Can Black people go 5 minutes without music?

…or rather why do we have to blast the music during every gathering?

Having been back in Harlem now for about 4 years — after being away for over 20. There are plenty of improvements but one thing about this community that gets on my nerves is some folks apparent belief that we all want to hear their music or that it is fine to just blast you music out of your car, open window, or mobile boom box.

I know I live a a big city, and I don’t expect silence. However why do men, and it is usually men, have to blast music all the time.

It seems if there is more than two of us together someone is blasting music. When did it become a requirement for every picnic to have ultra loud music. Lately the music is not just loud but obscene…

My next door neighbor was blasting music out of his window one afternoon while my daughters and I were hanging out in the backyard. The lyrics went something like this;

I getting some head
gettin gettin some head
I getting some head
gettin gettin some head infinitum (or so it seemed)

I yelled, “A brother can’t even go OUTSIDE without subjecting his daughters to obscenities!” The song was skipped mid stream. My daughters thought the situation was funny. They seem to take pleasure at their old man’s irritation with the words in some of the rap music. Now when we hear the song in the street, the oldest will say, “there goes Dad’s favorite song”

Sure there are times for loud music; like at a dance party, or a concert, but the concept background music or silence seems alien in our community.

IPODs — same thing. Many people walk around all day with music blasting from those little white ear buds. Are people ever interested in being alone with their own thoughts? Has loud music replaced conversation?

  • Jacki Simmons

    LMAO @ this post. I had to stop myself before I sat here and read every post. And yes, I’m guilty as charged, I will not leave my house without my little white earbuds. Anywho, thanx for the shout out. I will for sure let you know when the tour brings me home.
    Keep lovin, keep livin, keep readin,

  • Anonymous

    Living in New York or any inner city you are subjected to loud music. Black people must have the “thump!” Its sad but its almost as if we’re trying to reach across the sea to our ancestors through our loud SILLY music that makes no sense except to the senseless that listen to nonsense all day long. Yet many cannot do Algebra but they can spin a song degrading human kind.

  • Anonymous

    lol. interesting read. yes we can be pretty over bearing w/ music, I’m only 24 but I definitely have witnessed my share of situations where I could only hold my head down in dismay.

  • I got notification that this Blog post, from 5 years ago was read today. I did not remember writing this, based upon the title, so I decided to check it out. Yep I remember this clearly now.

    Nothing has changed. I not longer live on that street where I was constantly assaulted by someone else’s music. Now I only have to contend with fire engines, car alarms, ice cream trucks, gun shots (just two days ago), arguing, etc, etc.

    “Well why does he live in NYC”, one could reasonably ask.
    I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment 🙂

  • Now in 2012 there are these, I’ll call them “biker boys”, who ride these very loud motorcycles in groups of 20, 30 or more, burning lights all the way, holding up traffic, setting off car alarms — a real nuisance in addition to the noise pollution they create. Life in Harlem!

  • Suzuki35

    well as we can see then,even his daughters don’t mind.. I would be traumatized cry and feel hurt and abused by the music/words but his daughters think its “funny” maybe its not them really get “hurt” so they laugh? that or theyre hiding a deep deep pain that makes them smile all the time? which wont get them any real love anytime soon and especially never for it.the grave never gets enough of this kind. take it with a grain of salt.. weve all already learned that breeding doesn’t create life.. it makes death! its proven.hate extends the grave as we see also.. it still lives…I just watched a video of a monkey screeching and crying for attention (it put on a huge display rolled on floor and kept taking peeks around to see if anyone one ever did.. but he wouldn’t stop) expecting someone to care when you have no value in yourself is a disorder.. the father has value… this is a lesson from God..what did you all due to “someone” that you have to keep re-enacting that one’s situation to learn..yet refuse to? instead of learning… you felt it was you! instead of your role play to learn.. then end up in a worse situation due to your abuse and neglect of what was offered you…it wont be offered twice.. no one is that stupid or self loathing that they would subject themselves to your abuse or rejection ever was only a mistake… a “hope” your negresses are now worse than your men… its your fault…but no one cares anymore… never again will you be given a body ,a brain or ability to breed… (for what? name one reason please?) not waiting for answer….waiting for peace and silence… thanks for teaching me to serve myself and not others.. thanks for hating jesus so very much that you murder him heart soul and abort and then say you didn’t.. thanks for being the “display” that even cell biology aborts and forgets in the memory.. to have our own natural joy back…its the giver.. not the receiver… who is Blessed….the receiver rejects goodness and becomes what is known as “n” to give witness to never ever give love or blessings to someone who will hurt you to the point even negresses smile AND LAUGH AND NUMB OUT….and then begin to do the acts in the lyrics to show their hatred for a non black female.. who wanted to love you all as children… and easily gives up now…negress will eat you all alive… all she wanted was the hair//// not for her sons eyes to glow and light up with hope love and joy.. she wanted that for herself and thought pasting hair to her head would do it.. now she laughs at her own father’s heart for goodness.. wake up…its a never ending always descending disease.. you all haven’t even STARTED to see bad yet…if you get this as an inkling and don’t take heed imagine whats next…keep numbing out… keep denying…each time you get worse….most of you are unborn negroes (50%) keep shaking your heads… and wondering why.. since that’s a great OFFENSE to wonder why!!! to God its a HUGE INSULT! and He doesn’t even have to love you… even Bible has non stop angst trying to love you.. and constant cases of giving up… we all will now help a soul to heal and give up! and feel GOOD about it!

  • John Evans

    One of my many pet peeve is loud music. If I can hear it, then it is loud and please turn it down. My neighbor likes his music loud but yet hates it when I bang on his wall. Starting to dislike black people