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My Reaction to "Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons calls for an end to "offensive words" in rap music"

I guess the following could be considered a rant: This is just one of my posts to a popular topic of discussion on one of my discussion baords. The subject of the post was: Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons calls for an end to “offensive words” in rap music

Read the rest of the reactions here:

The genie is out of the bottle…

If Russell does not sell it someone will.

What they gonna play in the strip club India Arie?

So what if this is not played on the radio — radios best days are long gone. Are the going to now police Sirrus/XM radio, the internet? Make it against the law to listen to Gangasta rap, or any other type of rap some moral figure deems inappropriate?

Is it going to be Rev. Al, Russell Simmons who decides what Rap is worthy of being broadcast — who annointed those cats to be responsible for what we can listen to?

First it is rappers next they will be after Chris Rock, and Cedric the Entertainer.

Look I’m not saying that B’s and Ho’s should be broadcast across our airwaves — and if it were up to me it would not. But I would not presume that my taste should be imposed on anyone else.

The problem is not the rappers or the corporations or the advertisers — it is us. We create the stuff and we buy it in fantastic numbers. You are not going to change this behavior but not broadcasting this stuff on the radio.

I bet you any amount of money that if you went into the Rutger’s Girls locker room and pulled the first 5 ipods you saw; 5 out of 5 would have rap music with crap far worst that what Imus said.

So Imus loses his job. Some New York City cops will probably lose their jobs for saying the same thing — it is getting crazy.

Since when did we get so freaking sensitive!

Who cares what Imus said? Come on do you REALLY think they give a crap. Honestly I can’t even feign indignation. We used to be strung up in trees. Now I’m supposed to be outraged by some crap Imus said that we say to each other?!

Do Black people even listen to Imus? I’m sure the ones that do probably chuckled, then forgot about it…

Do we have to fire everybody that says something stupid. People listen to Imus because he says stupid things. SO now Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons, after making Millions is calling for an end to “offensive words” in rap music? Gimme a break. There are so many ways to say offensive things without using a single obscenity.

I guess now we are going to have to bend over every time someone says something that someone else finds “offensive”. People have become a bunch of punks. We are crying about Imas or what some rapper is saying and meanwhile we are failing in school, and filling up the prisons — But hey we got Imus fired. I guess now we have to go to the corners of the Earth and impose our new found righteousness on the rest of the rap listening world…


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