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The Power of Blogs Part 5 & Updates on

After all that talk about the power of Blogs, it is hard to believe that it has been a full month since my last update. Even now I’m thinking “I really can’t spare the time for this thing…, it is really another chore”.

However I remind myself of the real motiviation for setting this thing in the first place. One was to learn more about Blogs and use this thing in such a way that someone else can learn from my experiences. Also also wanted to see if this Blog could also help to make my site more sucessful.

Once reason I have not updated this Blog is that I’ve been busy maintaining Here are some of the most recent updates

Better Support for Advertisers
I’ve added some software which allows advertisers to montior, in real time, the success of their advertising campaign. Advertisers can see which images (books, ad banersrs, etc) were viewed and on which pages, they can see which images and even control the times there visit for a test drive.

New Discussion Boards
I’ve added three new new discussion baords:

1 – An Events posting baord – post pictures add links and more

2- “Keepers of the Flame” Serial Boards Secret staff writers offer up this addictive tongue-in-cheek internet soap opera, complete with photographs and exciting plot twists.

3 – The Kool Room – Hosted by Kola Boof The focus is books and current events. The atmosphere is laid back, progressive and anything goes. (Public Posting, No Registration Required)

Video Archiving of Literary Salons
Visit here you will find a link to a video of an literary Salon featuring Toby Thompkins

It is probably hard to image all of the background work that is required just to produce what a visitor sees when they visit the links above. Behind each of these activities are meetings, drama, expenses, time, learning curves, sleepless nights, etc.

I would bet most people who maintain major web sites do not also maintain a blog.


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