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Don’t Bring Home a White Boy

A couple of days ago I posted a video (below) of Karen Hunter and Karyn Langhorne Folan, who are the publisher and author, respectively, of the book Don’t Bring Home a White Boy: And Other Notions that Keep Black Women From Dating Out.

I believe the most evolved people, do not consider race as a factor in determining who they deal with.  Unfortunately we don’t live in such a highly evolved world, or country.   As a result, “swirling”, as Karen Hunter describes it, matters a great deal. 

Marriages, which are difficult enough to maintain under ideal conditions, are made even more difficult for people who choose to marry outside their so called “race”.

One day, I hope, people will read historical accounts of our time and wonder how we could be so backward in perspectives on race.   I fully appreciate some people might find this opinion difficult to reconcile coming from someone who runs a “race based” website dedicated to books by and about people of African descent. 

The following question would be valid:  If race does not matter, why do you see the need for a website ostensibly focused on books by about Black people?

Unfortunately, my opinion is one thing and reality is another.  If you did a Google search on “miscegenation” or even “mongrel” you will find a many websites that claim that “race mixing” is destroying the country.  People are afraid and threatened by whole concept race mixing.   In fact, many of these web sites use the Bible to support the idea that race mixing is wrong.

Further, the images of Black people are so once sided, negative and marginalized that Black people need as many disparate opinions and ideas in the public as possible. is just one more voice.

The past Friday a my discussion boards were spammed with so much racist pornography, images and text, that it was rendered useless.  I know from first hand experience that there are those that want to silence this voice.

The following video was recorded on July 31, 2010 during the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta, GA.  Enjoy.


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