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    11:52 Johnson- all of liberal arts + humanities are interconnected ,no one has to be put into a little box
    15:34 Barnes- Bradbury wrote martin chronicles not for sputnik but in edgar rice buroughs barsum, a poet writing science fiction.
    20:11 Barnes- got to do what i wanted to do when i was a kid
    22:41 Barnes- Bradbury never lost that connection to the imagination of child while having the discipline of adult
    24:00 Johnson- how do we get rid of what critics or similar beat out of us
    27:00 Johnson+Barnes - you never do anything routine, everything is new, you never step into the same water twice
    32:25 Johnson- Bradbury and the pulp writers were prolific, they precede comic books
    It wasn't looking back. You had deadlines and don't focus on their work being precious but working in the moment
    34:04 Barnes- stories about Bradbury begins
    35:04 Barnes- his mother would burn his work so frightened that he would be an artist, based on his father's artistic fate
    39:01 Barnes- received two letters of inspiration from Bradbury
    45:09 Barnes- Leo and Diane Dillon and Ray Bradbury keeping him believing in his imagination as an artist
    47:33 Barnes- some of your tears are my own
    48:30 Barnes- it is a joy , a treasure, to do what you wanted when you were a child and walked a path side others that those you feel are better are kind, even for a moment. 
    50:01 Barnes- stories about Bradbury ends
    52:03 Johnson- How did Barnes side Tananarive go into Afrofuturism
    53:37 Barnes- reply- I have to write stories that Barnes wanted to see
    57:34 Barnes- the world is better than my dad's time singing backup from nat king cole,so can I survive till the world gets better.
    1:02:15 Barnes- I am a hoe but I like what i write
    1:03:25 Questions from audience -wrote on cards
    1:04:56  What book from either of you is the most significant to you
    lions blood from barnes , Oxherding Tale from johnson
    1:10:04 is naming something reductive?
    language is  mandatory, reductive while necessary
    1:14:15 why is chip delaney out of fashion
    the history of the genre of science fiction from physics +chemistry at its origins with little character development, to the 1960s where philosophy with intricate characterizations occured. But Delaney style was fatiguing to readers, and the later writers embraced storytelling+science+imagination
    1:21:08 Is anti peace being promoted in graphic novels or the arts?
    One with more ideas has more ways to hurt you, not just a billyclub
    1:21:50 How to relate child self to adult self?
    meditation in buddhist tradition, multigenerational healing
    what are you studying or reading?
    any words for aspiring graphic artists + novelists?
    Barnes - the six step process of lifewriting
    1)write at least one sentence every day
    2)one to four short stories every month
    3)finish and submit them all
    4) do not rewrite except to editorial request
    5) read ten times as much as you write
    6) repeat process one hundred times
    not one has failed to publish by story 26

    Johnson- keep a writers workbook
    you can see your lifetime, put anything that peeks your interest. an archeology 

  2. @SpeakHerTruth yeah, dungeons and dragons is a game built for escapism. People when they play the board game are imaging themselves other things in other worlds. It is literally for the fun of adventure so if the film focuses on that it will probably do well. The only worry is the lack of logic, dungeons and dragons players like rules, the game has rules. the film, if it doesn't break rules it makes itself, then I think the global fanbase to the board game will be satisfied.


    I never heard of one night ultimate werewolf, thanks for sharing, please post in the group your expanded thoughts to ONUW in a post:) 

    cool, i like monopoly too

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  3. Street Fighter of the 80s

    exactly, @SpeakHerTruth

    anyone who knows a woman who is a competitive martial artists , any style, knows she is muscular.  That chun-li has no muscle


    I can see it the beginning of the story 


    P.B.: "Ohh piglet , I need to get to the honey"

    Piglet: "Pooh! , that big blue creature is coming for you"

    P.B. "Don't worry Piglet..I will just sit and be cute "




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