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  1. Notice how those in the media pushing their agenda are constantly trying to compare Gays with Blacks? They've been doing this for 30 years At first they used to get a LOT of opposition from Black people who didn't want to be associated with or compared to a sexual deviation that goes against most of their religions and moral beliefs. But the more the media kept doing it, the more "down low" books and articles they put out, and the more Black organizations were paid off or threatened......the more Black American began to accept it. But notice how they rarely compare Gays with Jews. Notice how they rarely compare Gays with Asians. Notice how they rarely compare Gays with Hispanics. Homosexuals have never been enslaved but they've faced low grade discriminiation in a way much more similar to the above ethnic groups. But despite this fact, they are constantly compare to Black people. Why? I believe it's because they figure Black people are easy to use for their political purposes. They figure most of our people don't have the intelligence, articulation, or moral fortitude to stand up and defend themselves against being compared to such a group. If they try it with other ethnic groups, they would rally together and cry out.....both men AND WOMEN. You don't catch Asian women arguing with Asian men in defense of gay Asians do you?
  2. Cynique It's a waste of time for YOU to argue with me because you usually end up losing. And as usual out of desparation you resort to using exaggeration and outright lying and slander. Let's see the mess you made............ What facts have I "skewed and misinterpreted"? The FACT that a penis was made for a vagina and not an anus? This fact isn't skewed and it leaves very little room for misintepretation. The silliest adults just above the level of retardation know how to make babies because even they have a firm grasp of this knowledge. Nor do I remember DENYING that I am religious. Can you show me the thread where I made this denial? Or is this more lies and distortions from you as you monitor what I say then try to "fill in the blanks" of what you THINK I believe in order to make a better a target for which to focus your attacks on? Like many SO-CALLED Liberals (who aren't really liberal but just want to push and advance their own twisted agenda) you like to pick on Black people by comparing every freakish abnormal desire TO Black people. The difference between Blacks and Homosexuals is that Black people or being Black has NEVER been a sin. You can't find it in any religious book. And when did I say "White society" was waging a campaign of genocide against Blacks? Again, more distortions and lies. As long as my statements line up with my beliefs I stand by what I say until I receive proof to the contrary. Then I'll examine it and reconsider.
  3. Cynique My disapproval of homosexuality is my OPINION. However the reasons behind my disapproval are FACTS. A person's sexual orientation is PART of their character....along with their intellect, honesty, ect.... You want to defend gays, but YOU seem to be prejudice against people who believe in religion. So since you like pointing out prejudiced people your mirror should have your finger prints all over it....lol. ((that was original and copywritten)) But forcing the public to accept sexual behavior that is immoral....or...sexual behavior that thier religions/spiritual belief systems atleast have declared immoral IS infringing on the rights of others. It's forcing people to not only tolerate that which disagrees with their morals but to accept it into their own personal space which is offensive. It's one thing for laws to permit people to walk around butt naked. But to FORCE you as a resturant owner to serve naked people who haven't washed and seat them in your establishment at risk of being fined or otherwise punished is an infringement on your natural rights. I have no problem with gay people working, going to school and living thier lives. I haven't called for them to be harmed, imprisoned, or otherwise punished. But when you try to FORCE me to accept homosexuality as normal and OK and force me to be friends with or hire them and treat them the exact same as I treat everyone else when my experiences and observations with gays tells me I CAN'T do this....is an infringment on my natural rights as well as my freedom to express myself and practice my morality. Again, what if people are force to hire and be friendly to child molesters 25 years from now...then what? Nature. A penis was made for a vagina and vice versa. It wasn't made for a mouth or anus, nor can 2 men make a baby or 2 women for that matter. Men and women were designed for eachother and that's a NATURal fact. It's only "petty" if you don't hold religious or moral views that condemn homosexuality. If you have no morals...it doesn't matter to you. For those of us with morals, it's hard to put them aside and just "accept" anything. Maybe not, but when you're trying to encourage ME and MY CHILDREN to do the same thing both directly and indirectly then it becomes a problem. Clearly there is an agenda to promote homosexuality in society and encourage heterosexuals to engage. I believe God created different races. I believe that the chemicals in the environment are influencing men to develope and act more like women, and it's the same with women looking and acting more like men. Look at many of the young Black girls today....they are much more muscular and masculine acting not only than Black girls from Africa but more than thier own mothers and grandmothers. Few AfroAmericans over 40 years of age will deny that the Black youth of today are not like the Black youth of the previous generations...neither in terms of physical development nor mental development. They can see that something is wrong. If you see a problem, isn't it better to discover the cause and CORRECT it rather than simply accept it as not being a problem at all? While clothing and cosmetics are social constructs and I actually agree with you on another thread.....sexual orientation and gender isn't, they are real. Go to any country on this planet and ask the average 14 year old boy does he have a girlfriend and he'll start smiling and act bashful. You ask him if he has a BOYFRIEND and he'll frown and give you a dirty look. That's not a result of conditioning....that's a viseral reaction for asking such an insulting question that offends his developing manhood. There's no other way around it, outside of the West....homosexuality is globally recognized as abnormal and perverse regardless of the public relation attempts to mainstream it and social engineering schemes to legitimize it.
  4. It's funny how the media and the anonymous racists who usually hide behind keyboards to spew their hate will focus on commercials that feature Black men with White women.....but we hear little to nothing from them when it comes to televison SHOWS like Scandal (Kerry Washington) and The Mindy Project (Mindy Kaling) that show Black women heavily involved in sexual relationships with White men. It's not interracial relationships they have a problem with. Let's be specific and tell it like it is, it's any man of color involved with White women that burns them. When I saw Kanye with Kim Kardashian I knew it would only be a matter of time before they come up with some scandal to try to demonize their relationship. They did the same thing with Puffy and Jennifer Lopez.....the media just wouldn't stop asking silly questions and hounding them until they broke up. And all these statistics they're constantly putting out about how the White race is declining and America is going to be majority minority are "dog whistles" that I believe are put out to inflame the passions of some Whites and rally them. It's put out to purposely make Whites feel threatened. Let us not forget that many Hispanics, Arabs, and other immigrants coming to this nation are actually White/Caucasian whether they actually consider themselve that way or not. And actually, if you look at the statistics over the past 20 years the fastest growing groups are the Hispanics and Asians....the Black population has actually declined in many areas. Look at Harlem, Watts, Atlanta and many other historically Black areas of America that have now been gentrified....they are mostly Hispanic and White now.
  5. Cynique My explanation of religion is not only different and more simple, but more acurate...lol. Most religions around the world consist or moral codes, rituals revolving around higiene and sexuality/marriage, violence, male and female roles, ect. Few religions actually try to address the very nature of the Almighty as they believe He is too complicated to explain in any great detail. Don't confuse not being able to get past YOUR convoluted and oft-times confused ideas.. with not being able to get past ANY ideas.....lol. Whether your theory of the origin of one's spirit is true or false, I know not. However I must admit, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how one who isn't even conscious during the time they are brought into existence can manage to create a spirit for themselves. I do believe God grants man a measure of free will. Fear of God and Divine punishment is certainly a factor in my beliefs as it should be in the hearts of all men (and women). It keeps me constantly aware of my behavior and it's consequences in this world and the next. Some would argue that to even use the word "rarely" is a stretch....lol But when a person starts off a statement with "we rarely reach common ground"....it's usually followed by an indication that common ground has been met...lol. You seem to break the rules of conversational conduct almost as often as you break the rules of logic. BTW...Mr Spong's statement about hell being an "invention of the Church" is an inaccurate one. Musims, Hindus, most Buddhists, and many other religions believe in a place of punishment after physical death and many believed in these before Christianity was even invented. Most Hindus and Buddhists believe in multiple "hells" for punishment.
  6. Cynique For the same reasons I don't smoke crack and haven't been to prison but many Black people have. Because people have different weaknesses and breaking points both physically and psychologically. Entertainment is a major part of social engineering. But I'll tell you something you'd probably consider strange and contradictory.......... I predict a time will come very soon when STRAIGHT MEN will be wearing make-up and getting their nails (fingers and toes) "done" and painted similar to women today. And although I have no plans for doing so myself, I wouldn't oppose it. I think Western civilization has been far too culturally restrictive and narrow minded for the vastly creative nature of most human beings. In the distant past whether among Native Americans, Africans, or Hebrews....men used to wear make up, earrings, perfume, ect.....and this wasn't seen as any take-a-way from their masculinity. I think the unnecessary restrictions and the image of "ruggedness" Western society has put on men has led to various pathologies and perversions that we see today.
  7. Cynique Why am I not suprised? Anyone who can't even make up their mind on the existence of God and proudly calls themselves a "cinque" probably can't bring themselves to believe much of anything.....lol. The same thing can be said for child molestors and rapists. I'm not equating homosexuality with rape, but I will compare it to pedophilia as both are sexual peversions. Lil Jon said What?????? That's like saying we'll tolerate ILLEGAL immigrants as long as they work hard and obey the law...lol. Homosexuality is a moral and ethical issue and the fact that one is engaged in an immoral act by default MAKES them less moral. Homosexuality is condemned as unethical behavior in every society around the world except Western society. No one said it didn't. Rape, murder, and theft also occur in every community.....but these vile deeds aren't promoted and those communities aren't proud of those who commit them. Homosexuals and effeminates indeed exist in every community but they certainly aren't as open about it. Those communities still hold that behavior as shameful and immoral, as they do having babies out of wedlock and allowing men to hang around the home being lazy and unproductive. It all goes hand in hand to maintaining a strong family and community. You may not be sure....but I'm certain....they aren't. Those born with 2 different sets of genitalia or NO genitalia may be considered a third sex....But a man who simply THINKS he's a woman or vice versa is just confused. At one point most Americans tolerated slavery....didn't make it right. Right is right and wrong is wrong regardless of how many people agree or disagree. First of all, claiming that racial differences came about as a result of a mutation is a theoretical OPINION, not necessarily a fact. 2nd....ofcourse I'm being judgemental. Your success and safety in life often depends on your ability to make PROPER judgements and assessments of people and various situations. What's wrong with being judgmental? You've been judging my opposition to homosexuality all through out this thread. How dare you now accuse me of being "judgemental" as if it's a bad thing just because I hold a moral opinion that wasn't handed to me. You speak as if Christians are the ONLY one's who condemn homosexuality. Of all the major religions Christianity is probably one of the most TOLERANT of homosexuality today. Muslims, Jews, Hindues.....even Communist and various indigenous belief systems condemn homosexuality and perverse and abnormal. Again, it's universally condemned except by those who are being influenced by a handful of social engineers trying to FORCE them to accept it. I've never seen animals of the same sex/gender engaging eachother in sexual activity....have you. I'm not talking about 2 dogs or cats of the same sex grooming eachother or birds of the same gender pecking at eachother. I'm talking about the actual act of sexual copulation.....have YOU ever seen this? Look who's talking.....lol. One minute you're saying you're tired of homosexuals and they get on your nerves, the next minute you're praising them as productive "model minorities". I don't "harbor contempt" for anyone who hasn't personally wronged me. I'm giving you my opinion on homosexuality and it's effects on the Black community based on my personal beliefs as well as observations. In many ways the gay Black man is just as much of a victim as the little brutha on the corner with the doorag. He doesn't know why he feels the way he does and probably doesn't want to feel that way but there are forces manipulating his environment to encourage confusion in his mind. Affirmative action benefited White women more than Black people as a whole. However within the Black race it benefited Black women far more than it did Black men because just like most Federal Laws enacted to combat discrimination.....they were foolishly left up to those who actually were guilty of practicing discrimination themselves to execute them. And just like Black women were more welcomed in Corporate America than Black men. It's becoming increasingly obvious that in many places, GAY Black men are more welcomed in the work force than STRAIGHT Black men.
  8. Cynique Some "fans" wouldn't have a problem if their favorite celebrity ate there own defecation and drink their own urination. That's why they're called FANS.....which is short for FANATIC I don't let what others accept or condemn cloud my judgement. I have a few male friends who loves Prince and play him everyday. I listen to him myself on occasion, "When Does Cry" is one of my favorite songs. I didn't say he wasn't a talented artist who produced outstanding music. My problem with Prince isn't his artistic ability, it's his freakish behavior and how he helped to mainstream it. Remember his first interview during a performance on Soul Train when Don Cornelius was interviewing him and he kept flipping his hair like a woman with that same "come and get it" look in his eyes. And the video of him dancing around in a g-string and trench coat. This is freakish behavior that leads to confusion in the minds of vulnerable youth.
  9. Cynique A much more simplified explaination of most man-made religions would be systems designed to keep the population in check when the Laws no longer apply or the there aren't enough police available to enforce them. But before you charge me as "guilty" for doing something, check and make sure if I'm actually wrong or not. I said I didn't know for sure whether or not God has a gender, And since you're not even sure about HIs existence.....neither do you. So you're in no position to challenge my calling God "He". An agnostic is one who isn't sure about the existence of God one way or the other. I'm SURE that a Creator and Supreme Being exists. The Role that Supreme Being plays in the Universe I'm not entirely sure of....but of His existence I'm of no doubt. I'm trying to figure out how can one be "spiritual" and yet still be atheist or agnostic. Who in the world do you think CREATED the spirits and set everything in motion? Are you reluctant to believe in a Supreme Being unless some goofy looking guy in glasses and a sport's jacket comes on television with his legs crossed and give you the OK?
  10. Del I believe there is much truth to this. I've noticed for years that women will allow flamboyantly gay men friends say and do thing to them that they would never allow thier straight male friends do. Like play with thier butt and call them "bitch" on the regular or talk about smacking them. One told me that her and her gay friend used to take a shower together after work outs! Troy Never underestimate the power of hate. Michigan used to be the home of the Reagan Democrats. Who were they? Working Class White men who had good paying factory jobs with benefits thanx to the Democrats and Unions. But the only problem was.....Black men had these things too. They hated so much that the largest cities were being ran by Black people and that Black men were able to get good jobs and work and live right along side them that when Ronald Reagan came through promising to undue liberalism and bust up the unions.....they got on board and not only voted against thier own party but they actually voted against their OWN INTERESTS! It was working class White male Democrats who helped elect Ronald Reagan, and when he got in office he was true to his word. He busted up the Unions, sent the factor jobs overseas, dismantled many liberal programs that helped many of those who voted for him. And now some of those same Whites and their children who WERE middle/working class and living in fine brick homes in the city are now broke as hell living in TRAILER PARKS out in the woods and when they aren't ducking and dodging tornadoes they're listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as they blame all thier problems on those Liberals in Washington and those "niggers in Detroit". Although this certainly isn't the case for most White people......... No matter how negatively it impacts them, there will always be some Whites willing to let everything collapse before they tolerate Black success.
  11. Cynique For someone who always wants to pleeze Pioneer.....you're awfully argumentative, lol. But my problem with Prince goes beyond his vocal range. It's his whole sissified persona. THIS....... ....is no myth. That's real. Word is bond, no straight male over 11 years of age would walk into a public bathroom if he saw a man with THAT look in his eye walk in first!
  12. Cynique . Religion wasn't designed to explain God or "god". It was designed to keep man in check and maintain peace and order in society. That's why I said religion has it's proper uses, as long as it doesn't become too oppressive or abused by religious authority. Whether a fire and brimstone Hell actually exists or not.....I do not know. However I do believe there is some sort of punishment for exceedingly evil people who die. I was talking to a friend the other day who is a nurse and she told me about a man who was dying and saw something in another realm that horrified him so much they could barely restrain him in his sick bed and then he died not too long afterward. Troy It's funny, When I started studying other religions and ancient religions I found out the term "Mother Nature" actually came from the Egyptian "Metu Neter" as Neter was the ancient Egyptian word for "deity". I believe in a Supreme Being who created the entire Universe. I believe that Being is all powerful and all knowledgable. I don't know for sure if God has a gender or not but out of habit I refer to God as "He" and I believe He CAN control and manipulate any and everything but He only controls some events while allowing other events to occur on their own. I also believe in multiple spiritual worlds outside this one as well as an afterlife and ultimate Judgement. Notice how I said I said I BELIEVE.....I didn't say I KNOW. There is a clear difference. But my beliefs are strong and based on personal experiences, personal observations, as well as research.
  13. Cynique So are most drug dealers.... Does material success means one's lifestyle and behavior is ethical and/or socially acceptable? You said "like everybody else"....but how many Arabs, Indians, Koreans, and Pakistani youth are "experimenting" with bi-sexuality? You don't see Arab and Korean boys switching and snapping up and down the street AS MUCH as White and AfroAmerican boys because they come from a very strong culture with family values that protect them from such immoral influences. The same holds true for Black boys from African families. They have FATHERS in the home that would disown them and probably physically harm them for shaming the family with that type of behavior. Our people USED TO share the same values, but when they abandoned them they fell prey to the immoral and depraved behavior that they now no longer even find shameful. It's as if many of our people have become so disoriented that they no longer know right from wrong or even have values and principle. For the same reasons feminism and alcohol and drugs and fast foods and the welfare system ill-effects AfroAmericans more so that it does White people....whatever reasons those are. A negro will take anything and run it into the grown if no one is around to stop him. Most of our people tend to lack the discipline necessary to "experiment" with these vices. That's not necessarily true. Not just some.....MOST AfroAmericans had strong families. A lot of Black men had good jobs and actually WERE taking care of their families UNTIL the erosion and decline of the agricultural and industrial economies that provided them with good paying jobs. After that, many of these men could barely take care of themselves....let alone a family. And let's not forget how affirmative action in corporate America favored hiring Black women over Black men which further contributed to the decline of Black male success in the workforce. I'm not trying to excuse the irresponsible behavior of so many Black men who don't want to work or assume responsibility, but we should tell the WHOLE story....not just the parts that conveniently aid our argument, lol. It's easy to pick on the little brutha on the street with the doo-rag on who isn't educated enough to articulate his frustrations.....but there is a history behind him and his condition.
  14. Mzuri You make a number of excellent points that I EXPECTED to hear from the Left and Democrats during this current and long overdue so-called "privacy" debate and controversy. These agencies have been spying on people since they had the technology to do so and the Patriot Act passed by a REPUBLICAN Congress under a REPUBLIC President just gave them the legal right to do so. But all of a sudden with a Black man in office they decide to wake up and get angry about it. It seems like everything that was ever wrong with America or the government didn't really matter until Obama got in office, now they want to make everything right and restore the Republic....lol. This.....along with the IRS and Bengazi "scandals" are just more tactics from the Right Wing to smear Obama and his legacy.
  15. From the brief research I've done, this is a White author who is married to a Black woman and specializes in "urban" novels centered around interracial relationships. Is anyone here familiar with his work? His book "A Good Man" happened to catch my attention as I walked past it in the book store a few days ago. Interesting title...and cover. The old proverb that a picture is worth a thousand words wasn't too far off the mark!
  16. Why aren't the women considered stupid for continuing to be impregnated and abandoned by such sorry men? These women aren't "desperate"....they have their choice of thugs and bums who hit on them all day long. That's who they want. Women with low self esteem tend to choose worthless men to make them feel better about themselves. It seems as if society is constantly excusing them as the "victims" of evil men who are somehow taking advantage of thier innocence when I suspect they know what the hell they're doing and are enjoying it as much as the men they're doing it with. Both are guilty of reckless irresponsibility. In my opinion, the REAL victims are the children of such relationships.
  17. Encouraging the acceptance of homosexuality in the AfroAmerican community serves 2 purposes: 1. It strips the Black community of their morals and ethics, thereby weakening the community and making them more vulnerable to be taken advantage of. For example, AfroAmericans used to have strong families until someone introduced the idea that single women could raise children just as well without a husband or man in the home and it all but destroyed the Black family and weakend our community as a whole. 2. The more Black men who turn gay means there's less comptetion from them when it comes to sex and marriage. It's not a coincidence that at the same time homosexuality is being encouraged for Black men........White men are dating and marrying Black women in record numbers. Yes bi-sexuality and homosexuality are being "experimented" with on college campuses just like illegal drugs are. But JUST LIKE ILLEGAL DRUG.....most White college kids know not to take it too seriously. In college White kids may grow thier beards and hair long while smoking cocaine and dropping acid but when it comes time to GROW UP and get a job they cut the beards off and put on a suit and clean themselves up to look "presentable". Black kids who try to emulate them and do the same thing often end up addicted with criminal records and ruined lives. White kids can "experiment" with homosexuality and then turn around and get married and live an apparently normal life going to church and soccer games like they never engaged in anything illegal or immoral. But it appears that many of our people have a hard time hiding their dirty laundry. But it seems that when a lot of our people go a certain way they go all out. A White man can be gay as hell and you wouldn't even know it unless you followed him around 24/7. A Black man often has to let THE WORLD know who he is by snapping and twisting when he walks and dressing in loud frilly clothes. He's making a laughing stock of himself before the world.
  18. My problem with artists like Prince and El Debarge back in the 80s how light they were or how straight their hair was....it was their feminine ways. Their "prissyness". Morris Day and The Time ((shakes head)) And a lot of women seemed to go crazy over it. Even today in much of the R&B music you don't find a lot of masculinity. Whether you're talking about Usher, Justin Timberlake, or Chris Brown......where is the BASS in the voice? You don't hear grown ass men singing -- you hear petpetual adolescents going through puberty. Now back in the day you'd hear GROWN MEN singing like Barry White, the Temptations, and Teddy Pendergrass. Even KC Hailey of Jodeci.....that was my favorite group. He had that strong masculine voice that would move you. As far as that tatooes and braids................. The gangsta rap out of the West Coast had heavy influence on a lot of impressionable Black kids being criminal and thuggish but it really didn't take off until Tupac came out promoting the "thug life". Most young men regardless of race or culture want to be known as tough and strong and often tend to engage in violence, this is natural. Wealthy racists saw this....along with the War on Drugs....as an opportunity to wage a war on the Black and poor and lock as many of them up as they could by influencing them to live a life of crime knowing it would lead them to death or imprisonment. The charisma of Tupac and the hypnotic beat of rap music were just tools used to carry out this agenda. Tupac was a gifted genius and no one can take that from him, but the fact is he influenced a generation of young men to sport tattoos and bald heads in wife-beater t-shirts and proudly call themselves "thugs"....which actually led a lot of them to their doom. I knew Black kids who grew up in decent middleclass homes who CHOSE to be "thuggish" and live a street life because of the influence of rap music. Many of them lost the houses and money their parents left for them because of stupid choices influenced by the music they were listening to.
  19. Troy Ofcourse..... Judaism is a mixture of Mosaic Laws and Persian paganism. Christianity is Judaism mixed with ancient Greek and Roman paganism. Even the name "Jesus" is actually "Ha Zeus" and it's actually pronouced that way in Spanish. When I learned this, it eroded my confidence in Western religion in general. But even though it was crafted by kings and priests to control people.....it still serves the purpose of maintaining order and civiility in society in a way legislation by itself could never do. So I don't knock religion like some people do....I understand it has a purpose. According from what I've gathered from the Bible and other sources the ancient Israelites actually WERE a branch of the ancient Sumerians who broke off and traveled Westward which explains why their religious history is so similar. Many of the stories were passed along orally for thousands of years before they were actually written down but it's hard to nail down the source of things. Prior to 75 years ago, many if not most people in America didn't even know their real birth date.....lol. Imagine how things were thousands of years ago. But a lack of confidence in religion doesn't necessarily have to translate into a lack of confidence in God.
  20. Troy A brutha from England who was of West Indian descent brought 2 things to my attention years ago that I really hadn't noticed..... 1. The vast majority of the AfroAmerican inmates in prisons were dark skinned and "Congoid" featured (broad nose, big lips, kinky hair). 2. The vast majority of the displaced residents from the flood down in New Orleans were dark skinned and he believed this was one of the reasons the media kept calling them "refugees" and comparing them to Haitians. I guess being neither very dark nor very light......I hadn't paid it much attention either way until he pointed it out to me. Believe it or not, the situation is even worse for Latinos. Dark skinned Latinos often have a very hard time in their community because they don't see themselves on television much.
  21. ((Pioneer sits at his desk with his hands clasped smiling)) We must understant that this isn't about homophobia or intolerance. It's really a part of greater social engineering in an effort to get the greater Black community to accept homosexuality. What they're trying to do is TRAIN Black people not to speak negatively of homosexuality in public. They do this through fines, punishments, cutting off funding, ect.... They did it with the Black man on Greys Anatomy by firing him after he called another man a "fag" who wasn't even gay. I've seen television shows like King of Queens and 2 1/2 Men where White men routinely make fun of homosexuality and use terms like "queer" and "that's so gay" and no one says a word about it. White women speak of "gaydar" in jokes.....again no one says a word about it. It's not about defending Gay people, it's part of a wider plan to promote acceptance of homosexuality in the AfroAmerican community by stifling all public opposition to it.
  22. If you look at my avatar it says "Vision Just Ahead" Unfortunately there is a serious lack of VISION in the AfroAmerican community today. Too many would rather be well dressed servants in the home of a wealthy master rather than learn to build and maintain a home of their own.....a home they can leave for their children and grand children ect. With the exception of Dr. Carson, most of the wealthy AfroAmericans you're speaking of earned their wealth through ENTERTAINMENT instead of INDUSTRY. Which means they don't know how to build society or civilization for themselves, they only know how to entertain those who do after the work is done. In other words........... They can sing and dance...but only if somebody with the knowledge can BUILD a theater and stage for them to perform. They can toss a football or bounce a basketball....but only if someone of industry BUILDS an arena for them to perform in. Technology and industry is the foundation, entertainment and the arts just compliment it Knowing this is crucial to understanding the answer your question as to why so many wealthy Black people aren't investing in the decaying urban centers of our nation. They don't know how to. I was reading an article in some magazine a few days ago that was talking about the Great REVERSE Migration and how hundreds of thousands of Black people have left the large Northern cities like New York and Chicago and ran back down South for better jobs and schools and lower crime rates. That's what happens when you don't have any vision and can't build anything for yourself. You're constantly flying back and forth like a flock of pigeons or sea gulls birds looking to live off of the scraps of what other people have thrown away.
  23. Troy You don't have to actually read the Bible to be a Christian. All you have to do is believe in Jesus. But one of the reasons the Bible doesn't seem to make much sense is because it's actually a collection of dozens of books written by dozens of authors who didn't know eachother over a period of nearly 1000 years......lol. I actually did read the Bible from cover to cover and it's one of the reasons I first left the Church. After studying the history of the Bible and how it was put together, I then left Christianity.
  24. Much of the confusion Black people have about the Bible arises from the fact that most of them HAVEN'T READ IT. If they'd take the time to actually open the book and read it for themselves instead of taking the preacher's word or the media's word on what it says then they would be able to make their own judgements concerning moral issues. But politicians controlling preachers isn't a Black thing nor is it new, it's standard practice for Western civilization going back past the Mideval period, and even ancient Greece. If you go all the way back to the foundations Hinduism you'll find that the Brahim (priests) controlled most of the society but they themselves were actually controled by the Kings. They used religion to control the minds of the masses and keep order. .....which isn't "necessarily" a bad thing.
  25. JD'S REVENGE!!!! .....aaaaahhh don't get me started, lol. I said it before but unfortunately it got no response............... I don't usually like to be the only one who thinks a particular way or notice a particular thing but I often find myself in that position. Again, say what you want to but the thing I loved about those flix was that they not only showed real Black LOVE (Black people making love to eachother unapologetically on the big screen), but it showed Black men in the masculine dominant role of good guy who gets the woman. That's lost on a lot of people and I can't figure out why. Look at most of the movies spawned from Hollywood these past 30 years and the fool role most of the Black men play in them. Going to jail Getting slapped around and arrested. And often times men who I didn't think had it even IN THEM to sell out. Like Mos Def playing that retarded ass criminal in that Bruce Willis movie (yeah we're on the internet and I could have looked it up but that would take away from some of the "real feel" of conversing in this setting) Or Denzel Washington playing a crooked cope in Training Day and dope dealing crime boss in American Gangsta. I was so disgusted at certain scenes in that movie.....but not at just the scenes themselves but at my boy Denzel Washington's willingness to even put his stamp of approval on them by starring in these movies. I happened to catch one episode of Law and Order on tv the other day and saw even Blair Underwood being slapped against the wall and handcuffed!!! WTF?????? How is BLAIR UNDERWOOD of all people allowing himself to be chumped on tv?
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