My Interview with Snoop of HBO’s The Wire

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson and founder Troy Johnson
video taped interview (8 minutes)
The first time I saw Snoop was on HBO’s The Wire. I recall watching the scene with her buying a nail gun (fans of The Wire will know what I’m talking about). I also recall thinking just how consistently brilliant HBO is with casting. I replayed that scene twice just taken by the character.
I said to myself, “where did HBO get a little boy that can act like that… and who dreamt up that character?” It was much later that I learned the character was actually a woman.
I also learned HBO’s tactic is to cast “real” people in some roles; and Snoop is as real as they come. In fact, Snoop’s realness is her most compelling characteristic. Pearson is incredibly comfortable with herself, completely unpretentious, and gracious.
Snoop is also a trip — very funny; though I did not bring this side of her out in the interview.
I like Snoop.
Snoop has recently published a memoir called; Grace After Midnight. While only 27, the memoir is not untimely, as Snoop has been through and experienced quite a bit in a short period of time. Snoop while 14 shot and killed another teenage girl and spent 6 years in prison…
I wrote a brief review of her book for my web site and Harlem World Magazine my review focused on the “Grace”.
In almost stark contrast one of my regular reviewers, Kam Williams, wrote a very different type of review Kam’s review highlighted the the “Midnight”.
Kam asks the question: “What is it about the Baltimore prisons that has it turning murderers into movie stars?” An interesting, if not provocative question.
It also make one consider how much of our celebrity is founded on criminality in some form or fashion.
Snoop is now taking her experiences, new found celebrity and is trying to make a positive impact on others. Audiences have been moved to tears by her stories and her struggles. They find inspiration and are moved by her strength.
As I have been.


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