Video: Update on The Premier Website for Black Books is a massive, feature rich, website.  Many visitors don’t appreciate the site’s size and scope, so I created this video to help describe some of what has to offer.

I also describe some of the recent enhancements which have been added as a result of the upgrade we started last year.

  • Daisy Brown Herndon

    An excellent and comprehensive presentation. If I only had one bookmark on my bar it would be AALBC. The video helped me navigate the site and appreciate it more. Because it is such a massive site (and I’m interested in pretty much everything) I sometimes found the site a bit overwhelming, but now that you broke it down I can see several different ways of approaching the content. So thanks. MissDaisy

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave the comments and kinds words @daisybrownherndon:disqus You might find it surprising that I actually leave quite a bit out 🙂 If you ever have a comment about something you’d like to see on the website or room for improvement please do not hesitate to share it. Thanks again!