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  1. That's a d8mn shame if there is no landmark in Tulsa especially at Greenwood Ave and Archer St to recognize the Gap Band as its native sons. The city of Washington DC definitely recognizes Chuck Brown (godfather of Go-Go music) with landmarks and an annual celebration of his life and music.
  2. Senator Thom Tillis (NC) made that stupid azz statement about welfare being black reparations. A number of groups of people have received some form of reparations from the US and the global community. The Jewish state of Israel is a shining example of reparations at work. Japan's economy is another one. I don't know whether it's self-hatred or Stockholm syndrome or a latent form of PTSD that makes ADOS feel the pursuit of reparations to be a pointless endeavor. Again, there's evidence that it can be done. @Cynique , the things you mentioned above are some that align with my thoughts of how reparations can be remitted. Reparations to ADOS definitely would not just be checks or a casino or a truck full of trinkets.
  3. Amen bro. You're absolutely correct. One day, I'll be able to make a significant point as succinctly as @Delano. In the meantime, please bear with my verbosity.
  4. At its best, politics is about groups of people working together collectively to make decisions that ultimately benefit the whole. But, surely, human greed, the lust for money and power has corrupted politics which has led to wars and other destructive results. Right now, politicians are most adept at lining their pockets with money and benign neglect of the people they have sworn to serve. Increasing the freedom and prosperity of the black community comes down to organizing it and codifying an agenda and insuring that it is met politically. Unfortunately, the black community has been splintered in many ways leading to disenfranchisement and indifference with the fallback being individual self-interest which is antithetical to politics. White supremacy clearly understands the game of politics and control it. Black folks are running around in it either clueless or trying to catch crumbles falling off the table.
  5. Sure. The Jewish holocaust happened more recently. But, the truth of the matter is that white folks felt really bad about the atrocities inflicted upon them. 6 million or more folks exterminated. They've received reparations several times over. American slavery didn't happen 5,000 years ago. We have historical records to prove everything from the number of people enslaved, deaths, profits earned from free labor, compounded interest, etc. So, it wouldn't take much for the best and brightest minds to round up the evidence and make the case. Bryan Stevenson and groups like the Innocence Project didn't give up on folks who'd been condemned to spend their lives in prison or death penalty. They kept fighting to get their cases overturned or thrown out. A few wrongly convicted folks were set free decades later. So, it's not totally magical thinking that a group of intelligent folks could pick up our 400 year old case and put reparations on the table. The desire to do it could be a mushroom cloud.
  6. Bingo. Politics has been corrupted by money. As @Mzuri mentioned in another thread, PACs and Super PACs conrol the game. Then, many politicians are already well off and too far removed from the problems of the average citizen. The funniest thing to me is folks getting caught in the soap opera aspect of politics. Technologically, regardless of how we vote, they should be able count that sh8t and have winner declared by midnight EST.
  7. Gotcha. McAwful needs about 80k votes to flip script. That's not gonna happen regardless of whether they mail-in or FEDEX the ballots. While they might claim Russia or China or aliens rigged the election, the Demwitocrats playbook is not to holler voter fraud when they lose an election. They'll sulk and lick their wounds for 2-4 years until the next cycle. As you may have gathered, I'm not either team. From my perch, all of these politicians are two sides of the same coin. I'm waiting for real folks who want to do public service work and everything in the best interests of America instead of catering to special interests i.e. money.
  8. Nope. Virginia doesn't play that. Terry McAwful lost fair and square. He'll go home and sat down somewhere.
  9. While Uncle Charlie Wison is definitely carrying the torch, it was the Gap Band that made us aware of his voice. They laid down some of funkiest music ever recorded. Thanks for the music. RIP Mr. Ronnie Wilson.
  10. That is awesome. I hope that LT Gov Sears will be able to make a difference in the commonwealth state.
  11. Sure. Many ADOS feel similarly in that getting reparations is zilch to zero. Attrition has always been the long game white supremacy played in making reparations a non-starter. Generations removed would make it go away. However, regardless of how ADOS is embedded into the fabric of America, we should 1) never allow its original sin to be forgotten and 2) never allow the debt owed to be forgiven. I admire the Jews in that regard. They won't allow anyone to forget about the holocaust and they're kicking azz and taking names and bankrupting anybody who comes against them in the form of antisemitism. When I think of reparations, it's not just handing out checks to ADOS. My dream is the equivalent of nation building. There's a whole plan to be fulfilled. As long as I'm on the planet, I'll remain optimistic that a group of intelligent individuals will rise up like a Phoenix and force America to atone for the sin of slavery and pay up to ADOS. It's not a waste of my time and energy. In fact, I'm working on the music soundtrack while I'm waiting.
  12. Yep. Therein lies the problem. The average voter doesn't have any interest(s) on the table. As a result, politicians recycle the same old agenda items and talking points. They get folks stirred up to vote every 2-4 years. Once elected, politicians give lip service and crumbs to the people but their primary work is to preserve special interests. Watch their hands. Follow the money.
  13. Some head coaches have input into the player(s) a team chooses to draft based on football ability. Ultimately, the ownership and GM (General Manager) decide which players will increase revenue. Nagy is supposed to be an offense-minded coach who should be able to help Justin Fields. However, Nagy's track record with Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears offense in general leaves much to be desired. So, it's easier to fire the coaches than it is to get rid of team ownership.
  14. @Cynique, reads like you called and summarized it before 60 Minutes aired the video above.
  15. In a country as populous as the US with 335M+ folks, unfortunately, some are going to die at the hands of law enforcement. I'm not an advocate of defunding the police although I don't see why they have so much military equipment. But, I do think there are issues that arise and crimes and infractions that do not require typical police involvement. Mental health issues and drug addiction need to be dealt with long before it becomes a crime. A broken tailight should be the equivalent of jaywalking. Not even worth enforcing.
  16. @Mzuri, I've definitely noticed everything you've written. People have been sliding down that slope for several decades. I've always made it a point to know my neighbors especially those who live closest to my house. It just makes sense to me. I think it's ridiculous for people to live around each for years and not know the person across the street. I've seen it. Yet, if something was to happen to their home, they'd be looking around "for a friend" to see if anybody saw anything. If I have a package delivered to my house, I can call or text a few people in my neighborhood who would pull it indoors until I got home. So, regardless of whether I'm doing my yard work or washing my vehicle or whatever, I'm like the neighborhood mayor in that I speak to everyone passing by and hold conversations with the folks I know personally. This past summer, I thought about doing a pandemic-friendly outdoor concert in my driveway. The neighbors would have been able to listen to the music from their own homes whether it was the porch or a lawn chair in their driveway or looking out the window. I even talked to a few neighbors about it. They were ready to fire up grills and cook food and turn it into a community block party. I got busy with other things and didn't do it. But, in the spring or summer of 2022, I'm definitely going to make it happen. Who knows, maybe I'll run for mayor in 2024.
  17. They've definitely killed more folks. The story above was very specific about unarmed motorists during minor traffic infractions. That doesn't account for a whole bunch of people they weren't able to apprehend alive for one reason or another.
  18. Appreciate the vote of confidence but there's already limited participation in the discussion forum. Losing a perspective doesn't help. I came through for the discussion and stayed for the ensuing hilarity brought by you, @Mzuri and @Cynique. @Pioneer1, I respect the fact that you've got other moves to make. Handle your business and get back on here ASAP.
  19. It could depending on who they hire to replace the current head coach. The Bears have good players on both sides of the ball. Also, I'd hate to see Justin Fields' football career ruined before it gets off the ground.
  20. D8mn bro. I just got here. You stepping off already. What happened? Regardless of whether one agrees with your point of view or not, your contribution to this discussion board is valuable. I enjoy reading your posts. This place will not be the same without it. Let me know when you're coming back.
  21. @Pioneer1, failed 3rd parties makes @MzuriPAC/Super PAC recommendation a more tangible consideration. The right mix of PACs one could become a major political party. Again, it still comes back to having an agenda that appeals to a huge base disenfranchised with the status quo.
  22. There's no amount of planning for the most unforeseen circumstances. While the US does provide safety nets up to a point, it could be better. However, communities can do more to protect themselves in the event of hardship too. In communities, folks should know their neighbors. Have a transportation service that can assist those who do not drive. Be able to provide emergency day care services. Establish and maintain a food pantry. There's a lot folks can do to help each other and potential business opportunities as well. The brilliant Nas said that "buck that bought a bottle could have won the lotto". I don't like the odds of winning the lottery but the sentiment rings true in terms of investing in something with a potential ROI (return on investment) rather than a destructive indulgence.
  23. I know the question was aimed @Delano but as a huge NFL fan, I would recommend firing the Bears head coach. He has been bust since they hired him. Back to your regularly scheduled astrological programming.
  24. It is unfortunate that police officers have the added responsibility of debt collector and enforcement. There's enough technology available that police really don't even have to engage with motorists for minor infractions. Once a license plate or registration or drivers license information is obtained, either write up the ticket and hand it over or in the case of a fleeing person, mail it to them. No interrogation or aggression or chase required. Everyone involved lives to see and have a nice day.
  25. Stating the obvious, humanity needs both concrete and abstract thinkers. Some folks can see the big picture (concepts) while it takes others to bring it to fruition (produce). That's how we survive and thrive.
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