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Playing Around With My New Blog

It really is a misnomer to call WordPress “blogging software” it is much more powerful and feature rich than most what most websites provide and certainly more than what one would expect from a traditional blog.  So I’ll refer to WordPress as web site development software.

Now that does not mean that I would use WordPress to build, but for someone without a great deal of technical know-how and no budget to hire a developer WordPress is definitely a great way to establish a web presence.

Perhaps the best thing about using WordPress is its use of “Plugins”.  Plugins are little self contained utilities and tools that you can use to add various features to your website.

For example today I added a Plugin that allows visitors to use their Facebook account to sign in an contribute to my Blog.  This not only make it easy for me to manage user accounts it make it easier for visitors.

Another Plugin I used allowed me to copy years of Blog posts and comments from my old Blog into this book.  The copy process happened so quickly and so easily, I could not believe that it actually worked!

When I’m done tweaking this Blog I’ll list all of the Plugins that I used.

Another good thing about WordPress is the various Templates (designs) you can use to customize your website.  Each Template can be easily customized so much so that users using the same template can have very different looking websites.

All this for free!


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