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  1. Admin You'll get no arguments from me that he needs to be stopped/punished. Castration in my opinion is too harsh for reckless sexual behavior in which the women were WILLING PARTICIPANTS. Again, it's not like he raped these women. They knew he wasn't on the up-n-up, they just didn't give a damn. But like Ester's husband Woody said when Grady asked him what the hell he was: He's still a MAN. ((During the conversation Pioneer notices Troy looking up at an improperly dressed Cynique who happened to stumble into the room clutching a bottle of Wild Irish Rose....lol. As a grinning Troy extends his glass towards her, he winks and mumbles something about wanting her to give him some of that good ole "sum-a-dat". She takes a swig, pours him some, and as she makes her way towards the bar she thinks to herself...what a sissy.....lol.....trying to flirt with me?...atleast my man Desmond Hatchett don't drank his wine out no glass, like a real man he dranks it straight from da bottle! )) .....lol. Cynique If they're making babies then they're not useless. Believe it or not, they're actually contributing to the maintenance of the population.....lol. I remember hearing a famous Black leader recently say that if it weren't for so many Black women having babies out of wedlock, the Black population would be shrinking in America because too many educated and professional Black women are waiting too long to have children and some aren't having them at all. I wasn't sure how to take that statement when I first heard it. I've been the type to prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY. Not only do I think children should be born to parents who aren't married, I don't even think MARRIED people should have children unless they are financially ready for a family. But maybe he had a point..... (shrugs shoulders) Maybe the people we're calling irresponsible are really acting in accordance with their nature.
  2. {late at night...the kids are sleep....2 grown men speaking in the living room} ((With Troy sitting in his main chair, Pioneer sitting on the couch leans over and smiles as he says.....)) Now wait a minute mayne, I think you're putting a little TOO much responsibility on the men bruthaz here. Now....... I'm not in the bedroom during EVERY sexual encounter between Black men and women but if I were a betting man I'd be willing to wager quite a bit of money on the fact the the overwhelming majority of these women are NOT BEING RAPED OR FORCED TO SLEEP WITH THESE MEN DUDES. They're CHOOSING to sleep with these men guys even when they KNOW that they ain't shit. You'd think when a woman hears him calling his baby's mamma a "bitch" and talk about hurting her or calling his own children "little bastids".because he has to pay child support....HAT would be a signal to get her purse and end the relationship right then and there.....but noooo.....they get even hornier and even suggest helping the man to hurt the other woman. We all know how the CURRENT girlfriend often plots and plans to hurt the ex or mistress or any other woman seen as a threat to her relationship with her man....rather than the man himself. I would caution you or any other person who attempts to discipline these wild young bruthaz (and uthaz) who go around banging women and making children they aren't supporting, to be careful. Just like a woman who's being beaten by her boyfriend will often turn on YOU when you try to help her out.....that same confused mentality will cause some of them to turn on YOU if you try to punish her man for exploiting and abandoning her and her children. As I said before, sex is natural and you're not going to stop men and women from screwing eachother. Castrating them or locking them away will only produce a lot more ANGRY and sexually frustrated women. The game don't change....the only change is in the players. Demeaning men for being irresponsible and socially stripping them of their manhood addresses only PART of the problem....the other parts involve the women who love them and continue to allow them to do what they do and for as long as they want. ((Pioneer taps his cigar in the ash tray)) I offered a solution to this problem months ago but it was dismissed by some as impractical.
  3. Cynique Agreed. But the more I learn about how the "system" works the more I understand the reasoning for this strategy big business uses on workers. Agreed True I wouldn't say it "doesn't exist" but it's certainly not wide spread. There are many reasons for inequality, some reasons are actually justified. Why should a person not as smart and industrious as me have just as much as me? Is that fair? There's a difference between FAIR and EQUAL you know. Not sure if this statement is true or not as I haven't had much contact with the criminal justice system except for a divorce related issue. That's partially true but not totally. Many of the have-nots do-not-have because they do-not-want. They want just enough money to have fun and enjoy themselves but don't want the responsibilities that come with accumulating and maintaining wealth. It's true that Capitalism thrives on tapping into the emotions of greed and ambition but this is also the reason why it tends to promote more progressive and advanced societies than the ones where all the wealth is shared and everyone's needs are met. As long as it doesn't turn into "feudalism" I think Capitalism with a few key institutions being Socialized is best for our people. Not sure why you provided me with this bit of information but I can't say I disagree with it. Maybe just one more of those strawmen you like to prop up from time to time.....lol. More of your straw men popping up I see...... I don't have to "defend" the manhood of men like that. The fact that they're making babies bears witness to thier their masculinity and the fact that they are indeed MEN. Rotten, immoral, mentally immature men....but men none the less. Oh clam up.... I haven't said that. I think that may be your guilty concience talking to you, lol.
  4. It's always the story BEHIND the story. It's like a commercial for washing machines featuring a half naked woman dancing around in her underwear. You ain't gonna focus on the damn machine, you're going to focus on HER. SHE is what the commercial is really selling! My question is why is THIS case getting so much attention? I was watching CNN the other day and they actually interrupted a program and reported this as breaking news like it was a nuclear disaster or something. What happened to these girls was terrible but you find stories like this in every state in America. Every few weeks they're finding some nut who's been holding girls hostage and sexually abusing them. Why this one? The media goes into an obviously low income neighborhood and stick a camera into the face of EVERYONE who lives there including bums, fools, dope addicts, ect..... Like it's some big social experiment or something. I knew the media was making fun of him (Ramsey) when they kept showing videos of him. White America was silently laughing at this dude and his animated way of speaking. It's the same mentality that produces so many daytime talk shows that routinely feature the crazies zaniest negroes they can find to prop them up on stage and let them make fools of themselves infront of the cameras. It's not about the actual story itself, but making fools of the people who are in it. The mainstream media is a JOKE. It's not about news and informing the public anymore. It's about entertaining people and using psychology to manipulate minds for political purposes.
  5. Troy The answer would still be YES ((Pioneer takes off his glasses and leans back in his chair with his hands clasped)) Let me get a little deep into this and explain why I'm so adamant about refusing to reduce the status of a man's gender based on his morals...... Whether we know it or not, all this "he's not a real man" crap is actually born from the history of White supremacy and racism. You want to talk about sexual stereotype being rooted in slavery, well accusing a Black man of not being a "real man" is also rooted in slavery. So the sister has been abused, exploited, and abandoned by a man she loved and she thought he loved her back.....so out of her pain she gets in a man's face and: says he's not a real man calls him a dog calls him a little boy You grow up hearing this and the community adopts the attitude that if a man doesn't take care of his children, he's not a real man. Then we add a little more to it and say if a man isn't working he's not a real man. Then if he lives off of women instead of supporting himself he's not a real man. When does it stop? It's just another excuse to demean Black masculinity. These are emotional slanders aimed at Black men by a lot of angry women but these slurs at their basic level are really born out of the White racist notion that Black men are somehow not "real men". This belief is already deep in the hearts of many Black men and women and all it takes is a fit of anger to bring it out. There are White and even some Asian men who abandon their responsibilities of fatherhood as well, but how many times have you heard their women question their manhood? Abandoning your responsibilities as a father is a terrible thing but it has less to do with manhood and more to do with being IRRESPONSIBLE. It has nothing to do with their gender or masculinity....which is why they continue to make babies with other women with no problem. One of the things I learned years ago when I was working in the food industry was that things should be kept in thier proper context to prevent cross contamination.
  6. My knowledge is obviously limited on the matter but beating somebody up and leaving them alive to get to the hospital and possibly recover doesn't sound like a "political hit". It does indeed sound like he was set up but not by some sort of covert operation but more like some criminals and thugs who he may have thought was cool. Regardless of who or what was behind this tragedy, you have to say that this is an embarassment to the legacy of Malik.
  7. Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X, was killed in Mexico City following a dispute over a bar bill, authorities said. MEXICO CITY — Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of political activist Malcolm X, was killed after a fight at a Mexico City bar, Mexican authorities said Friday. He was 28. City prosecutors are investigating the attack that sent Shabazz to a nearby hospital, where he died Thursday of blunt-force trauma injuries. United States officials confirmed that Shabazz was killed in Mexico City. Much like his grandfather, Shabazz spent his youth in and out of trouble. At 12, he set a fire at his grandmother's apartment, a blaze that resulted in the death of Malcolm X's widow. After four years in juvenile detention, Shabazz was sent back to prison on attempted robbery and assault charges. In recent years, the first male heir of X seemed to seek redemption, saying he was writing a memoir and traveling around the world speaking out against youth violence. Before his trip to Mexico, he reached out to a group of Mexican construction workers in the U.S. and then visited in Mexico with a leader who had been deported. Malcolm X, who inspired books and the 1992 Hollywood movie named after him, was shot to death as he delivered a speech in a Harlem ballroom in 1965. Shabazz's mother was only 4 at the time. Labor activist Miguel Suarez, who was traveling with Shabazz, told The Associated Press that his friend was beaten up at a bar near Plaza Garibaldi, a downtown square that is home to Mexico City's mariachis. Plaza Garibaldi is popular with tourists, but the pair were at a bar across the street from the plaza in an area of rough dive bars tourists are warned against going to. Suarez said he and Shabazz were lured to the bar on Wednesday night by a young woman who made conversation with the American in English. The Palace bar is on one of Mexico City's busiest avenues. "We were dancing with the girls and drinking," said Suarez. Then the owner of the bar wanted them to pay a $1,200 bar tab, alleging that they should pay for music, drinks and the girls' companionship. "We pretty much got hassled," he said. "A short dude came with a gun." Suarez said he was taken by the man to a separate room. Shabazz stayed in the hall. Suarez said he heard a violent commotion in the hall and escaped from the room and the bar altogether as he saw half-naked girls running away, picking up their skirts from the dance floor. Minutes later, Suarez came back in a cab to look for Shabazz and found him on the ground outside the bar severely injured. "He was in shock. His face was messed up," said Suarez. "He was alive." "I grabbed him, and I called the cops," said Suarez, who was recently deported from the United States. He said he took Shabazz to a hospital but his friend died hours later of blunt-force injuries. Suarez said Shabazz had traveled to Mexico to support him and his movement advocating for more rights for construction workers. He crossed the border from San Diego to Tijuana with Suarez's mother and then the pair took a bus all the way to Mexico City. "We were planning to go to Teotihuacan, to see the Aztec pyramids," he said. U.S. State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell did not offer details on whether they are working with Mexican investigators. "We've been in contact with family members and have been providing appropriate ... assistance," Ventrell said. "At their request, we have no further comment at this time." The Shabazz family said in a statement they were saddened to hear of X's grandson death. "To all who knew him, he offered kindess, encouragement and hope for a better tomorrow," said the statement. "We will miss him." Ruth Clark, Shabazz's godmother, said that her heart was heavy, but that she believes he is now "among angels." "Malcolm is part of a welcoming kingdom, sharing his bright smile, intelligence and wisdom." Shabazz was born on Oct. 8, 1984 to Qubilah Shabazz, one of six daughters of Malcolm X and his wife Betty Shabazz. In June 1997, Malcolm Shabazz set the fire at his grandmother Betty Shabazz's home. She died from severe burns, and he served four years in juvenile detention. He later expressed regret for his actions, telling The New York Times in 2003 that he would sit on his jail cot and ask for a sign of forgiveness from his dead grandmother. "I just wanted her to know I was sorry and I wanted to know she accepted my apology, that I didn't mean it," he said. "But I would get no response, and I really wanted that response." Despite the encouragement and support by his family's numerous supporters in New York, he struggled. He joined the Bloods street gang and after moving to the small city of Middletown, near New York's Catskills region, he had additional legal scrapes. Shabazz also served time on a 2002 attempted robbery conviction, and was released in 2005. In 2006, he pleaded guilty to criminal mischief for smashing the window of a Yonkers doughnut shop. More recently, Shabazz had taken on public speaking engagements and traveled, describing himself as a human rights activist. On his Facebook profile, he said he was attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. Yet his entanglements with law enforcement continued. In one of the last posts on his blog, in March, Shabazz had complained that FBI agents had recently questioned him about his international travels. He also accused officers with the Middletown police department of harassing him since the fall, and said an arrest in the city over the winter prevented him from traveling to Iran in February to participate in a film festival. Shabazz also wrote about traveling to Damascus, Syria, to study and to Libya as part of a delegation of Americans who met with Moammar Gadhafi, prior to his ouster and death. Police officials in Middletown didn't return phone messages Friday. An FBI spokesman in New York had no immediate comment. He proudly embraced the legacy of his grandfather, one of the most influential black people in history, who had a more radical, angry approach than Martin Luther King Jr.'s nonviolent movement in the 1950s and into the 1960s. On his Twitter page, Shabazz posted a picture of himself mimicking the famous photograph of his grandfather, peering out at a window with a rifle in one hand. "Grandson, name-sake and first male heir of the greatest revolutionary leader of the 20th century," he wrote. Associated Press writer Bradley Klapper contributed to this report from Washington; and David Caruso from New York City. http://news.msn.com/crime-justice/grandson-of-malcolm-x-killed-at-mexico-city-bar
  8. Cynique I don't know about Chicago but Black people HAD VERY GOOD HIGH PAYING JOBS in Detroit working in auto and steel factories and many of them wasted their money on dope, whiskey, and partying. To keep it real, many bought houses, businesses, and other property which was a good thing. Many more sent thier children off to college which was also good to a point. But too many messed up their money and didn't invest in building factories and corporations for economic independance like a lot of Jews and Asians have done. That's not racism or the legacy of slavery, that's poor choices in life that comes from a lack of discipline along with financial ignorance. Now is that all our fault...no. But it is what it is, and attributing it to slavery or racism is a mistake. White people weren't BORN into having what they have as a race. They built by respecting and collecting knowledge and being industrious and if we want to be succcessful as a people we need to do the same thing. I'm no Republican but I'm VERY conservative when it comes to some issues like morality and economics. Talk about maturity, when I was younger a few older successful Black people told me that as I got older I WILL become more conservative and I found it to be true. Anyone with good sense and observation can easily see that most of the problems in the urban centers of the nation has less to do with slavery and more to do with too many of our young people being criminal minded and lacking ambition and being all around unprofessional. You can criticize the "Uncle Toms" and "apologetic negroes" all day but I have more respect and love for them that I have for these little thugs and hoodlums who run around raising hell and destroying the community. Or these rappers who are getting paid to humiliate and degrade their own people unapologetically...lol. Hell, atleast the Uncle Tom is making a decision based upon REASON and LOGIC. Atleast most are willing to put on a suit and tie and duck and bow and apologize in order to get SOMETHING in life. He has weighed his options and at some point felt it would be best to align himself with the establishment for money and power, especially in a society where most of his own people have nothing to offer him for his loyalty. What will one get out of walking around in dredlocks smelling like wild musk oil with a big black fist on your t-shirt cussing out White folks and condemning the system? Especially when you don't have enough sense to build one of your own? I personally believe in working with like minds to build a healthy Black society. BUT.....if given the choice I'd rather live in a neighborhood full of Uncle Toms who atleast try to be productive citizens than in a hood full of unapologetic nigggaz and thugs. And I'm sure anyone with as much sense as a brass-ass monkey would agree....lol.
  9. Cynique Looks like I just did. You seem to agree with my previous post about what women REALLY find attractive versus what they are often said to find attractive. Most young girls care about looks, most women over 30 are going for more masculine traits like being able to make money and handle business if someone messes with the family. I'm not speaking FOR women...I'm speaking FROM experience and observation. Troy You're coming from a SOCIAL point of view. I'm coming from a BIOLOGICAL point of view. Any male who attains the age of physical maturity is a MAN, period. Whether he's a GOOD man or a BAD man or a SORRY ASS man is another story, but his morals don't change the status of his masculinity. If you saw an adult male with a mustache and beard slap a woman down and snatch her purse and the police ask you for a description of the suspect.... Would you say a MAN with a mustache and beard did it? Or would you say some BOY wearing a fake mustache perpetrated the act? Or would you refrain from assigning ANY gender to him until you found out whether or not he was taking care of his children....lol. I'm not raising this point just to be contrary or opposing. I'm raising it because this idea of what and who is a "real man" has caused a lot of confustion among a lot of young men in the Black community and too many mixed messages are being sent.
  10. SELF HATRED and IMPROPER GRAMMAR ....found through out much of the AfroAmerican community can be directly linked to the legacy of slavery, that the residue stops just about there. The vast majority of what you see happening in the hood today is as a direct result of willful ignorant and immoral choices that too many of our people have been allowed to make in a so-called "free" society that doesn't properly reprimand them for it. In this society you're FREE to be a lazy ass fool. Infact, in some cases you can get your own show and get paid to do so. And Black folks being on welfare and living in the projects has NOTHING to do with slavery. NOT ALL....but MOST are (or were until most of them got torn down) there because too many of our people like to settle down to the lowest denominator and take the easiest road in life. Many people fell on hard times and just couldn't get back up, but that's not the majority. Rather than working hard, living responsibily, and saving their money to live in a decent apartment or buy a house they can afford.....too many want to keep thier money to buy drugs/alcohol and bullshit through life. Low rent and "free" housing allowed them to do so. Finding a friend or relative soft-hearted enough for them to mooch off of will work just as fine as well. I personally didn't have a problem with the THEORECTICAL CONCEPT of the projects. Being lazy and irresponsible shouldn't be a crime. I wouldn't deny such a person the basics of food clothing and shelter. I just won't subsidize their laziness and irresponsibility. I don't like how they tore down the projects and started subsidizing apartments and houses. Section 8 has made the problem even worse. Now the same trouble making bums who were confined to the projects have now been permitted to spread thier evil all over the city. My organization is currently pushing the idea of REBUILDING public housing projects and shelters so that families peole who can't afford thier own houses and apartments can have a place to stay instead of begging and bumming on the street and posing a public health hazzard. But this time we'll do it with proper security and maintenance to make sure knuckleheads don't tear it up like they've done so many times before. I know about White priviledge and the feelings of entitlement, I also know that Asians and Arabs and Africans come over to America and end up doing better than Whites! It's the CULTURE of White America that allows so many of them to build wealth and keep it and it's the CULTURE of Black America that keeps so many Black people in poverty and reduces even those who come from the middle class down into poverty in just 1 or 2 generations.
  11. Cynique I guess you and ole Big Foot Joe are just leaving yall carbon foot prints all over Chicago because you can't control your ravenous appetite for cheeseburgers. ((shakes head)) Well, atleast you have a spot to take your Latin (and Jewish O Boy Oy Vey) lovers...lol. Troy People like structure and familiarity. Even if they know it's a belief forced on them, if they are born into it then it becomes an institution they can fall back on in times of need.....especially during a crisis. Also, I wouldn't categorize the acceptance of religion with the acceptance of homosexuality anymore than I would with race. Three different subjects that should be handled differently. You shouldn't have to be gay to understand gay people. Hell, homosexuals are supposed to be attracted to the SAME SEX. Which begs to question how a man who is supposedly gay can maintain an erection for a woman hard enough to continually satisfy her for 8 years without her knowing> I'm not making a statement, I'm merely asking a question..... Mike Tyson said: "Is dat so whuuooong?"
  12. A woman can take little kids by the hand and raise them too.....lol. As noble as it is, sticking around and raising children doesn't make you any MORE of a man than the deadbeat bum who knocks a woman up and runs off to duck responsibility. It makes you a BETTER man, but not MORE of a man. In other words, being nice and a gentleman isn't necessarily going to make you more attractive to women. They are attracted to men who have money and can protect them, this is universal. All the "listen up" and "let's sit on the stoop and rap" talks in the world aren't going to change a young man's mind when he sees what's really going on in his neighborhood and which kind of men are getting the girls.
  13. Women are attracted to men....period. It has little to do with their morality or discipline, it's biological. They would HOPE that the man takes care of his children and treats them right, but if he doesn't they will still be attracted because that's the way nature designed them to be. When you see a bad ass woman walking down the street with a butt so lovely it slows down the traffic and grinds it to a halt, you aren't thinking about her "character" or her ethics. You're focused on a biological urge. Nor do I think it's any fairer to compare strong sexual urges to being animalistic than a strong appetite for food or a desire to sleep for extended periods of time....all of these are natural biological urges.
  14. Cynique Mickey ain't put burgers in Styrofoam since the Run DMC/Big Daddy Kane days....lol. If you stumbled upon and decided to start nibbling on some old cheeseburger you found in a Styrofoam container , maybe somebody ought to give YOU a "special gift" ! Troy I'm not saying what he can or can't physically do. People have been known to do some amazing things. I'm just wondering how can a man who supposedly doesn't like coochie actually get "hard" for it....especially enough for a normal sex life. It would be different if he said he was "bi", but he said straight up gay. It's not adding up....but hey.
  15. You have a weird sense of humor. You tell jokes and make funnies that only YOU seem to "get".....lol. But since you brought up slavery and apologies (even in a silly context), we know that the conditions in the ghetto (children born out of wedlock, gang violence, drug use, ect.....) aren't as a result of the legacies of slavery. Most of these social ills are as a DIRECT result of the ignorance and immorality that has spread through out much of the modern AfroAmerican community like a plague. Hell slavery legally ended around 1865 and even during Jim Crow and up until the 70's Black people were steadily progressing in business, wealth, supporting thier families, building religious institutions (churces, mosques, ect...) Then in the 80s shit started taking a turn for the worse. DRUGS and GANGSTA RAP were the 2 demons unleashed in the 80s to strip many of our people from their morals and destroy them from the inside out.
  16. She sat up there and said: "And I ain't going through all the trouble of checking a bunch of posts to find proof that you talk out of both sides of your mouth when it comes to god. Since you're denying it, you prove that you didn't say what I accused you of ." .....knowing damn well you can't prove a negative So in other words, what she really did was make a FALSE STATEMENT that she couldn't back up.....lol. Well, being the take charge type of MAN that I am..... And seeing as how I'm the one who's really in control of this exchange.... And seeing that my missions have been accoplished..... That being: 1. Defended myself in a thread actually started by Cynique in an attempt to "call me out" 2. Proven...even to her...that my assertions concerning Black men and testosterone are true 3. I have show the audience that Cynique is an emotional basketcase with an active imagination. And since this exchange is no longer educational or even entertaining......... I will end it. ((Pioneer gets up and leaves Cynique sitting on the dusty ground in a raggedy little dress with her marbles and jacks laying besides her, smiles, and says to her as he steps into his Benz )) It's time now for grown people to go and take care of grown folks business Don't worry little Cynique, we'll play together again when I find the time....lol.
  17. Cynique Didn't you call Fred Hampton your "homie" a few posts ago? I wonder how your "homie" would feel hearing you talking about some of his comrads like that. I admit I don't know much about the Panthers except from what I've read and seen in documentaries but it's hard to believe the majority of them were as crude as you depicted. If they were as self destructive as you claim, why would Hoover have targeted them so aggressively?
  18. Harry Allen the Media Assasin Harry Brown I know the question......for you Boitumelo Mr Brown....is just rhetorical...lol. But men cheat for the same reasons some people eat too much. They are undisciplined when it comes to governing their natural urges. Plus this society offers no stiff (no pun intended) penalties for those who engage in adulterous behavior.
  19. I would appreciate more feedback on the ACTUAL SUBSTANCE of my previous post........... But gay people DO seem to be very wealthy, as a group atleast. Somebody asked me a question jokingly years ago have I ever seen a homeless or broke gay man.. I laughed a little...then thought about it a bit and had to admit I hadn't. I have a theory about why this is and it's connected to the educational system. And posting that SNL video of White men who can sing??? Cynique, you're not throwing salt in anyone's wounds....lol. You're just being your usual SALTY self.....'cuz I'm not "wounded" in the least. I've never agued that White men couldn't sing, dance, fuck, or be cool otherwise. Nor have I said they spent all thier time conspiring to emasculate Black men. I simply said that there are those in the media who seem to have an agenda to feminize the image of Black men. The rest of that garbage is just part of your overly active imagination.
  20. Cynique Yes, you really "stepped right into it" tonight....lol. I'm a productive law abiding Black man who abhors ignorant and antisocial behavior, especially when it's perpetrated against people of color (Black, Brown, Yellow, ect). And you have a problem with that? It would be another thing if she WAS CHINESE. But the lady was JAPANESE! It's not about taking credit for it. I can encourage his civility and ASSOCIATE myself with the likes of other civilized law abiding Black people in an effort to combat the self-destructive ignorance that seems to be so malignant in some Black communities. Again, do you have a problem with a Black man doing that? And you devalue YOURSELF and look silly when you repeatedly make up stories and accuse people of saying things that they haven't even come close to saying. Keep doing it and people will stop taking anything you say seriously. Are these the same men you call "drug crazed thugs" in another thread???? Well............. Maybe the Panthers SHOULD have done a little more apologizing for the stupid behavior of the most vulgar of our people back then. Perhaps it would have brought more peace and understanding between them and the police and White society in general. They knew who the thieves and dope dealers were. They should have warned them about victimizing the community and if they refused to heed those warnings then grab them and turn their asses in to the police themselves. Even at that time you can't tell me that ALL the police in Oakland, Chicago, and other cities were crooked and racist. Not only aren't all White racist, but I've found out that a lot of those who are racist were MADE that way by seeing so much ignorance and vulgarity among AfroAmericans on a daily basis and I bet many of them are even more confused as to why few other decent AfroAmericans willing to confront them on thier anti-social behavior. You sit up and watch your own people act a natural fool, then you want to get mad at the police and call them racist because YOU were to lazy or indifferent to enforce standard of decency and morality in your own neighborhood. What ever happened to keeping our own in check? The 2 groups bringing this nation down is IGNORANT Black folks and RACIST White folks and both of them feed of of the behavior of eachother.
  21. Cynique Hmmmm.... Since you said it, can you SHOW us where I said I believed in god just to cover my ass? ((BTW , I know what I said to Troy a few weeks ago which was nothing like that)) The audience is waiting for proof and they aren't in the mood for your usual disappointing performance, lol. Well my goodness.... How can one NOT have a messianic complex when dealing with such a pitiful being who obviously needs someone to swoop down and save her from her own self destructive delusions? By your own admission, you didn't even know the facts about Black male biology until I EDUCATED you on it and forced you to research it for yourself. Sheeeeeyid.....you should have a palm in your hand waving it in appreciation right now.
  22. For a quick second i entertained the idea the Black people would be more successful if they would stop being so beholden to the Democrat Party and kind of balance thier votes between the Democrats and Republicans to make both parties fight on behalf of our interests. But now, since both parties get so much of thier funding from the rich and could care less for the support of the "little man".....I don't think that strategy would be very effective anyway. I'm neither a registered Republican NOR Democrat because I think both parties have policies that are not only NOT in the best interests of AfroAmericans, but now aren't even in the best interests of the American people in general.
  23. Like the brutha told the nurse when he went in for his physical: Brace yourself, this is about to be a long one....... "For what doeth it profit a man to gain the WHOLE WORLD but lose his OWN SOUL?" It's a sign of how intellectually and morally immature some people are when they will gladly play the role of a criminal, pervert, ignoramous or otherwise social deviant just for money not realizing the devasting effects those images have on the developing minds of young people. Back in the 80s and 90s, I rarely saw Black men switching and pouting and looking sweet in public. But after Jamie Foxx (Wanda) and Martin Lawrence (Shanana) started putting on wigs and dresses and acting like women...... Now you have a generation of young men getting off buses and walking around in shopping malls with silly grins on thier faces switching and lisping and acting JUST LIKE those characters they saw on television as children. Ever wonder why your parents warned you not to make fun of or mock handicapped people or mentally retarded people? In Morehouse College down in Atlanta the Dean had to put out an executive order prohibiting the young men from coming to class in dresses, lipstick and high heels! Yes..... I couldn't believe it until I went down there a few years ago and SAW for myself why he had to do that! Now I'm not gay bashing here..... Homosexuals are human beings and have a right to be who they are, but Troy when you ask "who cares" if Collins is gay or not, it doesn't matter, it reminds me of the argument over the color of Jesus. There are some who ask: "Who cares if he was Black, White, or Brown....as long as you believe." But my answer was always; "Well SOMEBODY obviously cared, because they took to the time to change him from his original color to making him White."......lol. And somebody STILL cares because they're keeping his image as White on most of the pictures and movies till this very day despite overwhelming evidence that he wasn't White...lol. It's the same with Black sexuality. SOMEBODY in the media seems to find it important to put Black men in dresses. SOMEBODY sees fit to include a Black man making advances towards a White guy in prison scenes in the movies incinuating rape. SOMEBODY in the media seems to think it was proper to put a rainbow halo around President Obama's head and call him the first "gay president". And SOMEBODY in the media seems to have made it thier mission to find as many gay Black celebrities and atheletes as they can....encourage them to "come out"....and then broadcast this to the whole world. It's funny to me with all the White atheletes in Hockey and baseball and NASCAR that none of THEM have openly come out as gay. Also it's funny to me how a so-called "gay" man can maintain an erection for and have sex with a woman for 8 years without her having a clue. Being a straight brother, and as many times as I've been around other nude males in school or in camp I've NEVER gotten even a mild erection for another dude, let alone one hard enough for sex because I'm just not oriented that way. Now if you're gay...you're gay. But I'm wondering how a so-called "gay" man managed to get an erection hard enough to sexually please a woman for 8 years to the point she didn't even realize he wasn't liking it? This whole thing smells fishy to me. I wouldn't be suprised if him and some of these other cats weren't being PAID to "come out" as gay as some sort of publicity stunt. When you have young men so confused that they will play dope dealers, gangsters, or put on dresses and wigs and act funny for a little money....why would they be above this also?
  24. Cynique Not exactly sure what you mean. Care to elaborate? But ya know....... I hear the same SILLY "reasoning" coming from some of the teenagers when I correct them for call eachother nigga in public and even brag about engaging in illegal and immoral activities without caring who's listening . One smartass with a doo-rag on his head and a swisher-sweet blunt stuck in his ear will blurt out, "Yeah but...but..White folks be doin' the same thang!!" Yes, offensive and vulgar behavior can be found in EVERY race; certainly Black people have no monopoly on it. But White people have built great cities, tall buildings, monuments, and established nations that are still in existance today to point to as a sign of thier intelligence. So if one or 2 of them happen to fall through the cracks, who cares? For every one White FOOL you can find 2 who are accomplished and successful. Can you say the same thing about OUR people? Until you can....... Take that Swisher Sweet out of your ear and recognize how SILLY it is in trying to justify stupid behavior among our people by saying White people do it too, lol. And when have I devalued Black Panther women?
  25. Cynique If you think women who reward men for putting thier lives and freedoms on the line to fight injustice and police brutality are somehow being "exploited"....well. WATER STAR Water Star....whereever you are..... Cynique is holding the passenger door open for you to get into a car that's going NOWHERE fast. Don't get in! Walk...no.....RUN away! RUN FOREST....RUN FOREST....RUN...lol. Pioneer NEVER said he approved of the disrespect of women, inside or outside the Panthers. I said that women shouldn't mind having sex with good men...brave men....who are working to build a better Black community, that's all. Don't fall for the okey-doke! Shut the door on that crazy lady and RUN....lol. Troy What you're talking about is an actual AGENT more so than an INFORMANT but I understand what you're saying about not accepting hearsay and getting 3rd and 4th hand information. That's why I prefaced my comments by saying, "From my limited understanding of them......." When it comes to the history of the Panthers and other revolutionary groups, I'm in no position to separate fact from fiction. History is written and rewritten and rewritten and everybody has an opinion about how things went down. Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about Lincoln and Kennedy; here comes ole rightwing Bill O'Reilly producing books with "brand new information" on these presidents that seems to have escaped all the historians and scholars who studies them for decades....lol. In my opinion, to really know the truth of the past you'd have to actually BE THERE to experience or witness it, Anything else is just that....HIS-story. If it were up to me, I wouldn't even teach history in the educational system.
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