Hilarious New Novel From Award-winning Playwright David Lamb

David Lamb

What’s worth fighting for the heart or the wallet?

Platanos Y Collard GreensFrom the Creator of Platanos Y Collard Greens, David Lamb’s Amazing New Novel About the Price of Fame

David Lamb is a New York Times celebrated playwright. Lamb has been hailed by the Amsterdam News as “naturally funny and brilliant,” and his work has enchanted theater audiences across the country for more than ten years. He is praised for reviving Black off-Broadway theater. Now David is unleashing his new novel that, just like his plays, is guaranteed to make readers laugh, think, and cheer for the power of love.

On Top Of The World (Until The Bell Chimes)
Winner Pacific Book Awards as 2016’s Best Fiction

On Top of The WorldWhat’s a girl to do when the nerdy guy she fell for in college becomes music’s biggest superstar and biggest jerk? Give him a second chance or walk away and start over?

Get ready for a fast and fun spin on Dickens that combines laughs and love in a story re-imagined for our digital age. This version of Scrooge and Belle is familiar, yet unlike any you’ve come across before. Scrooge, or rather Scrooje, is a native son of Harlem and music’s biggest star, with one hundred million albums sold and twenty-five million fanatical Twitter followers known as Scroojites. Belle, is a legal shark whose flawless chocolate complexion and stunning figure causes traffic accidents as she stylishly zips through the sidewalks of Manhattan.

Together, with his best friends Marley (the hyper-talented music producer) and Cratchit (the hottest comic in the country) they rise to the top. Belle becomes the brains behind the scenes and Scrooje becomes the sexy superstar, until he betrays Belle’s most intimate trust and she leaves him.

Then at Hollywood’s biggest event, Scrooje will take the journey of a lifetime to heal his feelings of being unworthy of love, find a way to melt the ice that’s turned his heart cold, and hope for a chance to make things right.

But will Belle even give him the time of day?

Written by award-winning playwright David Lamb, creator of the hit stage-play Platanos Y Collard Greens, On Top Of The World will leave you laughing out loud and cheering for these two lovers to get together.

On Top Of The World (Until the Bell Chimes) published by Woolly Mammoth, Octo‌ber 2‌0, 20‌16

“Dynamic novel about the price of fame packed with so many laughs and so much heart I couldn’t put it down!” —Talib Kweli

“Highly Entertaining! Incredibly fun!” —RT Book Reviews

“Perfectly combines humor and romance in a satire about race, class and celebrity worship that readers will love!” —Hollywood Book Reviews

“Fun and Entertaining story of fighting for love against all odds.” —Essence, best-selling author Nancey Flowers



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