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Racist Hate Mail

I was listening to the radio (1010 AM, WINS, New York) this week and heard a report of some Jewish people in Roslyn, LI who received some Jewish hate mail.
Apparently they got some letter in the mail emblazoned with a Swastika. The police were investigating.

I began thinking to myself wow, Black people confort racism on a much higher level on a daily basis. I really could not understand why the Roslyn, NY incident was even newsworthy, relatively speaking.

See, I get racist email all the time. Usually I just ignore it and at this stage of the game I’m somewhat immune to it. I know there are people who hate Black folks. I wish I could tell these racists to save their ink and time, I don’t need the reminder.

Well the same day of the Roslyn incident I got a letter in the mail myself. Addressed to and Staff. A scan of a portion of the letter is shown above.

Is this letter newsworthy. Should I phone the press or call Reverend Al? Am I too desensitized for my own good?


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