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Is Johnson Publishing going out of business?

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Yes the mags were sold and well has the photo library. Jet was immediately scuttled after it was sold.  I would have keep Jet and dropped Ebony - if only one could remain.


The article did not discuss Ebony's business model (was it just cosmetics and the fashion show?).  They did not say how much debt the had, but I guess there was just no way it could have survived. 


The fact that Johnson had to use a proxy to buy the office tower is amazing.  How many Black owned office towers are there in America today?  


It is too bad because nothing will fill the void and not enough people care....


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There is a book out by a Johnson Publishing Insider:


Empire: The House That John H. Johnson Built (The Life & Legacy of Pioneering Publishing Magnate) by Margena A. Christian Empire: The House That John H. Johnson Built (The Life & Legacy of Pioneering Publishing Magnate) by Margena A. Christian 


Article from Chicago Sun Times


"Last week, the iconic black publishing firm filed for bankruptcy to begin liquidation of assets — the historic archives JPC once offered for sale at $40 million, and what’s left of the Fashion Fair Cosmetics division founded by Johnson’s wife, the late Eunice Johnson.


The company had been operated by their only surviving child and heir, Linda Johnson Rice. Johnson Rice’s only child, Alexa Rice, chose not to enter the family business."


Book Description

Johnson climbed over racial barriers and obstacles designed to deter his goals, but he succeeded against the odds anyway while holding true to his motif, "Failure is a word I don't accept." As founder of the Chicago-based Johnson Publishing Company (JPC), he quietly funded the Civil Rights Movement, providing a platform for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., to promote messages of freedom and equality for all. Johnson dared to show pictures of the battered body of Emmett Till on the pages of JET in 1955, sending a shockwave across the nation.


When advertisers ignored black consumers, he showed Madison Avenue the power of profitably by including black models and themes appealing to his race. He advised presidents and became the first African American to construct a major building in Chicago's Loop. Hailed as "The Most Outstanding Black Publisher in History" and as "The Greatest Minority Entrepreneur in U.S. History," Johnson was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honor.


The poor boy from Arkansas City, Arkansas, who picked cotton as a child, made more history as the first black person named to the Forbes 400 richest Americans and amassed an empire, ranging from publishing, cosmetics, travel, radio stations, TV shows, hair care products, and world's largest traveling fashion show.



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I'm not suprised.

I've said this before, but the intellect of AfroAmerica has been dissolving since the 80s.
Media and periodicals are an intellectual pursuit and takes a certain level of intelligence and academic discipline to operate them successfully.
The simple fact is many of those in these past few generations don't have the smarts or discipline to even MAINTAIN what their parents and grand parents started....let alone build on top of it and expand it.

The REASONS for this intellectual decline vary but I would say the main causes include the steady dismantling of the public educational systems in most urban areas since the 80s designed to purposely "dumb down" the population, and the poor dietary habits of most AfroAmericans since the 70s which negatively affects the proper development of the brain.  
Oh...and I can't leave out the powerful impact that hard core drugs like heroin and cocaine (in all of it's various forms) has had on the mental development of Black youth.

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