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  1. Myths: Debunking Commonly Believed Ideas - Part 2

    You're a master of subterfuge, diversionary tactics and semantics. LOL The core issue as to WHY this minor procedure is performed on male infants has been shoved under the sheets by you. It's a hygiene issue. Not so with females; a hoodectomy is a corrective procedure. if what you say is true. The way you're carrying on, one would think that snipping (not butchering) the foreskin of the penis is as damaging as amputating the clitoris. What are the ill after effects of a circumcision? No matter. The sun will come up tomorrow, And men all over the world will go about their day, completely unencumbered by having been circumcised and maybe even enhanced by having been. "And frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
  2. You have double consciousness, CG. You simultaneously hate and love your people. You hate what they are and love what you believe they could be, and in a way you neutralize your argument. In accusing the civil rights crowd of throwing the next generation under the bus, you assume they had the power to do any better. Like they could've prevented the havoc that drugs wreaked on the black inner cities. Or prohibited what Reaganomics did to the working classes. And it's not like some progress wasn't made by the civil rights leaders. Your materialistic, self-absorbed, sulking generation has certainly not done itself proud when it comes to holding up its end, They can't even hold up their heads because they are so mesmerized by their iPhones and tablets. Right or wrong, human beings reach a point where they value their individual survival as opposed to group survival. The black rationale for doing this is that, at some point, people have to take responsibility for their own fate. This world is made up of winners and losers. That's how Life rolls.. You can do all the finger pointing you want. Talk is cheap. Power is rarely shared. And greed is the American creed. Sad but true. In the den of my home in a suburb of Chicago, I look at the news every night and not a day goes by where there aren't reports of blacks killing blacks; black babies killing black babies, and I have given up. Who can restore the black family? Who can bestir the conscience of the black middle class or reverse the self-destructiveness of the black underclass? Inspiration is scarce. Who do you suggest that blacks support for president, and why? How can you spew your hate for white people and invest your hopes in an old white man or a crazy orange one? Are you about class, as opposed to race? You might question whether or not I embody the wisdom that comes with age, but keep in mind that wisdom can also stem from disillusion. That's why Existentialism is seducing me. I'm looking for a different terrain. But, carry on and good luck. Hopefully your rage won't consume you.
  3. Myths: Debunking Commonly Believed Ideas - Part 2

    Circumcision is not a mandatory procedure. And other than assuaging the male ego, what is the advantage of not being circumcised? Should personal hygiene be irrelevant to the issue?
  4. Myths: Debunking Commonly Believed Ideas - Part 2

    I'm curious about this subject, because it has an interesting controversial history. Gentiles adopted the practice supposedly for sanitary reason and it just became accepted over time. I and all mothers of my generation were given the option has to whether or not to circumcise our sons and no big deal was ever made one way or another in regard to what decision one made. I'm sure this is still the case. My husband had been circumcised when he reached puberty in the 1940s along with all of his cousins who took advantage of an offer to have this surgery done for a nominal fee by the the board of health. He wanted this done to his sons at birth. I don't know whether this is still the case, but there was a time when guys in the military were offered an opportunity have this procedure done if they weren't circumcised. The military also provided dental care, filling or extracting teeth as well as providing prescription glasses. It was just part of a routine health care. There was also a time when there were studies floating around stating that the male foreskin harbored a multitude of bacteria which could transmit STDs and precipitate uterine cancer in women. I do not know how accurate this info is but it was a reason that many women wanted their sex partners to be circumcised. (A friend of mine didn't have this done to her son who was born in 1961. He later scolded her for not having it done.saying it had a negative effect on his sex life.) Female genital mutilation robs a woman of her ability to experience an orgasm. Does circumcision affect a male's sexual pleasure?? Or a females? In 2016, I'd put circumcision in the same general category as child vaccinations. It's a personal decision that is left up to parental judgment.
  5. A Question for Cynique

    In Eskimo culture, old people did their families a favor by wandering off into the wilderness where they’d simply lie down and freeze to death. In more advanced civilizations, especially ancient ones, families revered and respected their elders and this characterizes the indigenous black tradition in America. Blacks love their “Madeas”, So it is a little curious that the ageists on this board regard older people with disdain I suspect they would claim that it’s me who they dislike, and the fact that I am 82 years old provides them with another weapon to try and punish me for not looking upon them with awe. So they conjure up all kinds of things about me. (I am not feeble, I was married for 50 years to the late love of my life, I have 5 kids, 8 grandkids and 4 great grand ones, all of whom keep me up to date on what’s going on in all age brackets, plus I read and observe what’s going on around me.) This seems to repel those who want me to stay in my place and not conjure up things about them. However, i can't help but observe how these newly-arrived didactic pedants aspire to elitism. They think their degrees and academic credentials absolve them from having good character and integrity, while endowing them with the privilege of using superficial standards by which to judge others; they are supercilious prigs who look down on anyone who they don’t regard as their peer. They are as flawed as I am. Yes, I am a jaded, sarcastic contrarian but I always give credit where credit is due. Which brings us to the reason I have come to appreciate people like Troy and Chris, guys who came up the hard way but managed to obtain multiple degrees and run successful businesses yet didn’t let this go to their heads or rob them of their common touch. And worldly guys like Pioneer who has educated himself, acquiring knowledge through experience, and those like the delightfully eccentric Delano and the ever-vigilant social critic, Harry Brown, both of whom bring a different flavor to the board. Mel and Shirley are also smart engaging women. Or is any of this to say that I don’t appreciate wry humor, or that I don’t find some merit in a tongue-in-cheek tease like Celestial Grateness or sara's need to force feed us with what she thinks we should be hungry for. People are, who they are. Let’s hear it for diversity! Me, I’m content to still be alive. I don’t give a fuck about my “young” detractors. After all, in this youth- obsessed society, I outlived Prince and Michael and Whitney.
  6. Myths: Debunking Commonly Believed Ideas!!!

    Who cares? I'm more interested in contemplating life's follies. Helloooooooooooo. Babble on.
  7. Myths: Debunking Commonly Believed Ideas!!!

    @Troythe reason I found nothing new or astounding in CG's lists were that, in the course of being an avid reader and having a friend who e-mails me a lot of this type of material, not to mention the "wealth" of such drivel that saturates FACEBOOK, I have "been there, read that" LOL.(That's why that idiotic social media playground is such good escape entertainment.) "The Lurker formerly known as Cynique", wants to know how can anybody take someone whose ridiculous screen name is "Celestial Greatness" too seriously?? He takes himself so serious that there's no room for anybody else to regard him with awe except maybe his girlfriend who is probably a sallow, blue-eyed, dishwater blond. I wouldn't be surprised if CG was actually a comic book nerd and an X-Box gamer who lives in his parent's basement. He may be great up there in the heavens competing with Superman in seeking "truth, justice, and the America way," but down here on Earth, he's just another egocentric narcissist with diarrhea of the mouth. What's obvious is that he and sara share a contempt for old people so they can bond on that issue. Lucky for me, "sticks and stones may hurt my bones but names will never harm me." Been there done that Black to contemplating the follies of life.......OHMMMMMMMMMMM
  8. Myths: Debunking Commonly Believed Ideas!!!

    LMAO. As I was saying to he who has to have someone type and edit his post for him. YAWNNN ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
  9. Myths: Debunking Commonly Believed Ideas!!!

    This "Lurker formally known as Cynique" looked at the myth list and was reminded as to why she retreated from the board, because very little of this trivia was "news" to me. The demograph of Celestial Greatness(?) is definitely the Millennial crowd, for obvious reasons. His "strawman" marathon on the Michael Eric Dyson thread also amused me because nobody in that discussion gave anything other than a luke warm endorsement of Obama. I found it interesting, too, that this hot-air dispenser would contemptuously dismiss the old guard Blacks of the civil rights movement, and embrace that cranky, retreaded old white liberal from the '60s in the person of the condescending, patriarchal, Bernie Sanders, a wanna-be who thinks he knows what's best for poor ol black folks. What really cracked me up was, after a spate of name-calling and death-wishing, this celestial being from hell requested that responders not attack him; just his arguments. Typical entitlement stance found among his ilk. I was really surprised that Pioneer thought the arrogant Celestial cherub was female. You've lost your perceptiveness, Pioneer. And I couldn't believe sara was defending old negroes. LMAO Rant on Celestial-whatever. Back to my meditating about the truism of "youth being wasted on the young". I will refrain from any further comments on this matter because I don't want to start another feud. Here are my YAWNS and ZZZZZs ahead of time.
  10. Just a final post to bid a farewell to The Board. I'm retiring because I have honestlylost interest in the subjects being discussed here. For over 60 years I've been there and heardthat, and re-hashingthe same ol political and social issues no longer ignites my enthusiasm or inspires my optimism.C'est la Vie.During whatever timeIhave left on this earth,I'm now more interestedin fully immersing myself inspiritual introspection,pursuit of the truth,the nature of reality,the meaning of life, and whatever elsethatintrigues me. Or will I completely rule outpopping up on this siteonce in a while. I had a dream about PRINCElast week. And now he's gone. A reminder that tomorrow is not promised, so why waste today? So long to everybody, it's been fun and thanks for everything, Troy!
  11. SMH. Forsomebody who professes to be sane and intelligent,you arean incredibly childish and mentally unbalancedditz.You hide behind your anonymitybut your transparency will not be denied and it doesn't take long for your real self to transcend your cyberpersona. You are an ugly, maladjusted, shallow liar.You have no class, nocharacter, have a repulsive personality,are an educated fool and you have found a soul mate inol sorry-assedwanna-be Carey who skulked off to start his ownblog which tanked.LMAO. Frantically researching old posts, looking for dirt about me and cherry picking as usual, says more about you than it does me. How many orgasms did you experience whenyou found what you were looking for? Who is begging for attention and approval and seeking it at my expense any more than you? Why does it make a difference to you whether people like me or not? No matter how bad I come across,it does not elevate you. Yourhysterical whining about not being treated fair really reveals your lack of insightabout your trueself.You think, everything you sayis permissible but when you get it thrown back in your face, you go ballistic because you can't deal with the fact that someone isn't impressed with your shallow phoniness. That's the difference between you and me. Inever professed to be Mary Sunshine; I've said this numerous times. Why do you think Iadopted my screen name? But ol saran wrap clings to the idea that she is admirable and above reproach.tsk-tsk Pity poor old strapped up sara, the homo ho, a psychotic schizowho is obviously eaten up with hate for oldwomen, as evidenced by how she goesinto great detail torecreatememories from her sordid past. tsk-tsk. Obviously this board is not big enough for the both of us. And this feud with you has provided me with the excuse I've been looking for to retire from thisforlornforum. Maybe things will pick upif Troyrenames it "Sara's Sink Hole", - undoubtedly your16-year-old girlfriend's nickname for herfavorite partof youranatomy. See ya,but Iwouldn't wanna be ya!
  12. I take exception to yourcomment, Pioneer. As someone who was a grown person inthe late 1950s and 60'sduring the hey day of TV round table discussions hosted by white liberal moderators, andwhere people like Malcolm X and MLK and other prominent blackactivists and celebrities were frequentguestswho, in this informal setting, very often said things just off the top of their heads, many of which Iremember because they were provocative. Believe it ornot,the myth about Ham being marked by his father Noah has been floating around for over a centurypropagated by white supremicists,like the KKK.I made the mistake of assuming that this was common knowledge. Malcolm X was who I remember turning the tables on white supremicists who claimed black skin was the curse of Noah.He saidthatwhite skin was actually the curse of Noah. Hemay have been kidding when he made this remarkbut Iremember him saying it. There are a lot of things Iknow from being observant about the world around me andremembering noteworthy events down through the years, things thatI don't have to go to Wiki about. This seems aforeign concept to liarswho dismiss those who have lived history and who loveto distortmy recollections. And even if a person does double check things by googling them, why is suchresearch scorned by someone who calls herself a writer to whom research should be essential. I continue to be amused by sara who so obviously doesn't have a broad scope of knowledge about a lot of different subjects. Just somebody who wants to play "gotcha" about obscure black history but didn't even know that the freedom ridesand sit-indemonstrationshappened during the 1960s, showing her ignorance when shepompouslyinformed me that I stood on the shoulders of these demonstrators when, in fact, I started dooing my protestthing back in the 1950s. This is the same yammeringwanna-be whowas even less informed about how in the 1920s Jews dominated the movie industry and regularly anglicized their names. She's too busy dispensing the tired old legend aboutNapoleon shooting off the Sphinx's nosebecause it was flat. SMH.LOL

    Paul was alsoa writer for "In Living Color" the wildly successful 1990's TV comedy series brainchild of Keenan Ivory Wayans..
  14. The spirit of Sankofa

    I don't trust you.Ithink you are immersed in the hype of revisionist history. Many ethnicities contributed to the continued existence ofthe United States of America from Maine to California and all the territoriesin between, including places like North and South Dakota and Utah and Idaho. The difference was that black slavelabor was free while the immigrants who helped build this country were paid low wages.
  15. Guess ol lying, desperate,silly-assed sarais in her cups again which ofcourse means one of her multiple personalities has emerged. This istriggered by her inflated ego reacting to my disregard for her beinganything other than a mentally disturbed psycho. (Is that redundant, or what?) Poor fool. She tried so hard to be sane, but has apparently gottenoff her meds and is at again. One look at her spamming was enough to keep me from actually reading what it is she posted by I'm sure everybody will find it entertaining. YAWN. What a nut case.I thought this loose cannon might'vehad a life, but Iguess shedoesn't. Poor ol wanna-be.LOL