Random Thoughts on Technology & Culture

  • Use of the N-Word in Rap “Music” — Enough Already!news-kanye
  • Why does my cell phone battery become incapable of holding a charge, for a full day, at precisely the same time my contract is about to expire?
  • When Google started charging businesses for placement in search results, that was the beginning of the Internet’s decline.
  • Twitter has a market capitalization of $26,300,000,000.   Making one of the world’s top 125 companies — without a tangible product or creating original content.
  • When news sources started trolling Twitter for stories, that was the end of journalism.
  • Facebook’s decline occurred the moment they started catering more to paid advertisers than to the visitors who provide the content making the site’s profits possible.
  • Can someone explain the reason anyone would download and use Snapchat?
  • The Brother arrested in New York City on suspicion of stealing a $350 belt he’d just purchased; should have been arrested for spending $350 on a belt.
  • How can a country that enjoyed the genius of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, or Ray Charles also fuel the career of a Kanye West?
  • Why does a football jersey cost $100 to over $250, and when did it become a requirement for fans to wear them to the game?
  • When did educating people become so difficult?
  • Why are the American unmanned death machines given innocuous names like “drone”?  It is like calling a Hellfire Missile a bunny.
  • My microwave oven is really a popcorn popper with a clock.  Now that trans fats are banned it is just a clock.
  • Many Twitter account holder say they just don’t get it.  I think they do.
  • Am I the only one who misses the days when people created and visited websites?


  • Errol

    I right with you on all of these