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List of 38 Articles Related to Black Literature

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Our site is being upgraded; we have 20 years of content to migrate and loads of new feature to introduce, this list of articles will expand greatly as we migrate articles from static webpages over to customized database. This which will allows us to integrate our articles into our website’s content as never before.

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  6. Black Christian Authors Write With Passion (Article)
  7. Deceased Black Book Authors Are Remembered (Article)
  8. Explore Books By Black Authors (Article)
  9. Famous African American Authors (Article)
  10. Famous Black Authors (Article)
  11. Famous Black Authors And Poets (Article)
  12. Fine African American Women Authors (Article)
  13. Gay and Lesbian African-American Authors (Article)
  14. Interview with Pamela Thomas-Graham (Author Interview)
  15. The Book Look on AALBC.com (Book Video Program)
  16. The Lit Bit on AALBC.com (Book Video Program)
  17. 2009 National Book Club Conference Contest Winning Essay (Conference)
  18. Debate: Who is the Greater President, Barack Obama or Muammar Gaddafi? (Debate)
  19. Glossary of Publishing Terms (Definition of Terms)
  20. Internet Terms and Definitions (Definition of Terms)
  21. Darryl Jenkins, Host of Winbrook Pride Arts and Entertainment TV Program (Interview)
  22. Mosaic Literary Magazine (Magazine)
  23. Harlem World Magazine and AALBC.com Advertising (Managzine)
  24. Panel Discussion: Where are the People of Color in Children’s Books? (Panel Discussion)
  25. Transcript: Where are the People of Color in Children’s Books? (Panel Discussion)
  26. Information about Poets (Poetry)
  27. Here is How You Protect Your Art (Publishing Information)
  28. Idea Misappropriation (Publishing Information)
  29. Wade Hudson, President and CEO of Just Us Books on Why He Publishes Children’s Books (Publishing Proffesional)
  30. The Coffee Will Make You Black online reading group reading list (Reading List)
  31. AALBC Score (Research Report)
  32. All About eBooks (Research Rerport)
  33. The Negro National Anthem LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING (Song Lyrics)
  34. I Don’t Know If Would Boycott Amazon (Survey Results)
  35. I Would Boycott Amazon (Survey Results)
  36. I Would Not Boycott Amazon (Survey Results)
  37. Thank You For Joining the Campaign to Boycott Amazon (Thank You)
  38. Chrysalis Theatre, a Cross Cultural, Multidisciplinary Performance Ensemble (Theatre)

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Printed: November 20, 2017, 9:37 am
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