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Huria Search was created in reaction to the current trend in search results that favor deep pocketed advertisers and large corporations over independent websites. Huria Search

While this trend affects all independent websites, the impact on Black websites is more severe.  As a result, some of the best content generated for and by the Black community is buried too deep in traditional search results to be easily discovered.

Today, not only can you discover great content from independent websites more easily, you can help others do the same, with a growing set of databases and tools from Huria Search.

Huria Search Engine
Huria Search allows you to quickly search hundreds of Black owned websites (including all of the sites in the databases below) free of advertisements!

The Top Black Websites
Here you will find a list of the most popular websites targeted to Black people on the world wide web.

Database of Independent Newspapers
A database of 100+ Black owned newspapers

Database of Independent Bookstores
A database 100+ Black owned booksellers across the United States

The Power List
The only National Bestsellers List of books read by African Americans

Book Sites
A database of the top Black book websites

The Book Look Video Program
Popular online video book program which can be added to your site.  New videos are served to you about twice a month

A list of 50+ Black owned magazines (a sharable database coming soon)

You are free, indeed encouraged, to share any and all of the information on Huria Search.  To paraphrase a conscious Brother I know, “This information must be shared”.

Learn more on about how to support Huria Search’s efforts.


Troy D. Johnson is the President, founder and webmaster of, LLC (The African American Literature Book Club). Launched in March of 1998, has grown to become the largest and most frequently visited website dedicated to books and films by and about people of African descent.