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macro-marketing-authorsIntroducing the next four books from Brown Girls Publishing: D.J. McLaurin’s What if it Feels Good?—the story of an unconventional romance that may not survive a woman scorned or the public’s outrage. Pink & Patent Leather, Candy Jackson’s mind-blowing tale of one-woman’s quest for love at all costs, and the spiraling descent she’ll travel to get it. The Next Thing is Joy: The Gospel According to Vivan Grace, by Tracey Michae’l Lewis, is the story of a woman who is about to find love in a way she never imagined…but what will she have to do to get it? Roni Teson’s Twist, where romance, insanity, mind-altering experiments, and a government conspiracy, all lead to the fight of Beatrice Malcolm’s life. Visit browngirlspublishing.com to find out more.

ellis-j-stillAALBC.com Mourns the Passing of Ellis J. Still

AALBC.com joins the book world in mourning the unexpected passing of Ellis James Still on Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Ellis was the President & CEO, The Burning Bush Christian, Literary, & Scholastic Bookstore. Ellis was a terrific advocate for our literature and was simply one conscious brother. His loss to the book world is incalculable and will be felt for years to come.

He was a member of Abundant Life Family Worship Church in New Brunswick and was part of their Youth Ministry. He was 46 years old. A memorial fund has been started in his honor.

Book Reviews

news-the-man-from-essenceThe Man from Essence: Creating a Magazine for Black Women

Despite the irony of four brothers being behind a publication aimed at sisters, the periodical proved phenomenally popular, soon blossoming into the premiere beauty and fashion magazine for its target demographic. And over the intervening decades the Essence brand has been extended to include an annual Fourth of July weekend cultural festival featuring everything from musical concerts to empowerment seminars.

However, the magazine has also experienced considerable behind-the-scenes turmoil, and much of that drama is the subject of The Man from Essence, a revealing memoir written by Mr. Lewis with the assistance of his former executive editor, Audrey Edwards. Inter alia, we learn that the four founders had no experience in the field of publishing, yet ultimately managed to flourish in part because they had identified a need just begging to be addressed.

new-prodigalProdigal: Special Edition by David Covin

Often, fiction can be confusing when the author loses his way. That is not the case with Prodigal’s author, David Covin, Emeritus Professor of Government and Pan African Studies at California State University, even as he attempts to stuff as much cultural seasoning and action as possible into this bloated plot. The reader, once strapped in, is just encouraged to hold on and go hell-bent for the thrill ride.

In this tale of identity and cultural salvation, Covin displays his incredible capacity to give us a brief history lesson wrapped in a glittering jacket of contemporary urban fiction. It is often brilliant, aware, informative, and somewhat cluttered. If a reader submits to Covin’s commanding will and imagination, Prodigal will be an unforgettable, fulfilling experience.

news-unbreak-my-heartUnbreak My Heart: A Memoir by Toni Braxton

While Toni’s blossoming career would catapult her to the heights of superstardom in a matter of months, it also left her haunted with a sense of overwhelming regret. For, although striking that devil’s bargain led to fame and a half-dozen Grammys, it also meant temporarily alienating the affection of the folks she was closest to.

Furthermore, over the ensuing years, she would find her faith tested by a host of woes reminiscent of Job in the Bible. Not only did she make and lose a fortune, declaring bankruptcy twice in the process, but she married Mint Condition’s keyboardist Keri Lewis and had a couple of children with him before going through a messy divorce.

news-yogaYoga, Meditation and Spiritual Growth for the African American Community

Daya Devi-Doolin shares her philosophy in an easy-to-read how-to tome with an easy-to-follow illustrated introduction, aimed at beginners and also the young at heart. The book features photographs not of skinny contortionists, but of the author and some of her students who, as you’ll see, come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

That lets you know that you don’t have to be lithe and limber like a runway model to assume such poses pictures as the Boat, the Butterfly, the Half Lotus, the Cow, the Chair, the Eagle, the Half Bridge, the Dancer, the Cobra, the Tree, the Spinal Twist, or my favorite, The Mountain (which looks the easiest). Why should the uninitiated even consider trying yoga? “For a new or a renewed body, mind and spirit,” Daya suggests.

Book Recommendations

news-song-of-the-shankSong of the Shank by Jeffery Renard Allen

At the heart of this novel is Thomas Greene Wiggins, a nineteenth-century slave and improbable musical genius who performed under the name Blind Tom.” The novel ranges from Tom’s boyhood to the heights of his performing career, the inscrutable savant is buffeted by opportunistic teachers and crooked managers, crackpot healers and militant prophets. In his symphonic novel, Jeffery Renard Allen blends history and fantastical invention to bring to life a radical cipher, a man who profoundly changes all who encounter him.

Song of the Shank is also our Deal of the Week and is available to you at perhaps the lowest price online! But buy it now because this deal is only available until Sunday, June 29th.

news-strange-fruitStrange Fruit, Volume I: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History

Written and illustrated by Joel Christian Gill Strange Fruit, Volume I (Grade Level: 4 and up) is a collection of stories from African American history that exemplifies success in the face of great adversity. This unique graphic anthology offers historical and cultural commentary on nine uncelebrated heroes whose stories are not often found in history books.

Among the stories included are: Henry “Box” Brown, who escaped from slavery by mailing himself to Philadelphia; Alexander Crummel and the Noyes Academy, the first integrated school in America, established in the 1830s; Marshall “Major” Taylor, a.k.a. the Black Cyclone, the first black champion in any sport; and Bass Reeves, the most successful lawman in the Old West. Written and illustrated by Joel Christian Gill, the diverse art beautifully captures the spirit of each remarkable individual and opens a window into an important part of American history.

news-the-sacred-bombshellThe Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love by Abiola Abrams

The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love is your passport to become the woman you were born to be. If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it. Love-Body-Spirit coach, advice columnist, and motivational speaker Abiola Abrams reveals 11 self-worth secrets with assignments to awaken your feminine energy, reclaiming the word bombshell to mean a woman who deliciously embodies her mind, body, spirit – and joy. Abiola’s transformational coaching is buoyed by her Guyanese family lessons and overcoming personal challenges from disordered eating to a failed marriage. If you have everything going for you, except what you really want, this journey is for you.

news-wahts-done-in-the-darkWhat’s Done in the Dark by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Felise is not the kind of woman to cheat on her husband—especially with her best friend’s man. But after one perfect storm of a night, it happened…and she can hardly believe it herself. To top it off, when she woke up in the morning, she found that the man to whom she guiltily made passionate love died of a heart attack overnight. Felise, who is a nurse and a good citizen at that, leaves the hotel room without reporting his death.

When her best friend, Paula, finds out about her husband’s sudden death a day later, Felise is overcome with guilt and grief. She must be there for her friend and her family, but when her husband repeatedly tries to apologize for his absentminded behavior and Paula starts investigating who Stephen was with the night he died, Felise finds it hard to hold herself together. Should she come clean and tell everyone what she did? Or should she just let it go and move past the mistake on her own?

news-nine-years-underNine Years Under: Coming of Age in an Inner-City Funeral Home by Sheri Booker

Sheri Booker was only fifteen when she started working at Wylie Funeral Home in West Baltimore. She had no idea her summer job would become nine years of immersion into a hidden world. With AIDS and gang violence threatening to wipe out a generation of black men, Wylie was never short on business.

This vibrant tour of a macabre world reveals an urban funeral culture where photo-screened memorial T-shirts often replace suits and ties and the dead are sent off with a joint or a fifth of cognac. As families came together to bury one of their own, Booker was privy to their most intimate moments of grief and despair. But along with the sadness, Booker encountered moments of dark humor: brawls between mistresses and widows, and car crashes at McDonald’s with dead bodies in tow. While she never got over her terror of the embalming room, Booker learned to expect the unexpected and to never, ever cry. Nine Years Under offers readers an glimpse into an industry in the backdrop of all our lives.

news-go-de-ras-to-sleepShaggy Records Jamaican Patois Version of Go the F* to Sleep

Reggae superstar Shaggy repeats Samuel L. Jackson’s reading of Go the F* to Sleep, but in a Jamaican fashion. Shaggy’s humor and verbal prowess are on full display as he reads the book’s stanzas such as:

Modda puss a hug up har pickney,
Young sheep a lay down wid big sheep.
Yuh wrap up an warm inna yuh bed, putoos,
Beg yuh, go de rass to sleep.

Related Articles


The ESSENCE Brand—Where Black Women Come First—NOT!

“Community Book Center, owned by a Black woman, had been the sole bookseller for Essence Fest from the beginning. At that time the idea was to do everything possible to strengthen and empower Black owned businesses. Last year [2012] Wal-Mart and local white bookstores were allowed in. This year [2013] CBC was told that they did not have space for them. When another vendor reportedly dropped out, CBC was still not allowed back in. The local white-owned bookstore had already been approved.

In a nutshell, Essence has evicted, booted, put out the only Black-owned bookstore to make more room for retail giant Wal-Mart and a local white book store. The Black-owned Community Book Center is practicing Self-Deter­mination by hosting its own Home Fest during the same time as Essence, so I’ll be making a special trip; hope you will too.”
—Minister J. Kojo Livingston

news-market-your-bookDo Yourself a Favor Authors; Market Your Book by A. Yamina Collins

My fantasy romance novel, The Last King, has already been in Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller List in no less than four separate genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Christian Women’s Literature. And yet I’ve only sold 210 copies of the book.

To me, the money hasn’t been a waste. In fact, I am inspired to now hire a professional publicist. I believe in my book and it’s chance to succeed, but that means I have to give it a chance to reach a larger audience.

news-griot-solutionThe Griot Solution

Since black people in large numbers might not read fiction, live storytelling may still resonate in their blood because of the oral tradition. A combination of story telling and controlled psycho-drama—It will necessitate community and traveling theaters, block play parties, or street theater if no buildings will have you—but the big caveat, the silent elephant in the room is the class dynamics within the black community itself or rather not in the community. That is the best and the brightest with money don’t live in the slums.

new-writers-worldWriters’ World Newspaper

A Resource for the self-published, established authors and readers who love them.

Writers’ World will publish positive news and information. We are here to bring good and informative news to our readers. We will also provide valuable information from our authors. Writers’ World Newspaper is a resource for self-published and established authors and the readers who love them to have a forum to exchange opinions on literature. Readers will be provided with unique and motivational articles, implementing ideas and resources to further enhance their lives.

news-black-star-project-journal-logoBlack Star Journal

Check out the news and events archive of The Black Star Project. The Black Star Journal is the news and events archive of The Black Star Project

Founded in 1996 by Phillip Jackson, The Black Star Project is committed to improving the quality of life in Black and Latino communities of Chicago and nationwide by eliminating the racial academic achievement gap.


news-ammaAmma Asante

Writer/director Amma Asante made an unusual entry into filmmaking. As a child, she attended the Barbara Speake stage school in London, where she trained as a student in dance and drama.

Here, she talks about her new film, Belle, a fact-based, historical drama starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw about the daughter of an African slave and a British ship captain who was raised in England as an aristocrat.

news-michael-ealyMichael Ealy

For the last few years, Michael Ealy has been red-hot, jumping from TV to film and back to TV, seamlessly. He recently starred in the sci-fi television series, “Almost Human,” for which he earned an NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Leading Actor in a Drama Series.

In terms of the tabloids, the blue-eyed hunk was named one of People magazines’ “On the Verge” actors in the magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” 2002 and 2013 issues. Furthermore, he was named one of E! Entertainment Television’s “Sizzlin’ 16” of 2004 and appeared on the cover of Essence magazine’s “Hollywood Screen Gems” for their April 2004 issue.

Film Reviews

news-think-like-a-man-tooThink Like a Man Too – Film Has Little to do With Thinking Like a Man

The surprise hit Think Like a Man was #1 at the box-office over its opening weekend back in April of 2012. Inspired by Steve Harvey’s best-selling, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, the original explored some of the serious issues tackled by the popular, relationship advice book by examining the angst of four couples in relationship crisis.

Unfortunately, this relatively-tame sequel fails to measure up to either of those side-splitting descents into debauchery, being basically a vehicle for Kevin Hart’s kitchen sink brand of comedy. Here, the motor-mouthed comedian serves as an omniscient narrator who calls the battle-of-the-sexes’ play-by-play.

news-black-church-incBlack Church Inc. – Film Tackles Topic of Financial Abuse in the Black Church

Gone are the days of working class preachers who didn’t expect financial gain in exchange for spiritual guidance. A new breed of pastors has emerged: the mega-pastor… one who aims to sell their religious brand and get rich off the gospel.

Black Church, Inc. is a feature-length investigative documentary that examines the sensationalism of the black church and its present day relationship with serving the community. The documentary compares the black church’s origins to its modern day cultural relevance. The film focuses on modern mega-churches and asks hard-hitting questions about service vs. the extravagant lifestyles of its multi-million dollar ministers and ministries. The documentary takes a deep dive into controversial issues clouding the church including “love offerings” (cash payments given to ministers), financial abuse and the deification of the mega-church pastor all while asking… is prayer-for-profit moral?

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Get On Up – A New James Brown Movie Coming!

Get On Up (2014) I just learned about this up coming film from my online buddy, CD Burns, an hour ago.  After watching the trailer, I figured I’d share the good news as too.   Of course, it is virtually impossible to judge the quality of a film based upon the trailer, but if you consider the subject, the cast, the music, it is hard to image it being a bad film.

I saw James Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) perform at the Apollo Theater.  “Mr. Dynamite, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business,” was in his 70’s and was still able to jump into a knee drop and seemingly defy gravity by levitating back to a standing position.  Read Greg Tate’s article, James Brown Live at the Apollo; it is an excellent retrospective of the amazing career of “Soul Brother Number One.”

The personal life of the “The Godfather of Soul” was far from perfect—all of which makes for a potentially compelling film.

Get On Up (2014)
In Theaters: Aug 1, 2014 Wide

Unrated, Drama, Directed By: Tate Taylor, Universal Pictures, Unrated (as of March 16, 2014)

Get On Up (2014) – Trailer of James Brown Biography

Chadwick Boseman (from the film 42) stars as James Brown in this biopic from Universal Studios and director Tate Taylor (The Help). The film also stars, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Nelsan Ellis, Lennie James, Tika Sumpter, Jill Scott and Dan Aykroyd.   Brian Grazer, Mick Jagger, Victoria Pearman, and Erica Huggins produce a film penned by Jez and John Henry Butterworth (Fair Game).

Also check out the documentary, James Brown: Soul Survivor (shown below).  The entire film is available for viewing on-line and is also available for purchase on DVD.

James Brown: Soul Survivor (2003)

James-brown-soul-suvivorIn Theaters: Dec 31, 2004 Wide
DVD Release Date: March 9, 2004

Unrated, 1 hr. 30 min., Musical & Performing Arts, Documentary, Directed By: Jeremy Marre, PBS

James Brown: Soul Survivor spans more than four decades of the one and only Godfather of Soul, documenting the rise and fall of the “hardest working man in show business.” Through archival footage, excerpts read from his biography, and interviews with the people closest to the man, you get an inside look at the music and political times which helped shape Brown’s career through the ages. Various friends lending thoughts in the program include the Rev. Al Sharpton, rapper Chuck D, Little Richard, and former long-time musical director Fred Wesley. Performances include segments from a House of Blues gig along with rare, behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage of the maestro at work. Originally aired as part of the American Masters television documentary series, this 90-minute special was later released on DVD under the Polydor label. —Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

James Brown: Soul Survivor (2003) – Full Movie

James Brown: The Godfather of Soul An Autobiography
James Brown: The Godfather of Soul
Da Capo Press, January 10, 2003



Authors Don’t Need Twitter

twitter-logo-blog-postMany authors invest a great deal of time managing their Twitter accounts.  Hours a day are spent attracting new followers and keeping them engaged with pithy wisdom, personal minutiae and the occasional sales pitch.

During a recent online conversation, with a social media marketing maven, I was told Twitter is great for increasing an author’s readership.  I questioned the need for an author to use Twitter.  I reasoned all the time redirected from honing one’s craft and sleeping was not worth the tradeoff.  Sure Twitter is great for socializing, sharing celebrity gossip and sending messages to friends, but I’m not sure how effective a tool it is for garnering new readers.

I believe there is an inverse correlation between the amount of time one spends on social media compared to the amount of time devoted to reading books.  I doubt people who read at least one book or more, for pleasure, each month are very active on Twitter.  I also so doubt if serious and successful authors spent much time on Twitter as well.

Twitter Stats for Top Earning Authors

Twitter Stats for Top Authors

So I did a little research and checked the Twitter stats for the most successful authors.  Success, for this completely unscientific study, is defined by being on The World’s Top-Earning Authors, compiled by Forbes.

As you can see from the graph (click image to enlarge) and the table (at the end of the article), 25% of the authors on the Forbes list don’t have Twitter accounts.  Ten of the 16 top earning authors have tweeted less than 325 times.  With the exception of E.L. James, who is an aberration compared to her peers, most of these authors are not very active on Twitter at all.  Ignoring the extremely large number of followers, due to the author’s celebrity, these twitter accounts are quite unremarkable.

I’m sure someone is thinking, what does this prove?  These authors are rich and famous; they don’t need to be on Twitter.  I’d agree.  I’ll also add that these authors used their writing and story telling talent to become rich and famous.  Twitter had nothing to do with it.  So why do some many writers dedicate so much time on Twitter?

Part of it is perception; authors with a large number of followers are perceived, by many, as having a dedicated audience of readers. In reality, a large number of followers does not translate into a large number of readers and book buyers.  It is not clear how many readers discover books via Twitter (Answer our quick 5 question survey and help us find out).

How do your stats compare with the nation highest grossing authors who, ignoring E.L. James, have tweeted on average just over 1,000 times?

twitter-stats-slect account

As with most things online, the game is rigged.

You can, for example, go to a site like Fiverr and hire someone to obtain Twitter followers for you.  You can score a few thousand followers in just a day or two, for 5 bucks.  I don’t want to know how they accomplish this task, but it does work.

Another common way to increase Twitter followers is to use software that automatically goes out and follows others.  Often someone, you follow, will follow you back.  Later the software will go back an unfollow those that did not follow you back.  Over time, you’ll end up with many more followers than you could possible generate on your own, but you also end up following a lot of other people too.  If you ever see an account where a person is followed by 20K people and they are also following 20K people, this is usually a sign this technique was used.

Both techniques can generate a ton of followers, but they won’t add much value to an author interested in attracting readers to buy their book.  I experimented with these tactics and ended up being followed and following a bunch of bogus accounts, which opens you up to other problems, including the potential for an increased amount of spam.   I used an application called ManageFlitter, which allowed me to remove all the bogus accounts, bogging down my Twitter presence.

twitterfeed-logoThis is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enhancing your Twitter account; you can pretty much pay for anything. In fact, I use a service called twitterfeed which generates tweets on my behalf—most of the tweets are quite good.

Basically twitterfeed allows me to query RSS feeds (a compilation of updates provided by a website here is the RSS feed for this Blog) and tweet useful information to my followers automatically—for free!  One of my queries checks for African American books on Amazon.  If it finds something that meets my predefined parameters it generates a tweet, with my affiliate code applied.  I’ve earned commissions on book sales from tweets that were generated automatically.  This article, for example, will be automatically tweeted.

I often have to respond to someone who has replied to an automatically generated tweet.  The vast majority of the time the tweet is a good one, but occasionally something gets tweeted that I personally would never have tweeted.  Fortunately those are usually ignored.  Indeed, many of tweets are ignored, disappearing forever into the Twittersphere.  Despite that my Twitter engagement is quite high relative to the vast majority Twitterers.

Someone asked me what percentage of my tweets are automatically generated.  I honestly don’t know.  But on any given day, the percentage of automatically generated tweets will range from 10 to 100%.  I may miss a day tweeting, but my bots (automated processes) never sleep.

Of course you can take advantage of Twitter’s offerings including Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends.  Paying Twitter ads directly can get expensive in a hurry and the impact, relative to other types of ad buys, is questionable for authors.

If you are going to use Twitter the best way to grow your following is organically, interacting with others and tweeting interesting content.  Unless you are a celebrity you are not going to grow your list of followers into the hundreds of thousands without using artificial techniques.

As far as following thousands of people, that is pointless as well.  No one thinks our friend @ArabicBest (in the chart above) is capable of reading the tweets of the 2.4 million people they are following.

The data, and my personal experiences, suggest that Twitter is used by most people for the purpose for which is was designed; sharing humorous, mundane, silly, fleeting short messages with a group of friends; following the antics of one’s favorite celebrity; or quickly learning about some scandalous rumor or sensational news story.

Here are some additional interesting Twitter Stats

  • 90% of internet users don’t use Twitter
  • One-quarter of all tweets, are generated by software (automated tweets, not initiated manually by a human)
  • 5% of Twitter users account for 75% of all activity
  • 93.6% of Twitter users have less than 100 followers
  • 1 in 10 Twitter users don’t follow anyone
  • 92.4% follow less than 100 people
  • 6 out of 100 twitter users have no followers
  • 25% of Twitter users have never tweeted
  • 0.29% of overall Twitter users who follow more than 2,000 people

Below is the data used to compile the chart above.

Author Name 2013 Rev (In Millions) #Tweets #Following #Followers
E.L. James $95 31,512 397 451,454
James Patterson $91 1,399 2,227 49,899
Suzanne Collins $55 0 0 0
Bill O’Reilly $28 6,752 35 528,884
Danielle Steel $26 322 13 16,014
Jeff Kinney $24 301 16 23,621
Janet Evanovich $24 1,777 36 32,219
Nora Roberts $3 0 0 0
Dan Brown $20 240 44 81,026
Stephen King $20 89 17 254,926
Dean Koontz $20 133 16 10,637
John Grisham $18 0 0 0
David Baldacci $15 736 116 11,065
Rick Riordan $14 3,382 41 234,059
J.K. Rowling $13 29 3 2,828,647
George R.R. Martin $12 0 0 0

All of this data was collected in the evening of January 23rd 2014.  In the time it took me to finish the Blog post Katy Perry (@katyperry) gained 18,926 more followers.  Incredible…

www.sysomos.com, www.forbes.com, www.beevolve.com, twittercounter.comexpandedramblings.com and of course twitter.com.



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