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Read an Excellent Book — Also an Collector’s Item!

Raisins in Milk by David Covin is a three-time AALBC Bestseller. It also has the distinction of being the first book to sport the AALBC Bestseller Seal on the printed edition!

Raisins in Milk may also be the first bestselling book that was written, edited, designed (cover art and internal), printed, and published by Black owned companies!

Raisins in Milk was favorably reviewed by Dr. Brenda M. Greene Professor of English and Executive Director of the Center for Black Literature at Medgar Evers College. I enjoyed it too! You may read the first chapter.

I have four (4) copies, autographed by David Covin, that I will send, for free, to the first four current or new eNewletter subscribers who have subscribed at the “Supporter Level” or higher. Just email me your name and address. Of course AALBC is selling this book directly, so order a copy today and get free shipping!

“How I Came to America” by Elizabeth Nunez

Dr. Elizabeth Nunez immigrated to the United States, from Trinidad, in 1963. In 2019 America, an era of heightened xenophobia, it is important to remember that America is a nation of immigrants.

What may not be known to most people is the fact that many of the immigrants in America today owe the privilege of citizenship to the fight waged by activists during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Read Nunez’s personal story ►

How to Find Writers in a Specific Genre on AALBC

AALBC s a massive site with almost 3,700 writers and illustrators profiled. If you are looking for writers in a specific genre, how do you find them? On AALBC, it is easy.

We provide a tool to help you find authors who have published books in over 1,500 different categories. If you are looking for science fiction writers check out our list of authors in the General Science Fiction Category (a few are pictured above).

Just visit our Find Authors by Category Page to begin your journey to discovery of Black writers today. You can also search for books by category too!

AALBC’s Culture, Race & Economy Discussion Forum

Our discussion forums have been active since 1998 and are open to everyone. What you read is not driven by an algorithm designed to manipulate your or separate you from your money, but provided expose you to different ideas. Our recent conversations include:

Author Deborah Turner-Bey introduces us to her book, The Church of the Cosmic Mother: Metaphysics For the African American Seeker, “…a guide to African American spirituality for the 21st century. Combining metaphysics, science, philosophy and a strong dose of Black Nationalism, it is an antidote to the dogma implied in monotheistic traditions that black is evil. Rather, it introduces the concept of the Divine Feminine as the lost connection between our blackness and our holiness.” Read More ►

The Jussie Smollett Incident: “I was looking for someone to bring this to case to this thread. No, I am on Jussie Smollett’s side.There are so many liars in our police departments across this country and also this corrupt government as well. Who can you trust? How can I trust the Chicago police who has murdered unarmed blacks and covered that up?” —QueenX (read the entire conversation)

Join in the conversation or start a new one.

You’ll also discover our; online book club; our #readingblack club, which provides a platform for readers and writers to share ideas; a variety of Blogs; and much more.

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