Video Coverage of the 2018 National Book Club Conference

National Book Club Conference LogoI attended the 2018 National Book Club Conference August 3rd and 4th. I have not attended since the 2010.  The conference is really was like attending a family reunion I’ve known many of the attendees for at least a decade and some much longer.  Below are the videos I shot that weekend. most are under 5 minutes in length.  Check them out; catch up with a familiar author or discover a new one.

The video title is followed by the video’s duration (mins:sec).

Curtis Bunn, Founder of the National Book Club Conference (0:32)

Bernice L. McFadden on Praise Song for the Butterflies (1:21)

Beverly Jenkins Has a New Book and Film Coming Out! (1:13)

Edward Kelsey Moore Reads From His Novel, The Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues (10:46)

Jenifer Lewis, The Mother of Black Hollywood, Curses Like a Sailor (5:10)

Vanessa Davis Griggs Talks About Her Career as a Writer (1:20)

Terry McMillan on Aging and Feeling as Good as We Can to End (2:04)

Tayari Jones on Working with Literary Agents and Editors (5:02)

Sheri Riley on Her Book Exponential Living — “Peace is the new success.” (0:55)

Historical Fiction Novelist, Joan Vassar, Celebrates Black Love in Her Book (5:59)

Marc Lacy on his Whiskey House Trilogy (1:39)

Sharon Lucas tells us about her book, Plan It! (1:15)

Shomari Wills on George Stiebel Jamaica’s 1st Black Millionaire (8:42)

Portia Cosby Talks About Her Novel F.I.R.E. Reignited (0:45)

Novelist Blacc Topp Talks About His Books (1:14)

Debra Owsley Creator of LitVersation The Book Conversation Game (3:04)

Naleighna Kai talks about her bestselling book, Loving Me for Me (0:37)

Teresa R. Kemp Describes Her Book, Keeper of the Fire (8:32)

Deborah G. Plant editor of Barracoon, written by Zora Neale Hurston (3:49)

Lutishia Lovely’s Novels May Include Sex on one Page and Scriptures on the Next (2:21)

Mary B. Morrison describes her “Masturbation Sleeve” (1:35)

Simba Sana Reads from his Memoir, Never Stop (5:05)


Troy Johnson Enjoying the 2018 National Book Club Conference



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