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    Anything that provides me with clues to the mysteries of life, particularly where its follies are concerned. The current of events, the amusement of show biz and the opinions of other posters occasionally command my interest also.
    I used to like to read books, but - for some reason I have now forgotten how.

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  1. Hello Cynique,

    I didn't know where to post this so that it could be somewhat private, so I thought I would take a chance to do it here. I would like to ask a big favor of you. I know that you are from and or currently live in the Chicago area. As such, I think you are an authority on the population there. My story, The Peanut Butter Trap takes place in Chicago. I believe that the contents holds true for what the youth are experiencing there. As such, I would love for you to review my manuscript and give me a thorough critique of what you think. I had it reviewed by Kirkus and while they provided a semi-positive review, I know they missed the point entirely. I would love for you to look it over.

    Now, if you don't have time, I thoroughly understand. Please know that this will change nothing in our developing relationship if you cannot do it. I think very highly of your intellect and I value your opinions. 

    Please let me know your decision pretty quickly. I am going on Lightning Source or Create Space to publish it as soon as possible. Also, if you like, I will happily send you a "free" copy of my expensive book, The Hunt for the Magic Pearl for you to gift to a young girl. Just think you can get it while it's hot!!!! Yeah Sure. (LOL)

    Thanks so much for all your great posts and responses. If yes, I can attach the manuscript to your email.

    Shirley G. Perry-Church

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