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  1. “Furious Flower” Conference Celebrates African American Poetry
  2. “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain”
  3. 10 Keys to Writing Successful Grant Proposals
  4. 2009 Book Expo America Recap
  5. 38th NAACP Image Awards (2007)
  6. 50 Best Places to Meet Other Book Lovers Online
  7. 8 Ways Bookstores Can Engage the eReading Community
  8. A Fire in Harlem - Tribute to Sekou Sundiata at Up South International Book Festival
  9. A Profile of the Late Hugh Holton
  10. A Tale of Two Countries
  11. Aesop’s Fables (84 Fables)
  12. African Americans Figure Prominently in Presidential Debate
  13. African Influence on Easter (Ancient & Modern)
  14. An UPTOWN Continuing Literary Tradition (Harlem 1986 - 1996)
  15. Anthony Anderson Expounds on Everything from Watts to New Orleans to His New Movie
  16. Are Reading Rates Declining in the African American Community?
  17. Bob Johnson - The Who’s Your Caddy Interview
  18. Book Review The Emperor of Ocean Park
  19. Book Review: Is Bill Cosby Right?
  20. Book Reviewing, African-American Style
  21. Broadway’s The Color Purple Empowers Many
  22. Can I Get An Amen?
  23. Caribbean Books You Should Know
  24. Chester Himes
  25. Clinton as Vice President Would be a Disaster for Obama
  26. Colin Channer On His Novel, Satisfy My Soul
  27. Come on Florida, Let’s Race to the Top!
  28. Come On, Jesse: Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game!
  29. Dealing With Writer's Block: Eight Things To Do While You're Waiting In Limbo
  30. Donald Trump is a Negger
  31. Dwayne Alexander Smith on Winning the 2015 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work—Debut Author
  32. Former Editor-in-Chief of Essence Magazine Opens Akwaaba D.C. Inn for Black Writers
  33. Get Published Not Exploited
  34. Gift of Revelation’s Author Explains his Penchant for Spirituality and how he Overcame Challenges to Produce a Popular Line of Religious Fiction
  35. Gloria Naylor Discusses Her Novel The Men of Brewster Place on
  36. Gone to Where the Bong Trees Grow
  37. Google’s, Facebook’s, and Amazon’s Adverse Impact on Us All
  38. Greene Response to “Their Eyes Were Reading Smut”
  39. Her Praise: Profile of Camille Yarbrough, a Renaissance Woman
  40. History of our Annual Black Pack Party
  41. Hyena Women and Other Strange Tales of Social Chaos
  42. In Defense of Ashley Judd
  43. In Remembrance of Dr. Walter Rodney, Martyred on June 13, 1980
  44. Interview with Production Designer Wynn Thomas
  45. Iron Pot Cooker CD Review
  46. It’s All About Love: Romance Readers Speak Out
  47. It’s Been Fun, Kids! C. Kelly Robinson Retires
  48. James Brown “Godfather of Soul” Dies at 73 (1933–2006)
  49. Jennifer Lopez on Playing Puchi and Producing Her First Picture
  50. Journalists Roundtable, Oct. 6, 2015
  51. Julie Dash discusses Daughters of the Dust on
  52. Kevin Powell for Congress
  53. Marketing Your Book – Eight Unique Ways to Promote Your Book
  54. More Poetry!/Less Jam!
  55. Mos Def: Amino Alkaline ' The Watermelon Syndicate rocked the dome of Carnegie Hall
  56. Nat Turner’s Mental and Military Motivations
  57. New Hair-do is a “Natural”
  58. New World of Words: Black Writers and poets spin tales of imagination and reality from Detroit to the world
  59. Nominee Shares Her Experience at the 2015 NAACP Image Awards Ceremony for Outstanding Literary Work
  60. Notes: The Impact of Amazon, Google, and Facebook on the “Black Book Ecosystem”
  61. Obama Rises, Old Guard Civil Rights Leaders Scowl
  62. Open Letter to Chris Brown
  63. Pieces from Life’s Crazy Quilt, Birth of a Book
  64. President Obama: More Than Meets the Eyes
  65. Pros and Cons of Mainstream and Self-Publishing
  66. Remembering Glenn Thompson
  67. Remembering Ossie Davis, With Love
  68. Seven Reasons Why Grant Proposals Fail to get Funded
  69. She is Global, an Artist, a Movement—Malaika Adero is “Global I Aam”
  70. So You Think You Want a Grant!
  71. Sonia Sanchez and Ten Grandmothers Acquitted of “Defiant Trespassing”
  72. Sonia Sanchez Performs “Full Moon” Concert in NYC
  73. Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It (2nd review)
  74. Taking Over Wall Street with Books by Charisse Carney-Nunes
  75. Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America
  76. The Black Arts Movement (BAM)
  77. The Blair Bamboozle: A Fiction Writer’s Encounter With Jayson Blair
  78. The Historical Roots of the Vampire Huntress Series according to L.A. Banks
  79. The Kevin M. Weeks Story: Never Say Die; Be Optimistic
  80. The Last Poets: Still On a Mission
  81. The Lit Bit Celebrates Women’s History Month
  82. The Music Moguls Who Bled Millions from a Black Legend
  83. Their Eyes Were Reading Smut
  84. To Journey Home (a short story)
  85. Top Ten Reasons Why African American Bookstores Are Closing
  86. Visitor’s day at Camp Grant – Research & Share Your Family History (Part 3)
  87. We, As a People, Will Get to the Promised Land!
  88. Who Was Frank Yerby?
  89. Why Did The City Sun [1984–1996] Matter?
  90. Why Diversity in Children’s Literature is Important
  91. Why Fertile Ground is an Important Work
  92. Why Take the Lull by the Horns!: Closing the Leadership Gap is important all all business leaders and employees
  93. Women’s Fiction and Diversity