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  1. Gangs are inner-city terrorists. And black cop killers are domestic terrorists, influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement, which is in danger of being comparable to Isis spurring Muslim individuals to go on shooting sprees. It was just a matter of time before blacks joined the ranks of domestic terrorists.There are a lot of mentally disturbed people out there with axes to grind, and they are literally loose cannons looking for a cause to kill for. With all of the sophisticated nuclear weapons and drones in America's military arsenal, one person with a gun and/or a bomb can inflict as much death and chaos as an army unit or missile launcher. No wonder terrorism is so popular as a weapon of choice for fanatics. And speaking of fanatics, anybody listening to Trump last night knows that "law and order" are code words for making America great again by killin' niggas because "blue lives matter more". This acceptance speech was music to the ears of all segments of white America who have had enough of this "democracy-thing" because it promises equal rights for all, and where race and gender and immigrants are concerned, this idea is not in the best interest of the majority. Hillary better "bring it" because the chances of Trump making America "grate" are looking very good.
  2. I have always felt that once Obama made up his mind to run for president, everything he did was calculated and manufactured and compiled on a to-do list. He would have been right at home with The Kennedys who under the guidance of Patriarch Joe Kennedy all mapped out their political aspirations in accordance with shrewd long range strategies. Of course this is what politics are all about; laying the groundwork and creating an impressive resume, be it authentic or crafted. And opportunists are well-served. FDR, criticized his predecessor Herbert Hoover's handling of the economy during the Depression and then once elected, he implemented many of Hoover's plans and re-named them "The New Deal." Creating a false scenario worked for a youthful JFK who called for "A New Frontier" during his presidential run but once he got in, he was reluctant to tamper with the old status quo. Obama shed his suaveness and went through the motions of being a grass roots organizer on his way to seeking office, finally embracing the "audacity" to be the standard bearer for "Hope", - a noble goal that always suckers in disillusioned voters in the race to become head of the country, a strategy Bernie also benefited from. And, of course, "the fool who shall remain nameless", touts the "Make America Great Again" catch phrase that is a.threat more than a promise. As much as she is criticized for being devious, Hillary Clinton is in good company when it comes to her male colleagues. And so it goes...
  3. It also helps to be an original, critical thinker, - something that's not your strong suit, since all you do is parrot the words of others. while hiding behind your anonymity. The hope of the race is to deal with reality instead of false rationales, something which continues to prevent us from saving us. BTW, my last post was mostly about you.
  4. Oh, Puleeze.. What do I have to be bitter and vindictive about? Certainly not anything involving you and your delusions. And what is your source that Vidal died a bitter old man? The last interview I saw him in on HBO shortly before his death, he seemed anything but bitter. In fact, he was quite smug, seeming to have few regrets. For somebody who combed the archives looking for dirt about me, and engaged in a petty campaign to discredit all of my personal reminiscences, and fumed with indignation at any hint that I might pose a threat to your being the resident authority on the subject on Chicago, all the while stooping to the depths of ageism with your vitriolic remarks, not to mention your ongoing practice of lying and distorted the words of others, I find your ridiculous attempts to ennoble yourself by assuming a mantel of positivity to be hilarious! If you could shed your narcissism long enough you could benefit from some self-examination and maybe learn to acknowledge your imperfections like I have done with mine. Although on second thought, you are a native born citizen in the state of denial. That's why you are myopic about the racist dominance of White America and all the happy perks this includes, and how the reality of this continues to thwart the high hopes of the black race, - all of which make your little platitude about negativity ring hollow. SMH. How could I be bitter when, in the twilight of my years, you have provided me with so many occasions to laugh and be grateful that I am the opposite of a pretentious person like you?
  5. Things are really heating up in Cleveland. Latest trending topic sending the media into a frenzy, is the blatant plagiarism committed by Melania Trump, who in her speech at the Republican convention, lifted lines verbatim from a previous speech by Michelle Obama wherein the first lady made references to the ethical values that she shared with her husband, Barack. Melania's faux pas has proven to be a great distraction and Republicans are trying hard to blow it off while the talking heads covering the convention, not to mention gleeful Democrats, and Twitter tweeters are having a field day over this gaffe. Not hard to imagine that all this is a sign of things to come. This prickly incident brought to my mind a line from another speech, - the one delivered by social activist/Grey's Anatomy actor, Jesse Williams, when he accepted his BET humanitarian Award: "demeaning our creations then stealing them." White folks have always co-opted black style and slang, and the way this particular theft has backfired, is a form of poetic justice. LOL It's unsettling how this presidential campaign being waged between the Conservative, Evangelical Republicans and the Liberal Socialist Democrats is becoming more like a war between 2 countries instead of a race between 2 parties. Will America end up with a president who resembles an alien from another planet and a first lady who is an alien from another country? Or will ol Hillary weather the storm under the umbrella provided by the "lesser-of-2-evils" voters? We shall see when the last act of this farce is played out in November.
  6. Who said you wrote the piece? I didn't, and I was amused rather than offended by it because all this ploy amounted to was an opportunity for you to make your repetitive, sanctimonious declarations. And, of course, there was no overview because you aren't capable of taking one.(How many times do I have to chide you about having tunnel vision and not being able to see past your nose when issuing your opinions?) SMH You're perfectly free to stand by your statement since that's what you believe. But your believing it is not an anointment, and doesn't make it true - or right. It's just words.
  7. I go waaay back with the 1960s liberal, Gore Vidal, and in my world he was a brilliant, respected writer, a renaissance man with a cynical wit and an endearing quality of not taking himself too seriously. Gore was also an astute political pundit and I, along with great numbers of others, had no problem with his opinion of the caustic, racist, arch-conservative, William F. Buckley. And many other high-profile figures feuded with the volatile, erratic Norman Mahler as well as the malicious, capricious gossip-mongering, Truman Capote. They were all colorful controversial characters, typical of their and my era. Was Gore flawed? Of course. And I see little relevance to your including the opinion piece about him except to expose how much you have in common with him when it comes to old people and grudges. SMH In the overview which is something your pontificating seems oblivious to, the Existential and Relativism schools of thought imply that right and wrong should be proceeded by the phrase "as compared to what" and are really just words in a universe that has no rhyme or reason, - as opposed to the little cookie cutter world you're confined in. And in your permanent state of vacillation, you apparently don't find it inconsistent to inject the words negative and positive into your attempts to portray your views as being preferable to mine. (And where would you be without the words of others and the links to references and the quotes from google that hamper your ability to be an abstract thinker instead of a didactic pedant with a childish penchant for silly emoticons. (Quick! Trot out your favorite "ad hominem" accusation to soothe your vanity.) I'm all about the truth and seek it because it is the light. But I am also about the whole truth, not just how it is exemplified in the old fable about the 3 blind men who came in contact with an elephant, after which one described it as having rough skin, while the other said it had a trunk, and the last one insisted it possessed a little tail. Each one of their conclusion was truthful but not the whole truth because they could not see the elephant. The nature of truth and reality are among my favorite things to ponder, and are mind-boggling subjects which you, of all people, are not qualified to speak about. SMH I am not a unique person to those who don't surround themselves with ass-kissers who humor them and think like they do. Besides "bitch", there is another word to describe individuals like me. We have always been around to keep people grounded. The word is "polemicist". I am unapologetic for whom and what I am, and guess who doesn't give a fuck if this doesn't meet your approval? Go somewhere and sit down! LMAO.
  8. Puleeze. What is your reference for what Simon Cowell was accused of? His critiques were called any number of things, all of which, like "heartless", were synonymouss for being "negative". And although YOU don't like Donald Trump's rallying cry to "make America great again", this phrase can stand alone as being "positive" especially by his millions of supporters. It has nothing to do with spinning, and has everything to do with your inability to be objective.. Furthermore, since concepts of negative and positive technically have nothing to do with right or wrong, my comments about the black state of affairs in America which you consider negative, are not wrong, and your reprimands are just hot air, fueled by your delusion that your positivity makes you right.
  9. Trump's "negativity" earned him millions of supporters and the nomination for president, because he became the spokesman for their grievances and "positive" hopes of "making America great again", so positivity is in the eye of the beholder Simon Cowell of American Idol was accused of being negative because he told the truth about positive, untalented Pollyannas who thought they could sing. Positivity is little more than thinking you are right and others are wrong, and it can be the anti-thesis of reality and pragmatism. Again I say, get real.
  10. You don't know whether negativity ever solved a problem or not. What we do know is that if positiveness was that potent, then 60 years later, people wouldn't still be demonstrating against police brutality, and racism would've dissipated. Reality is the bottom line.
  11. Spoiler Alert! Skip this post if you don't want to hear anything negative... As Donald Trump continues to win over voters because Hillary Clinton can't disentangle herself form her missteps of the past, the term "just society" inspires anxiety because his presidency would represent regression rather than progress. Will black Americans ever "overcome"? None of their strategies have produced long term results and that includes thinking positive and praying. It's futile to keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Unfortunately what's becoming increasingly obvious is that just because blacks deserve justice and equality doesn't mean they will get it. What's right does not always prevail. Life is not fair. In reality, "might makes right" an axiom that is synonymous with the situation in America where a strong, mighty, racist power structure remains in tact. Expecting whites to experience an epiphany wherein they will be exorcised of the privileges their skin color guarantees, is wishful thinking. Children are the future, and all classes of blacks need to do what it takes to groom and prepare their kids to adjust and survive in a cruel world, and this includes exercising good judgement when it comes to giving birth to them. Every child deserves to be born into a stable family unit. The consequences of fatherless children continues to be a stumbling block for the black race...
  12. Slow day, half way through July and I'm really appreciating that where I am, summer is turning out to be genuine. Hot, blue-skied days, warm nights, balmy breezes, green lawns, blooming flowers, growing gardens, scampering squirrels, chirping birds - thunder storms punctuated with lightning. I love it all, because for the past few years, my summers haven't lived up to expectations. They would be tentative, sluggish, not sure they really wanted to heat up, and before I knew it the leaves were falling and a cold winter was forecast, leaving me to be content with watching the seasons change. Content, indeed, because there is something awesome about witnessing nature go through 4 transformations during the course of 12 full moons. Too bad the political climate and its racial overcast threatens to rain on my parade. Although I'm currently basking in the weather, the country is clouded by turmoil. Police shootings sparked by police brutality, "black lives matter" cries neutralized by "all lives matter" retorts, presidential candidates slamming each other as the November election promises to widen the rift between one side yearning for a return to the past of patriotism and Christianity, and the other one demanding a better day for those whom god and country have forsaken. A hot mess. Meanwhile social media has become a virtual battle ground of controversy with each week offering up a new topic to pit ranters against venters; "ad hominem" attacks against "straw man" accusations. Elsewhere, the pleasantries of conversation and personal interaction continue to diminish, deflated by the demonic device that has possessed smart phone owners. The possibility of this situation being a sign of a future controlled by computers does give me something to ponder on summer morns, a pondering that provides yet another occasion to sigh "who knows?". So as July melts into August, the month of my birthday, nothing left for me to do but take life one day at a time and just be grateful that as the world turns, the sun will come up tomorrow. Never thought I'd live to look forward to my 83rd birthday, so I'm ahead of the game - even if I don't make it. Like I said: slow day...
  13. And "wanna-be-know-it-alls" routinely resort to distorting the words of others, not to mention stating their opinions as facts. Amber skin tone is not incompatiable with purple lips or gums just like pink lips and gums are found on dark skinned people, Dummy. And I didn't refer to Michelle as a trophy wife inasmuch as a trophy wife is arm candy and I focused on her resume. And since i was around during the 60s, I am confident in saying that there were no archtypical Black Muslims except in the eyes of people who can't see past their noses.
  14. Naysayers serve to keep the "know-it-all's" in check. And the "IMO" acronym is always there for everybody.
  15. Easier said than done. One person's bad cop is another one's law enforcement officer.