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  1. I'm wondering if that will unburden the current and future generation of black folks with any shackles of grievance towards white supremacy and provide them with an indifference towards racism that allows them to operate within a sphere that it is what it is but doesn't stop one from getting theirs if they are smart and work hard enough. Maybe that mindset along with a biracial population explosion will bring racism to its knees. Oh well, I may not be around to see it manfest but the thought of it happening delights my eternal optimism.
  2. Well my brotha, without getting too personal and/or specific, I'll just type that many people have done it especially moving from poverty/low/working class up to middle class. Folks have done it by putting their nose to the grind whether it is education, starting a business, working a job, turning dope money into legal tender, etc. Another Rakim quotable, "it's ain't where you from, it's where you at". There are many people who have dreamed and worked their way up in class. Again, I know this for a fact. As I've mentioned in a few threads, I believe the the middle class in America has been expanded in order to anesthetize the masses. There is a small percentage of people in the top and bottom classes and huge swath somewhere in the expanded middle class. IMO, class in America has been refined in such a way to keep folks dazed and confused just enough without tearing the country apart.
  3. Yessir. It's great to see young cats like King Randall putting in that work. He's the face and voice younger folks need to hear especially when their parents are dysfunctional. Big up to Kwame Brown too. The NBA tried to ridicule and trash that brotha. He quietly took it on the chin and made his money like real G. Then, a couple thirsty n8gglets came for Kwame and what did they do but awaken a giant who they thought was asleep. I didn't know Kwame was keeping tabs on life to that degree. Kwame Brown has been putting simple, stupid azz n8gglets on blast ever since they tried to come for him. He tried to told them, I ain't the n8gglet to f8ck with but since you did...azz whuppin. Here again is the reason for my eternal optimism. There are young, intelligent black folks who are putting in work to uplift and empower our people. They just don't get as much shine as an athlete or entertainer.
  4. None for me please. I"m here strictly for the conversation, jokes and laughter. Keep all azz outta my face regardless of whether it's real or artificial colors and flavors. Homey don't play that.
  5. As I re-read through the definitions of class, while the environment in which someone is physically raised has it's advantages and disdvantages, where that individual aspires to be mentally and works hard to achieve is most important. A rose can grow up through concrete as evidenced by any number of scholars, entertainers and athletes who've started on the bottom or near it and ascended to another class. On the flip side, there are folks like Paris Hilton, the Menendez brothers and Kar-Trashians and countless others who start on a higher rung of the ladder and do everything they can to climb down to varying degrees. IMO, class is a state of mind in as much as it is an entitlement and/or condition. Folks can jump and skip classes as they so choose to do. Just a matter of effort. Overcoming the hurdle of racism is taller order.
  6. @Mzuri is absolutely on point. Nowadays, fewer folks want to show up in a office building to work, restaurant to eat or store to shop especially if they have to see PJs, bonnets, sagging pants, azz crack, eyelashes, Crocs and catch COVID. @Pioneer1, I know you're a proponent of brick and mortar businesses and folks putting on overalls, rolling up sleeves and getting their hands dirty. There is still a huge need for that kinda work too. But, it takes a vision and a considerable investment to make that happen. Jeff Bezos is proof positive. His business is predicated on both.
  7. @Mzuri, obviously, we don't know each other from a can of paint and I'm new around here but as I mentioned, I enjoy everyone's contribution to the discussion. Regardles of our views and opinions, it's all about the dialog, jokes and laughter too.
  8. Not a total sidetrack bro as I think @Cynique enjoys stargazing. Thought that planet discovery could be more interesting than another dust up. I definitely enjoy reading Cynique's contributions to the forum. Same goes for every one else. Hilarious.
  9. Facts. Everything we were taught is different now. Double negatives are OK. Now, ain't is in the dictionary as a contraction for am not, are not and is not. Cursive handwriting is no longer taught in schools. Young folks learn how to print and that's it. That's probably because they will end typing (smartphones and computers) more than writing. No need for a signature as checks and money orders are going out of style and forms have been digitized. Everything can be paid for by a card or scan app and signed electronically or scribbled. There is definitely a school to prison pipeline which includes a conection to the police department. Reminds me of speed traps and traffic cameras. Anything to criminalize folks and/or make money when they break and/or don't follow the rules.
  10. I'm not suprised. I"ll stick around for it. Surely, i'll be guilty of derailing a thread especially if there is a humorous way to turn it sideways. But, I also know how to bring it back to the one like James Brown: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/colin-powell-memorial-service-set-nov-5-n1282170 General Powell's memorial service will be next week. Limited invitations. Let me know if you're going to be in the DC area for it. Food and drinks on my tab.
  11. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nasa-new-planet-discovered-outside-milky-way/ it's 28 million light years away but could be something for humans to look forward too. Nevermind the fact that humans haven't figured out how to survive on rocks, er, planets within a more reasonable traveling distance.
  12. College tuition is through the roof. Being able to afford it is one way to get a pass. Athletics is the other route. Either way, it's not very hard for folks who do not read and/or write well to graduate with a degree. Over the course of my career, it never ceases to amaze me that so many educated folks write so poorly. It's not a matter of color either. IMO, intelligence is no longer a valued commodity in our society. The dumbing down and acceptance of mediocrity is on full display every day.
  13. Spike Lee directed and Roger G. Smith did great job in A Huey P. Newton Story: https://www.pbs.org/hueypnewton/ It's definitely worth watching.
  14. @Troy, I was going to ask if it was possible to migrate the posts that have nothing to do with General Powell over to a new thread. Good stuff for debate but it has digressed bigly.
  15. Bingo. World powers have been doing this sh8t for decades. Back in the 1950s, they had schoolkids ducking and diving under the desks or running to an underground shelter while practicing nuclear fallout drills. That faded away in the 1980s. From 1985 through 1991, the US was engaged in a Cold War with Russia. To this day, we're still watching Vlady Putin to make sure he doesn't try anything frisky. He's a gangsta litlte dude who scoffs and laughs at America's weak democracy. From 2003 through 2011, there was the Iraq War that settled an old beef. Of course, we just finished up the 20 year old exercise in Afghanistan. For several years, the US has been swatting at the pesky little North Korean dictator with the bad haircut who thumbs his nose at imperialism. Every now and then, he has his military shoot a missile into the sea. It is the military equivalent of setting off firecrackers just to annoy the US. The US creates these adversaries and boogeymen in order to justify the military industrial complex. It would be harder to spend so much money on weapons and sh8t without enemies real or imagined.
  16. True. White folks all over the US have been stockpiling guns forever. They are prepared to deal wtih a civil war against non-white people if it comes to pass. That's why the 2nd amendment is so important to them. The insurrection was an exercise of white privilege born out of a false sense of white grievance. The outcome of that insurrection would have been totally different if those people were non-white. The grounds of the US Capitol would have been a mass casualty site. This is what usually happens when a non-white person gets near the US Capitol: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/04/02/police-respond-call-possible-shooting-u-s-capitol/7064125002/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/miriam-carey-was-shot-at-26-times-by-law-enforcement-near-the-capitol-in-2013-her-sister-contrasts-her-fate-to-the-treatment-of-the-jan-6-rioters/2021/01/19/0432bdbe-5a51-11eb-a976-bad6431e03e2_story.html These two people were in vehicles outside the barricade to the US Capitol. Yet, they were lit up like Christmas trees being nowhere near the steps, windows or doors of the US Capitol. IMO, stolen election, anti-vax stance, illegal immigration, CRT, mask mandates, etc., are distractions being used to keep people dazed and confused. None of it will lead to a civil war because the average American citizen has too much to lose. They can grumble and complain but they don't want any real smoke.
  17. Sure. But, in my eternal optimism, I do not foresee such a cataclysmic event that will precipate such a thing. I believe the middle class or illusion thereof has been expanded and anesthetized in a such a way to prevent a civil war of any kind. IMO, folks will air their real or perceived grievances and squabble about their freedoms being infringed upon and whatnot but nothing has or will reach a powder keg to the point of explosion and chaos. Nowadays, I'm watching folks march, protest and riot over a number of things but the outcome is always the same when the smoke clears and dust settles. It was just an exercise for the most part.
  18. Right. In my real-life interactions, when folks bring information to me, the 1st thing I want to know is their source. Now, at least people around me know that I don't want to hear about any "news" coming from the huge social media platform that germinated on a college campus. I realize people have their beliefs and opinions on different things. We are freely entitled to that in this country. It is a great source of entertainment in the form of debate. But, it is responsible and makes sense to get as much factual information as possible to support a claim and/or position. Now, that doesn't mean folks will reach consensus. Having the right pieces on the board just makes it easier to play the game.
  19. Man, that word needs to be applied to everything we do as human beings. Loud music, road rage, talking loud on cell phones in public places, wearing the wrong sh8t outside, etc. Either I'm becoming a grumpy old man and/or my level of conscience has heightened to the point that the level of narcissism in our society has reached an all-time high. People seem to be more considerate of each other during natural disasters, pandemic, emergencies and other crisis. During the holiday season folks seem to be a bit more courteous and considerate of each other too. Well, except for the Black Friday sales rush when dumbazz folks storm stores for the one 70 inch TV on sale for $100.
  20. https://www.npr.org/2021/10/26/1049458617/kyle-rittenhouse-victims-arsonists-looters-judge-ruled This fella shot and killed a few people while strolling through a protest. Armed with an AR-15 rifle, he was able to walk right past the police. They even offered him bottled water. It took a few days for them to apprehend him. Now, it seems the dead people cannot be characterized as victims. But, it's OK to call them arsonists, rioters, looters, etc. I believe this case will be another example of white privilege in the criminal justice system.
  21. @chevdove, as mentioned previously, I do admire the effort and scholarship you put into your research. Accordingly, I will refrain from polluting your threads with any attempts of humor. Take it easy my sista.
  22. The high profits American companies generate and cheaper prices Americans pay for most everything we consume is the benefit. I do not believe American companies are willing to pull ALL product manufacturing back to the US nor are Americans willing to pay more money for products Made in the USA. IMO, supply and demand is the crux of the mutually beneficial relationship between the US and China.
  23. I can't with the man skirt and those sandals. He needs to give that sh8t back to his wife or concubine.
  24. Yeah mayne, my 1st thought upon reading that was: Until @Chevdove clears this up, I feel kinda cheated out of a holiday.
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