal

    write yourself

    Mom's just want to do too! 

    Never to old to write, thus why i keep telling all of you to keep journals 

    many will think you are crazy, or taking too big of a risk, if you truly can, keep going for it 

  12. Questions to think about


    The following Kobo article made me think, about my emailing list and the kind of various people in it. 
    Three question I never explicitly asked, i should had asked before: how many books do you read per month, what is the average price of books you read per month, and how many from my work have you read
    So, I ask all of you to do likewise to your readers. I imagine the answers may surprise.  


    The following kobo article made me wonder a nice question: I add it to the prementioned: how many years in your life did at least one book you read inspire you


    I have never read an author biography, I always go straight to page one when i consider a book. Another question: how many books did you buy in your life, best memory, based on the author biography
    I know many people bought books after seeing a movie or after many other folk bought a book. I bet none of those folk read the biography?


    What is a favorite line to a book you read? I am not too proud to ask: what is a favorite line to something I wrote, poetry or prose?
     I used : in that pleasant district of merry england which is watered by the river Don, there extended in ancient times a large forest, covering the greater part of the beautiful hills and vallies which lie between Sheffield and the pleasant town of Doncaster <Ivanhoe> , in the land of ingary, where such things as seven-league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it is quite a misfortune to be born the eldest of three <howls moving castle> 


    I have been told by some I need to revise sunset children stories OR the gospel of Joseph. 
    what books do you think need to be revised that you love? what books from me do you think I need to revise Doesn't everything demand revision eventually?  


  13. Six ways to repair broken plastic. , yes glue is the sixth and the most affordable or safest to the others


    BUT the video to one method, plastic welding



    for the  kids- 8 possible science fair projects, i suggest the generator 


  14. Programmable LED Clock  a 60-bulb ring of programmable SK6812 RGB LEDs under frosted acrylic glass


    image set





    black smithing basics 



    Hammers and Long Handled Blacksmith Pliers:
    It might seem absurd to say this, but obviously your average everyday carpenters hammer won’t work for bending white-hot metal. If you’re working with metal you’ll want a few heavy machinist hammers, and at least 1 Ball Peen or Flat Peen hammer. This will make life immeasurably easier when working with the anvil and leg vise. In addition to this, if you’re going to be doing any “forge welding” (a process described later) you’ll need a large, heavy, long-handled sledge hammer.


    A Hardy Log:
    Or a ‘tool log’, anyways. A log with some metal hooks attached to it that you can hang your hammers off of is a mainstay of any competent blacksmiths shop. You could go out and get yourself a fancy metal tool-rack, but it’s probably cheaper just to go into the woods and find an old chunk of wood. Logs are usually my first choice when it comes to equipment racks due to their surprising resistance to the heat of the forge.Bach Ritterburg Tool Pliers



    Anvils can be surprisingly inexpensive on places like craigslist or just general antiques shops. Worse comes to worst, you can ask any friends you’ve got that live on farms: most old estates used to have personal farriers, and so there’s probably a decent chance you’ll find a farriers anvil. Though there are many types of anvils out there, I’ve found that farrier’s anvils are set up the best way for bending metal. Rather than just giving you a flat surface, they give you a jutting horn with which you can bend your metal, and overall provide an easier platform for turning iron and steel into malleable putty. They also have strategically placed holes in them for the purposes of adding tools and attachments to your anvil should you choose.


    A Partner:

    Blacksmithing in teams of two is almost as old as the trade itself. Usually the teams of two would include one apprentice working the bellows, and one master smith actually heating and manipulating the metal. As forge welding became more popular, teams of two grew in popularity also, as a result of the fact that you need an incredibly heavy sledge hammer to slam down on the heated metal, while somebody holds the two pieces of metal together in the right position. Even if you’re not working with forge welding, having a partner is important for safety reasons, and just because it’s always fun to have someone to talk with while you’re hammering away.


    Quenching Bucket:

    This one is relatively self-explanatory. You don’t need an oil quench bucket or heat sink if you’re not forging high-grade steel, so if you’re just starting out, a simple wooden or metal bucket filled with water will work perfectly for quickly cooling down your crafts and forgings. The point here isn’t necessarily that you cool it particularly quickly or in any specific way, but rather that you get the danger of super-heated metal out of the way when you’re done with whatever you’re doing. Quickly hardening some small parts can also be important for making complex bends and hooks.


    Important Extra Bits and Pieces Undeserving of their own Category:
    • Anhydrous Borax: This is necessary for forge-welding
    • Large Rasp/File: This is for filing down burs. Even if you don’t need it initially, you’ll need it as you progress.
    • Forge tools: These are for moving and manipulating the coal. They can be little more than a long handled rake to move around the coal or a long piece of metal that you can use to shovel the coal into the firepot.
    • Clinker Breaker: These are incredibly important and often unused in forges. Clinker Breakers are used to break up the little deposits of metal that will colelct in the bottom of your forge. They can be purchased online, and are essential to keeping your tuyere and firepot clean.
    • Safety Equipment: For the love of goodness, please get yourself a decent blacksmithing apron. This will keep motel metal, sparks, and burning coals off your body, and trust me, you don’t want any of those things hitting anywhere vital!

  15. 16 hours ago, Mel Hopkins said:


    Eliminating that perspective or the one who perceives it is akin to censorship ... and similar to what happens in war.  


    yes @Mel Hopkins  I have nothing against Justine or fiyah magazine but. a black writer, suggesting that a white writer is not warranting the fandom  or the support cause the content in work from said white writer or perception to the value in said work is negative, is no other than what white media do to black artists all the time. I don't want white people to change. I want black people to be free from white physical assault. White people writing books or making movies or producing paintings where they depict their interpretation to black people as negative or positive is not a physical assault, it is emotional, pride based, but not physical. Some in the black community seem to want whites to speak well to blacks and I oppose that position. Donald Trump speaking ill to the central park five was negative, was ill, but the central park five suffered cause the assailed white woman who lied and the NYPD who interrogated, Trump is not the one who led to the pain the central park five went through. Birth of a nation, the original, is a vile movie to Black people, but that film was not hanging black people or incarcerating black people falsely, or financially entrapping black people through tricks, all supported through government initatives or actors, in 1915. That was city councils, mayors of cities, state legislators, state governors, federal representatives, federal senators, the president, white owned private enterprise. are the cause. The napir of american race relations, what I call the burning of southern black folk, was the fault of the us federal military leaving the south, which oddly enough they would had to return 100 year later, not the confederate flag, or statues or books written from whites. 

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  16. Justina Ireland, an editor at FIyah magazine , stated the following: Are people really that mad that they stripped Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name from an award? That’s silly. She’s dead. It’s not like she cares. And it’s not like her books changed the world for the better. ... The Little House on the Prairie books reinforce the idea of white exceptionalism and the inherent benefit of colonialism without contending with any of the moral and physical drawbacks of such exploitation. Also, they are boring as fuck.

    Someone replied: First of all not true. And if you find them boring as F*&#.....maybe that says more about your attention span.

    Now, while the personal attack toward ireland is unwarrant or a false claim, the reality is, ireland's original position has flaws. First, Art does not have to be liked or admired by all to be admired by many. IReland ask, are people really that mad? yes. fans of wilder's work are. Some fans to any artist like said artist to be adored, admired, honored in ways like titling awards. IReland is an editor to a writing magazine and stated, that wilder's book didn't change the world for the better OR it reinforced idea's of white exceptionalism and amendments. Her first point is artistically sinful. The artist creates. The artist create from the soul, the charlatan does not. Wilder created from her soul. And like any artist, I include myself or Ireland side Wilder, it is up to others to feel beauty or wisdom or an infinite set from other states to anything we create. Not everyone likes the sistine chapel ceiling, but Michelangelo emitted his soul. And like mein kampf, the declaration of independence, or the revolution will not be televised, did these artistic entries change the world or were reflections to the world changed. If people like your work, they do, and your lucky. Poe died penniless, his art did not change the world when published. yet, after his death, epiphany amongst the readership. In similarity to the work from phillip k dick. If Wilder's soul wanted to emit white exceptionalism and inherent benefit of colonialism without contending with any of the effects from exploitation toward others... then she may have succeeded. But, that is her soul's business. I don't like little house on the prairie, mein kampf but others have the right too. Art is not meant to reflect one viewpoint or one lifestyle, art do reflect all lifestyle.  USA is over 300 million people, ten percent is 3 million. I imagine wilder can get 9 million. I recall a show that was on tv for a long time called little house on the prairie, which i was not a fan to either, so many liked the books. ... In the end, Ireland's argument is to question why the uproar, but her position, at least the position i read, is absent any value. WIlder's work has fans who are mad at her name being treated as unworthy, or to said fans her work has influenced their life to various grades, or from her soul emitted a culture that many <enough to make a media uproar> like. In the USA organizations from private to public are trying to please a growing populace that has historically been bereft honor from private or public organizations and  want to see those who emit what they do not like or who have insulted them be taken from acclaim, through naming buildings, statues, award names. If I had power over the award I would had replaced Wilder's name a while back, cause she is not the best in my view.  But, an argument does exist. Is it wise to change these labels now? It is not true to state that a large populace in the usa is white and do not like non white. That is an honest statement. And, most people in the usa are white. Are these delabelings values from the collective soul or a lie covering truth? What say you? ... If I had my choice I would call the award, Association for Library Service to Children for best children's book, call me silly but why give one artist the title to an award that will be throughout time. it is not a one off. 



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  17. Submit to
    Fall/Winter 2018
    Killens Review of Arts & Letters

    Tuesday, July 31, 2018

    Gathering at the Waters: 
    Connecting Family and Community through Literature and Art
    The theme of "Gathering at the Waters" connotes bringing together family and communities to look at the ways in which we affect and are part of each other's lives. For the upcoming issue of the Killens Review of Arts & Letters, Spring/Summer 2018, we want to continue that exploration of "connecting family through literature and art" in the works of writers of the African diaspora. 

    We seek submissions of creative nonfiction, fiction, essays, interviews, book reviews, poetry, memoir, photography, and visual artwork on the subjects of family, community, and unity in narratives that tell of healing, nurturing, cleansing, and reflection in the times we live in.

    Please visit the link below for more information on submission guidelines.



    Please submit to only one category at a time: essay, fiction, interview, poetry, prose, and art.
    We aim to respond to your submission within two months.
    Please make sure the pages are numbered.

    Essay, Fiction, and Prose:

     Please send one piece at a time. We have no set maximum length or minimum length for
    prose submissions. (The average word count is about 1,500–2,000 words.) Most
    submissions, however, are between 2,000–4,000 words.
     Please set up your submission in Microsoft Word format, letter-sized with ample
    margins, double-spaced, using a standard typeface (e.g., Times New Roman, Helvetica,
    Arial) and font size (12 point is best).
     Include your name, title of the work, and page numbers on your submission.
     Also include a one- to- two -sentence bio about the author. If the submission is an
    academic essay with references, please include your bibliography at the end.
    Please do not submit book manuscripts.
    Poetry: Please send up to three poems.

    Art and Photography: We welcome all types of image submissions. Please include a short
    note about the context of the images and title and/or caption information. Please include no
    more than six hi-res jpegs (at 300 dpi).

    Electronic and Postal Submissions:
    Kindly e-mail material to writers@mec.cuny.edu  and CReynolds@mec.cuny.edu
    with “Killens Review 2018” in the subject heading.

    Please include a brief introduction of yourself and of the work being submitted. On the first page
    of your submission be sure to include:
    1. Your name
    2. Telephone number
    3. E-mail address
    Kindly send your submissions no later than January 26, 2018, to:

    Make sure you have “Spring 2018 Killens Review”  written in the subject line.
    Or mail material to:
    Killens Review of Arts & Letters
    Center for Black Literature, Medgar Evers College
    1650 Bedford Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11225


  18. Happy June Solstice everyone, in the northern hemisphere, welcome the summer, in the southern hemipshere, welcome the winter
    In a solstice the sun appears to be overhead the farthest from an equator, during the equinox, the sun is directly overhead the equator for less than a second

    Aurora borealis in Eskilstuna Mikael Sjösten

  19. Competition of Black owned Fiyah Magazine 

    Issue 8 Theme: Pilgrimage | Accepting submissions July 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018
    Every journey starts with a single step, and this issue is all about the trip, not the destination. We’re looking for stories of journeys to new worlds, of returning to lost worlds, and journeys of the soul. But, like always, make it weird, make it magical, make it Black.

    We accept submissions of short fiction 2,000 – 7,000 words and novelettes up to 15,000 words.

    What we want in speculative poetry is verse that struggles, reveals, instructs, comforts, and fights back. We are looking for weird, complex, honest and challenging work with a clear speculative element from black authors. You can check out this post from our Poetry Editor for more on what we’d like to see in your poetry.
    < http://www.fiyahlitmag.com/2017/02/07/poetry-editors-note/

    Submission Formatting 
    The subject line of your submission must read “FICTION SUBMISSION: [Story Title]”.
    Submissions should include a cover letter written in the body of the email. Click here to learn more about how to write a professional cover letter.
    < http://inkhaven.net/2010/04/lessons-from-the-slush-pile-your-cover-letter-and-you/
    Submissions should be attached as a .doc/.docx file to your submission email. Stories pasted into the body of an email will not be accepted.
    Submissions should be submitted in proper short story manuscript format with your name, address, email address, and the story’s total word count on the first page. Click here for an example of proper short story manuscript format.
    < https://shunn.net/format/story.html
    Email your submission to: submissions@fiyahlitmag.com



  20. The Onmyoji contest finalist



    An article on the last action hero's origin. I always love when the film making process is exposed, to how wild it is. I place some quotes after the uniform resource locater link 


    Schwarzenegger reportedly told Columbia if they hired Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Princess Bride writer William Goldman to rework the script, he’d be their star; $1 million later, Goldman agreed to give it an uncredited polish.

    Penn: What I remember distinctly hearing was that he was working on Danny’s character. This could be total hearsay, so don’t hold me to this, but I remember reading the draft and seeing that there was a new starred page when he operates the crane. It said, “In this moment, as he operates the crane, Danny goes from being a boy to a man.”

    [Editor’s note: Leff said that line in unison with Penn.]

    Penn: I think I remember saying to Adam, “We’ve been doing this wrong.” If that’s all you have to do, we should have written, “And now the movie kicks into a higher gear that makes it great. By page 50, you’re going to love this.” I just remember thinking, “I can’t believe that counts as a rewrite. I also can’t believe that the great moment for our kid is operating a crane.” That was something that just seemed shocking to me that, “Oh yeah, I’ve always wanted to get into an action movie so I could operate a crane.”

    Leff: I have [had social interactions with Goldman] since. Very nice fellow. We’ve had some laughs about the movie and some of the things that went wrong. I think he also came away from it with some battle scars.

    Yet, even the award-winning talents of Goldman couldn’t satisfy the team in charge. What followed was a parade of highly respected script doctors and at least one beloved space princess.


    Penn: Carrie Fisher.

    Leff: Did Carrie Fisher do a pass?

    Penn: Yes, Carrie Fisher did a pass. … I did have an exchange with her once, and she laughed. [She said], “I don’t know why they paid me or what I did, but I did it.’ So. But who knows if it even made it in. Who knows? … By the way, I still have no idea who wrote what in the movie.

    Penn and Leff each named their specific issues with the final product. For Penn, it was the opening sequence in which Ripper (Tom Noonan) throws Slater’s kid off a roof.

    Penn: Our opening sequence was this crazy chase through the Beverly Center, with [Slater] saving a kid with one hand and shooting a guy with another and doing something really silly and unrealistic. But… Oh no, I have a better idea. A horrible, frightening-looking burn victim-serial killer from Manhunter ... throws axes at him and then hurls his son off the roof to his death. Which of those sounds like a more fun opening for this movie? And clearly it’s the serial killer.

    Leff: I think the thing that I gagged on and still gag on today was the magic ticket, that golden ticket, the magic ticket. That just still kills me. What we had done in the original script is … the kid is sort of getting sucked through the screen.

    Penn: Right, there was a tear in the screen.

    Leff: There is a tear in the screen, and he’s going up to inspect the tear and he actually kind of gets sucked into the movie, and you never really know exactly what happens. I don’t know, maybe that wasn’t great either, but to me it was better than a magic ticket, which which just makes me sick to this day.

    Leff and Penn also objected to the movie’s ending, in which Danny finds himself at the mercy of Ripper and must be saved by Slater.

    PENN: Imagine if E.T. was about a kid who just got pushed around and never did anything and didn’t help E.T. at all. That would not be effective. When you’re writing a wish-fulfillment story, someone’s wish needs to be fulfilled.

    Leff: His character never goes anywhere in the final version. Where we took his character might not have been the right place, in retrospect, I realize that 25 years later. We went way dark, but they probably could have taken it somewhere.

    Penn: In this, you really felt like he’s barely doing anything. I mean he’s meeting a girl who’s too old for him. I don’t know. I mean we could go on for a while. We had a lot of, there’s a lot of head-scratchers. You know, the animated cat obviously being one of them. I remember sitting in that premiere and just thinking, “What’s… why? What’s going on?” I thought, “Who’s running this show? How did this happen?”


  21. COMPETITIONS or other entries 

    Onmyoji fan art contest semifinalist, listing, look further for my favorites to the character i chose. 

    I can see a Bounce < https://www.instagram.com/bounce_comic/ OR https://www.facebook.com/BOUNCEstrip/ > with a comic titled : an Onmyoji enters a bar

    the other emmas

    This artist had a similar idea to me, take her pose but change her activity. I like the drinking tea, the tea of death

    This artist did a head shot portrait. nice details in the face 

    This artist has the best concept. The pose, positioning, environment, angles are very expressive. Sitting in front of the moon , on top of the spirit skull things, while she has maintained that character definition, the loose legs of the nightwoman, enticing yet deadly 



    November 7, 2018 - January 5, 2019

    Friday, July 20, 2018

    Melissa Sweet, Chair
    Laura Vacarro Seeger, Assistant Chair

    The Society of Illustrators invites publishers, illustrators, agents, and authors to submit books to the 38th annual exhibition of The Original Art, founded by Dilys Evans in 1980 and sponsored by the Society since 1989. A jury of outstanding artists, art directors, and editors in the field of children’s publishing will choose which books are to be represented in the show and will select gold and silver medal recipients. Jurying is anonymous, and an artist may have no more than two books accepted for the show. 

    ANYONE MAY SUBMIT: Publishers, illustrators, agents, and authors.
    Publishers, please pass along the website link (in "How to Enter" below) to eligible artists if you are not able to submit their work.
    All entries must be published in the U.S. Books printed overseas are eligible.
    Books © 2017 and 2018 and complete F&Gs © 2018 will be accepted.
    Books must be intended for children from newborn to twelve years old.
    Chapter books must have at least eight full-page illustrations.
    Books rendered in traditional and/or digital media are eligible.

    NOT ELIGIBLE: Books previously entered in the show, color proofs or printouts, self-published books, photographic books, textbooks, YA books, coloring and activity books, books based on licensed characters, anthologies with multiple, independent illustrators.

    Visit the Society's website for complete rules and regulations. 
    Go to https://goo.gl/forms/anW71apq7FKgpRG52 and fill in the form for each book being entered.
    Once the entry form has been submitted, an email receipt will be sent to you. Print out the receipt and tape it to the back of the book being submitted.
    Send the book and entry receipt, accompanied by the entry fee, to: 

    Society of Illustrators 
    The Original Art 2018 
    128 East 63rd Street 
    New York, NY 10065 
    Entry materials will not be returned, and books will be donated to appropriate charities.
    $30 per title / $20 for SI members submitting their own work.
    Fee must accompany books. Please make checks payable to: Society of Illustrators. If paying by credit card (Visa / MC / Amex), attach information (type of card, name on card, number, exp. date) on a separate sheet of paper. You may also pay online through the Society's website here.
    To request an invoice, contact: exhibitions@societyillustrators.org. Invoice # must be included on check.
    If submitting one payment for multiple entries, include a list of books covered.

    Gold Medal and Silver Medals chosen by the jury.
    Lifetime Achievement Awards nominated by a blue-ribbon panel and voted on by artists juried into past shows.
    Dily Evans Founder's Award presented for best new talent of the year. Chair: Pat Cummings. 2018 Jury: Gilbert Ford and Naoko Stoop, illustrators; Patrick Collins, Creative Director, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers.

    Awards Presentation: 6:00 - 9:00 PM, Thursday, November 8, 2018
    Each artist represented in the show will receive two complimentary tickets; each art director and editor with a book in the show will receive one complimentary ticket. Additional tickets may be purchased for $30 per person. SI members: $25 per person. Learn more...



  22. Okay, here is my Jaeger submission. I had three conceptsm first which i liked alot but didn't really fit the narrative was Old Jaeger Park. The second was the Legendary Central Park Five, whose story I wrote, and comic, whosei did not finish. The last idea was a superway. In each idea, i wanted to do something else with JAegers, old used Jaegers/another kind of interwoven wireless neurological system using also history revisioning, and lastly, just another kind of city. In the films, like most big mecha or being films, cities seem designed ignorant to these things running around that will create damage. so, instead of a regular city, what if New York City has a run way, or walk way, that is above the street mostly, sidewalk somewhat, and thus Jaeger can use it to travel fare more easily through the city. This also coincide to my particular Jaeger, the Parkour Jaeger, yes, not a well thought of name. But, the idea is this Jaeger has joints that allow for more comlicated acrobatic movement than other Jaeger. Most Jaeger are designed on the human body but when you are facing things that are reptilian or insect in variance, i think you need more flexibility. the ability to turn through momemtum three hundred and sixty degrees. Thus, the nodes you can see in the image, are as large as the limbs, they make the Jaeger taller than average but also allow for that flexibility. In the image, the ParkRei Jaeger... better name right?... is holding on to a section of the superway while it flicked another Jaeger whose beam cannon tip we see at the top. I could had colored but I wanted to really focus on my inking as it connect to other plans going forward. The other element in the rules was to depict a place where you live. I took photos for reference all about new york city. For the Old Jaegers I took for a local park. For, the legendary central park five i took empir estate building or world trade. For Old Jaeger park or Legendary Central PArk five i didn't have the photos I liked. i needed another angle for reference, especially as I had wrote up the concept. But for the last one, ParkRei, i used rockefeller center. The structure of Rockefeller center worked in terms of my vision. It has a central urban feel while also some true space to get the angle i liked. Well for my emailers, you will have image stills. For all look to the creating videos below, yes I am still getting used to being recorded while I draw, angle wise. The official submission is in my deviantart page. Enjoy, i wonder what ideas you have. 

    Development videos 


    DeviantArt Submission

    I wish more had joined me:) I will see you next time


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