Authors & Publishers: Can’t earn Amazon affiliate commissions? You can still benefit!

Authors in the following states; Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, & Connecticut.  Here is another win-win proposal from

If you make links available on your site to sell your books via, you may already know that Amazon is no longer paying commissions to affiliates listed in the states above.  However, there is no reason Amazon should keep the money that would normally go to you in affiliate commissions for sales you generate, right?

Well I have a simple proposal:  Provide with the 10-digit ISBN’s for all the books you are selling online, via amazon, and we will provide you with new links which you can use on your website or anywhere else you choose.

The new links offer several advantages

  1. Affiliate commissions will be earned by for sales you generate without effecting the price your customers pay or the earnings you generate as the author.
  2. Sales generated via’s affiliate links are used to create our bestselling books list .   If you book makes our bestsellers list, you will benefit from even more promotion.
  3. If you use any of the affiliate links on your website you will immediately be enttitled to a 10% discount on all services.
  4. If your link generates more than 10 sales in any given month you will be entitled to a 25% discount on all services the following month.
  5. If you generate a large number of sales in a given month we are open to negotiation on services including  free ad placement!

You may also generate your own links at anytime.  Here is the format:

Just substitute the 10 digit ISBN, used in the URL above, with your book’s 10 digit ISBN.  When you want to take advantage of your 10% discount just email the URL of the page where you are using the link.

I hope many of you will take advantage of this offer – it  truly a win-win situation.





  • As a follow up:
    The motivation behnd this proposal is; over the years that most authors who sell their own books via Amazon have not signed up for Amazon’s affiliate program. This is astonishing considering that they are leaving 6, 7, 8%, depending upon sales, of the book’s sale price on the table.

    Even if you are one of the states that Amazon does not pay affiliate commissions — use somebody’s affiliate code. In my Blog post I suggestion using’s code. Even if you don’t use use someone’s — otherwise it is tantamount throwing money away. Take advantage of this benefit while Amazon is still paying affiliate commissions.

  • California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed legislation repealing the law that had forced us to close the program to California residents. California Associates whose accounts were closed due to the prior legislation can re-enroll in the Amazon Associates Program.