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…and I’m averaging about one post a month. One thing I’ve learned is that blogs take time — it you are short on time don’t bother.

It is not that I’m down on blogs — quite the contrary. I simply don’t have time to effectively maintain one. My web site keeps me plenty busy by itself. I’ve come to learn if you have a web site you don’t need a Blog. I think the coolest thing I did with my blog was post to it from my cell phone.

Blog are best for people who don’t have web sites already have a web site — right now I don;t see a reason for both.

That said I’ll keep this puppy up for the time being.

Musings on
I just published another newsletter. The one before it was almost two months ago. I think that is the longest gap between newsletters since I started publishing them in the 90’s. I was just pressed doing everything else: editing book reviews, hosting readings, editing video, adminstering advertisering accounts, processing payments, designing advertisements, doing collections, troubleshooting technical problems, selling services, not to mention adding this content to the web site.

I have to say I’m excited about the advertising software recently introduced — every client is pleased with the results. Few vendors with the target audience can offer advertisers the ability to server so many impressions and provide a means to track results in real time (

I just arranged to publish the work of this cat named Lloyd Kam Williams ( Kam is a prolific writer and an interesting fellow. He has managed to obtain a BA from Cornell, an MA from Brown and and MBA from The Wharton School. He has been a jazz musican and I believe almost flunked out of HS. Check out his work on and all over the net and local publications.

Speaking of interesting stuff, the disscusison have one some place I could never imaged or planned. Sometimes I feel like I created a monster, then other times I read something that makes me think or just bust out laughing out loud. I don’t post to the boards much nowadays (remember the web stuff keeps me pretty busy) but I read few threads enisioning some of the more popular posters like Cynique, Kola, ABM or Thumper being put into a room and filming it for reality TV. Honestly I’m sure it would be better than what is on TV now — I’m just convinced everyone would leave the show alive (which would probably do great thing for the ratings, then way things are now). Check out the discussion baords at

Also read the latest newsletter at you will defintely discover a good book or two.



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