Are You a Winner?

If you know what this blog post is all about then you’ll know if you are!
Simply follow the instructions and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • MsToni

    Informative and user friendly.

  • Vanessa A. Johnson

    The AALBC newsletter is always jam packed with up to date literary news from the bestsellers list to industry events.
    Thanks Troy and AALBC

  • Anonymous

    Very Informative and I can always find something news worthy on this site as well as the newsletter. I love reading the reviews from new authors to some of my favorite authors new releases.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Gayla Clark

    The AALBC newsletter keeps me updated on the lastest books and news of familiar authors and introduces me to many new authors. Also, keeps me informed of various events going on.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  • Anonymous

    The AALBC newletter has really opened up the literary world for me as a new author.It is awesome to see what AAs are contributing to the literary world.Thank you Troy Johnson.

  • Anonymous

    AALBC,I was post #5 and my email address is

  • Sylvia Hubbard

    I know i’m number #6, but I’m still answering. the conference information and what’s coming up for other authors. I think you do a darn good job and you’ve come a long way Troy. Congrats and blessings for all your success in the literary world and all your personal endeavors. my email is

  • Cecilia

    AALBC has so much information and reviews on books that we need to know about! I love the ability to interact with its editors and authors! Keep up the excellent work! We love it!


    Thank you, everyone, for the participating.

    The first 5 posters will recieve the Black Pearl Prize Pack as described in the newsletter.

    The last two entries will receive a book by Relentless Aaron ( Aaron writes in the urban/street genre and signed two book deals with St Martin’s Press for a total of 14 books.

    Thanks again for entering and spread the word about


  • Shelia

    Hi Troy, I know I’m a day late and a book short (smile), but dropped by anyway to say that I enjoy getting the AALBC newsletter every month. It keeps me informed on what’s going on in the literary world. Keep up the good work.

  • Cynthia Overton

    Good meeting you today at BookExpo and talking about my new book STEALING DEMOCRACY: THE NEW POLITICS OF VOTER SUPPRESSION. I hope to work with you soon. More info on the book is at


    Spencer Overton