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We are offering a Great New Service

I must say after a almost 15 years of building web pages and even longer surfing the net, there is very little that make me say “wow”. Recently, however, I found a service that I’m actually reselling because I think it is just a cool (but effective) marketing tool. The real selling point is the price. Please check out the what I’m talking about by clicking the picture below:

Get Yours Video at

What makes these videos so cool is that they are relatively unobrusive and captivating — you just want to look at and hear what the little person on the screen has to say.

I’ve seen this type of vides on other web sites but just assumed the price would be prohibitively expensive — but this really, really cheap.

If you are interested in getting one of these videos on your your web site or want one added to your profile. Just visit (an site) for more information.

You can use the videos any where your like. Updating the web page to dispaly the video is as simple as cutting and pasting.

You can get a real actor and film crew to create a 30 second commerical for your book, or really any product, for only $299. You can even mail me your book and I can have the actor actually hold YOUR the book in their hand! You create the script and tell the actor how to dress.

The actor (above) I choose to use time is Marrisa. Marrisa is actually Montell Williams’ daughter. There are over 150 different actors to chose from.

I’m going to another 30 second clip with a different actress for the homepage.

Now here is a great deal: since I have to do another video for my homepage, and I do sell books, I may as well have the actress holding YOUR book!

Damn! This is an excellent opportunity.

Check this out; I will create a video for the homepage. In addition to quickly describing I will have the actress mention your name and title of you book as an example of the types great read available on

Given the number of visitors recieves we can virtually guarantee that more people will see your book than they will on your official web site.

Or create your own video and we’ll add it to any page you like. If you have an urban/street book you’d like to promote we can put you video on the Nikki Turner, Teri Woods or Relentless Aaron page. Maybe your book is erotic in nature — how about putting your video on Zane’s Page. Poetry — Maya Angelou, Literary fiction the choices of authors is endless.

Standard adverting rates apply. Visit to download our marketing kit.



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