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    When one is dealing with a treacherous creature like you, sarass, - an "educated" ignoramous who attempts to aggrandize herself by lying about others, then one fights fire with fire, And when you make reference to my daughter, then I reply in kind. You try to dish it out, sarass, and then can't take it. Your attempt to wrap yourself in respectability is ludicrous. LOL

    BTW, sociopath sara, have you found out who your daughter's daddy is yet? You know, one of the ones who turned you into a homo 'ho. Check your brother's DNA LOL

    This is very cool and in keeping with the laid-backness of chilling, chuckling at a paranoid schizo like sara, thinking somebody is trying to "silence" her. LMAO. BABBLE ON.


    You're absolutely right. The bitch is going to chill.

    Yep, the bitch is still here, and the sociopath sicko known as sara gets crazier by the day. LMAO.

    "Her" as in sara, "Discombobulated" an in pathological, deluded, egocentric liar". SMH Yes, Troy, I know I said I wouldn't be back - until an intriguing subject came up, and - sara's desperate attempt to sanitize her persona was intriguing beyond belief! Trying to save face, crafting a travesty of lies and distortions, in denial about how she appeared on this board throwing her weight around, bragging about her book, and her position, later getting caught in lies, and corrected for errors,demonstrating her ageism psychosis, talking out of both sides of her mouth in unsuccessful attempts to disprove my snippets of personal history, clinging to sarafan, the figment of her imagination. I've never encountered such a devious, dishonest, disturbed creature. She should donate her brain to science when she croaks because she's like a throw back to the Neanderthals to whom sneaky slyness was a defense mechanism. Well, Troy, we'll try it again - . Help me, Jesus.

    Because, Troy, you were in a position to establish parameters; to do what people won't do for themselves. As I said, it's difficult, for instance, to ignore someone who constantly attempts to discredit the episodes you have shared from your past. I'm not so sure others would be impressed with my ignoring this, and they could even interpret it as an indication that sara's accusations were true, when they weren't. (I guess besmirching my recollections is an example of sara being a person of "ideas". Just like she continuously hyped the idea that I never left the board, and then repeatedly posts the lyrics to "the bitch is back". if "the bitch never left" as sara crowed, why is she touting a song that says "the bitch is back"? Typical of how her discombobulated mind works. But I digress. LOL What precipitates the dissension between sara and me is clearly a personality clash. I am a contrarian and she is a pontificator. And never the twain shall meet. But out of respect to you, Troy, and because I'm bored with sara, I shall cease and desist. Time to return to my mountain top and contemplate the mysteries of the human psyche - until a subject that intrigues me comes up for discussion. OHHHMMMMM.

    Oh shut up, Sara. If only you could see yourself as others do. You're so deluded about your impact; nothing you ever had to say was witty. It was just a bunch of repetitive drivel based on lies and your fixation on old women who dipped snuff. Just to show how little perception you have, Kola was not put on the defensive by me and she kicked my ass a bunch of times during our exchanges because, unlike you, she was razor sharp. The fact that you think I'm a bully is a testament to your being a wimp. It's pitiful that you're still orgasmic over sarafan because you're so needy for approval. LMAO I do agree, however, that battles between me and Kola were not sophisticated. They eventually got pretty down and dirty especially when she started to spam the board with obscene pictures, which at that time was unheard of. She was very computer smart and apparently had a lot of technical tools at her disposal. She was the first person I knew to use photo shopping. Or was I the only one feuding with Kola. She and Mzuri constantly went at it as did she and Shakespeare and others who would get into it with her from time. I also fell out with "a woman" and never got along with Carey but adored the witty, mischievous, LambD. The board was awash with a lot of warring factions and alliances. Kola even tried her best to generate a cyber romance with ABM who was an elusive prey. Kola was a diva, a drama queen and there was something amusing about her antics. I still regard her with a certain amount of affection. I would further contend that this cat fight between me and the "little pussy" is not an aberration. The Republican candidate for the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a regular tweeter on Twitter, always going at it with somebody, as are many other high-profile politicians, including Hillary Clinton. Feuds between celebrities are rampant on Twitter. High school kids on FaceBook and Instagram and SnapChat are meeting up to settle their differences with guns and knives. Perverts are cat fishing lonely people, murdering them or stealing their life savings. Social Media is the enabler for all of this because it's extremely hard for people to ignore what others are publicly trashing them about. Plus, it's human nature to argue with those you disagree with when you have a public forum to defend what you are passionate about. The slam fest going on here is a microcosm of what is going on all over The Internet. I am not defending this insidious rivalry, just pointing out that it is a sign of the times. What I still don't understand is why you, Troy, who are the Web Master, the Administrator, the owner of this domain, and apparently the victim of a situation which you say discourages traffic to this site, would not step up and put an end to the bickering! I've never understood your reluctance to do this. Or do I understand why people don't skip over what they don't want to read about on a thread.
  10. When I say "token" I mean a black person who has been selected and promoted by a particular white institution to show case, and stave off any criticism about it being racist. Next year's Oscars will probably have an overload of talented black actors who could be referred to as tokens because they represent an effort to rebut criticism of Hollywood being racist. I guess this is a term that is a throw back to civil rights days when integration was a big deal and every industry had its super negro to trot out, lest it be accused of being prejudiced.
  11. Would you say that Coates is a token? There's seems to be a tradition of a black writer who is singled out to become the darling of the white literati. He's reminiscent of James Baldwin.
  12. Oscar Brown Jr.

    Oscar Brown is a "favorite son" of Chicago. He was in the vanguard of black theater here..
  13. Black Herstory

    So tell us some thing about your herstory, ghetto tramp, When you went on Maurie's, did you find out who your baby daddy was? Or are you still lookin?